WOWFRD – Ch 154

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Chapter 154

Xiao Yu was overwhelmed when he heard Theodore’s voice. At last, he could throw the stones out of his heart.

“HaHaHa … You have finally joined me old man.” Xiao Yu walked in to see Theodore drinking from his red wine collection.

“I wonder how good your luck is to get so many good wine. I love them. How do you get them?” Theodore seemed to be jealous of Xiao Yu’s wine collection.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Money.. You can use money to get good life.”

Theodore nodded: “Little guy is good at spending. I heard that you got lots of interspatial rings. Even I don’t have that much of them.”

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he stood in front of Theodore: “What’s the use of having them? To have good life you gotta share some of your wealth…”

Theodore nodded as he smiled like an old fox: “You are a sensible child. Are you going to give all of them to me to honor this elder?”

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes: “Are you really thinking about that?”

Theodore looked at him: “Since this is the case… How about I get 70% while you keep 30%?”

Xiao Yu cried out: “What do you think I am? A free shop? I get 70% while you get 30%”

Xiao Yu and Theodore began to bargain.

“You are a smart little guy so you should know that you won’t be able to keep anything if I don’t help you. I have done a bit of investigation and you have stolen from some powerful people. I will get 60% while you keep 40%.” Theodore continued to drink from the wine.

“Its normal to get your services for such a transaction. Alright, let’s be fair and reasonable. Fifty-fifty. What you say?” Xiao Yu said.

Theodore drank from the wine and his fingers tapped onto the table: “Deal.”

Xiao Yu nodded as he took out a box from the interspatial ring and threw it at Theodore: “Take half of them and rest is mine.”

Theodore opened the box. He was mesmerized when he saw the interspatial rings inside the box.

“You have made a fortune… There should be more than 100 interspatial rings inside, are there?” Theodore said an estimate number.

Xiao Yu nodded: “Yes, there are more than hundred. I gifted a few but there are still more than 100. You are an old man so you won’t use them much. So just take 50 of them and leave the rest to this junior.”

Xiao Yu had already taken the other 400 and put 100 into another box. However, even a sixth-rank magician like Theodore hadn’t seen 100 interspatial rings together.

Leah’s position had increased in Xiao Yu’s eyes as she hadn’t told the real number to Theodore.

“Alright boy. Stop playing. Do you think that I don’t know you have hidden some? You will take 50 of them and the rest is mine.” Theodore replied. He wasn’t a fool so he knew that a shrewd person like Xiao Yu would take out some interspatial rings before giving the box to him. However, he didn’t expect that Xiao Yu would hide so many rings.

Xiao Yu smiled: “You are old. Why do you need so many rings? I’m still young and need a lot of space.”

Theodore put away the box: “I’m a sixth-rank magician and have to spend a lot of money. I will use these when I trade with others.”

Xiao Yu looked into his eyes: “You are a sixth-rank magician but you are way too stingy. What’s the point of having so many rings?”

Theodore raised his chin: “Who doesn’t want money and wealth? You gotta spend if you want to continue living. Especially magicians like me. Do you know how much money do I need to continue with my experiments? Do you think I would reached the place where I am without money?”

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “Alright, I will take fifty of them and rest is yours. Moreover, I will give you an Arcane armor… You don’t need it but you can keep it as part of your collection.”

Xiao Yu had got a lot of T1 armors so he was giving them right and left. Most of the time he was gifting them to the people who were close to him. Theodore was a sixth-rank magician so a T1 armor was useless to him. But he would earn face if he had such an armor set in his collection.

Theodore checked the armor then looked at Xiao Yu: “Have you robbed a dragon?”

Xiao Yu was perplexed: “Am I as strong as you? Do you think I can rob a dragon? I got these treasures by chance.”

Xiao Yu used the adventure as a reason to lie to others so that they couldn’t do anything but envy his luck.

Theodore nodded: “You have the strength to fight one…”

Xiao Yu asked: “Do you mean that you have fought with a dragon?”

