WOWFRD – Ch 152

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Chapter 152

Xiao Yu’s level ups had brought to him double skill points per level and more attribute increases in comparison to normal heroes. As a result, his body was very tough and with the level 2 sprint skill he could recklessly fight against Cameron. However, he was aware of his own shortcomings. He was an experienced warrior in the battlefield but as a duelist he wasn’t a good fighter.

Xiao Yu hadn’t learned martial arts but focused on using skills in the battlefield. Generally, he would just slash and hack in the battlefield as he would rarely face a tough opponent. This way of fighting was efficient and practical in the battlefield. But he was slightly inferior to knights in the duels. Because of this he had to rely on his powerful skills to suppress Cameron instead of using fancy martial arts.

Xiao Yu didn’t use Shield of the Templars or Shield magic or Blessing of the Might as those skills would shock the crowd. He immediately used the Wind Walk as he sped up towards Cameron. However, he didn’t enter the stealth mode so that not to surprise the others. It was best to keep few life-saving tricks as a trump card. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu reached an incredible speed because of 150% speed acceleration. Everyone was surprised when they saw Xiao Yu move.

Cameron was shocked too as he had never seen such footwork which could enhance the speed so much. Xiao Yu used Omnislash as soon as he caught with Cameron. Xiao Yu knew that he couldn’t dawdle too much and he had to beat Cameron as fast as possible. Otherwise, Cameron would see through his skills after few times and he would lose the edge.


Battle energies crashed once again and air flowed out. Many warriors felt incredible when they saw the sight. