WOWFRD – Ch 153

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Chapter 153

A delicate wooden box appeared in Xiao Yu’s hand. He opened it and took out five metal rings. A magic luster was flashing from those rings which made others understand that they were interspatial rings. Lin Muxue subconsciously took the box. She was too shocked. What did 5 interspatial rings mean?

The price tag for those 5 interspatial rings went for millions, even tens of millions of gold coins. They were dreams of any magician. The career of magician meant that they had to spend a lot of money. However, a general magician would bever be able to afford those. Only the ones with rich or noble background could get interspatial rings. In addition to interspatial rings, the wands, robes, armors and other accessories were important tools for a magicians.

An interspatial ring was irreplaceable for any magician as with a thought a scroll or a magic item could be taken out. It was best when it came to protecting themselves. It would take time if you dig into a bag which meant others may kill you within that time frame. Timing was very important for magicians in actual battles.

Everyone including Lin Muxue were shocked and dumbfounded at the sight.

The magicians present in the crowd went crazy after Xiao Yu gave Arcane armor to Lin Muxue. Arcane armors were the robes for magicians from the ancient times which could enhance the defense of the user and magical strength. However, only few Arcane armors were left as most of them were found in ruins and hard to get. There were only few sets available in the continent.

The magicians in the crowd knew that the Arcane armor was original as the magic fluctuations bursting from the armor couldn’t be faked.

Lin Muxue was shocked when she got the Arcane armor. She never imagined that she could get something so precious. Moreover, all of these was gifted to her by her fiancee.

In addition, the others had forgotten that Xiao Yu promised her to give a set to increase her dexterity. At the same time, Mu Han looked at Xiao Yu in a pitiful manner: “Brother Yu, may I get interspatial rings?”

Xiao Yu looked at the pitiful look on Mu Han’s face. He took out the box: “You can only pick 2, the rest if meant for old man Theodore.”

The people in the crowd almost vomited blood. She could pick the ones she liked? Is it a street stall selling some cheap jewelry?

But how did Xiao Yu got so many interspatial rings? Did he rob a dragon?

Mu Han began to pick up and select the rings as if she was picking clothes in a shopping mall.

“These … aren’t good-looking.” Mu Han muttered as she picked rings.

“Select others.” Xiao Yu pulled out another box full of interspatial rings.

There were few who got too angry at rich Xiao Yu and wanted to make a move. But Grom’s moved forward and they returned back when they saw Grom’s huge body.

Grom was at level 18 and was equal to a peak second-rank human warrior. However, Grom’s combat strength was equal to a third-rank human warrior because of his extraordinary skills. Grom could fight against 4 or 5 second-rank human warriors at the same time without a problem. He wasn’t even afraid of third-rank warriors.

Xiao yu wasn’t afraid of thieves targeting him as he was going to give the interspatial rings to Theodore in few days.

Mu Han picked the rings and pitifully looked at Xiao Yu: “Brother Yu, can I get these four?”

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “Alright. Theodore won’t be short of rings so it should be alright if we gave him few less.”

Xiao Yu was bringing up Theodore’s name in public as much as possible so that Shadows and the mysterious force knew that if they wanted the interspatial rings then they had to look for Theodore.

Cameron clenched his teeth when he saw Xiao Yu’s actions. He rushed out of the gates of the house. The people who had come with him followed after Cameron.

The members of the Lin family looked at Xiao Yu in different perspective after this situation.

“HaHa! I didn’t think that you had such strength! You are worthy your father!” Lin Aotian spoke out.

Xiao Yu replied to him in a humble way and said that he got those rings by an accident. Lin family members also looked at Xiao Yu in shock. He had orcs and elves as bodyguards. Xiao Yu had so many interspatial rings, 8 pegasus horses for his carriage, Arcane armors and everything else. Could a territory which was in decline could afford all these? They heard rumors that Lion territory was barren.. There were supposed to be a lot of bandit groups, beasts, creatures and Western Cloud Empire harassed them. How could Xiao Yu be so rich?

Was there any special treasures in Ankagen mountains?

Xiao Yu had a smile on his face as people talked about him and his territory. However, he didn’t give an answer. After an hour Xiao Yu left the Lin family mansion back to the hotel. He promised to come back after a few days.

Overall Xiao Yu thought that this visit was success. He was a bit nervous as he got a beautiful and smart wife.

Xiao Yu saw Leah waiting for him in his room at the hotel.

“Why aren’t you greeting your master?” Xiao Yu raised his chin in a proud manner.

“HaHa… Do you want this old man to come to greet you?” A familiar voice echoed out. Theodore had appeared.


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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