Theodore nodded: “A few times.. Dragons look mysterious and strong but powerful humans aren’t worse than real dragons. It’s just they are born very strong and vast majority of humans would never be on par with their strength so they feel fear.”

Theodore got Xiao Yu’s interest: “Are you as strong as a real dragon?”

Theodore closed his eyes as he pondered for a moment: “I went out with friends when I was young and fought a third-rank dragon. However, I regretted it back then. Afterwards, I fought a fourth-rank blue dragon(frost wyrm?) when I was a sixth-rank magician and killed it with my followers. The third time I encountered a fifth-rank dragon. But we didn’t fight. Instead we negotiated with it and it gave me few things. It knew that it wasn’t good for both of us to have a fight. Moreover, I couldn’t kill it without taking serious injuries.” Xiao Yu had heard about dragons but didn’t think that he would meet someone who had battled them. Sixth-rank magicians were really cool as Theodore talked about killing them as if he was killing a kitten or puppy.

“Can you beat a dragon on your own?” Xiao Yu asked.

Theodore replied: “It’s very hard to say. It depends on what kind of a dragon I’m against. Some are more stronger than others. In addition, dragons don’t underestimate humans when you reach sixth-rank. Generally, both sides would avoid a battle. A war means lose-lose situation. Sixth-rank magician’s aren’t small creatures from dragon’s perspective but someone who had reached the same level with it.”

Xiao Yu nodded as he understood that strength was everything in this world. A human who had reached the apex was an existence comparable to a dragon!

“What kind of a dragon mine can grow into?” Xiao Yu thought of baby dragon as he asked Theodore. The baby dragon was sleeping in Leah’s arms. For growth it needed a lot of sleep. Xiao Yu had been harshly training it. It was going through a rapid progress but needed a lot of sleep.

Theodore smiled: “The little guy has a good blood but unfortunately its a yalong. It descends from a red dragon’s bloodline. If you can use a blood from the dragon heart then you may wake up its lineage and transform it into a real dragon.”

Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up: “I am aware of this. But where would I find blood from the dragon heart? The dragon’s are scarce at this point. Moreover, I can’t beat it even if I find one.”

Theodore looked back at him: “I have killed a dragon so for later use I have kept its heart.”

Xiao Yu was stunned: “Do you mean that you have it?” Xiao Yu was aware that with the blood from the dragon heart he could make his half-dragon into a real one. In that case, he would have a real dragon as a pet.

Theodore didn’t reply but casually sipped from the red wine.

“What do you want? Let’s skip the nonsense.” Xiao Yu knew Theodore was after something.

Theodore smiled: “It’s so easy to make deals with wise men. 40 more interspatial rings.”

Xiao Yu responded: “Alright.”

“You are a wise man” Theodore replied.

Theodore was using interspatial rings to trade for high level magical items so they were kind of a currency for him. He could barter them for something else.

“Are you going to help me to inject the blood?” Xiao Yu didn’t know how to do it so he wanted to take advantage of having Theodore here to do thing for him.

Theodore replied: “I’m tired and need to rest a bit. Tomorrow we will solve it out..I’m getting old.”

Theodore took the box and left.

“Hey! There are ten rings in there that belong to me.” Xiao Yu looked at Theodore who had “forgotten” about 10 rings.

“Instead of ten rings I will give you some magic scrolls. There would be so many assassins that would come to kill you. You can pray for my health later on after you use the scrolls.” Theodore didn’t even turn back.

“No way! Not for 10 interspatial rings. Don’t you know anything about consumer protection law?” Xiao Yu shouted out but Theodore was gone.

Xiao Yu smiled after Theodore left: “Fortunately, I’m smart enough to hide close to 400 interspatial rings… You would be blackmailing me with my life if you knew the real numbers…”


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

Few more chapters in few hours 😉

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  1. Im sure Theodore knew he had wayyyy more but didn’t care lol he just came up with millions of GP.

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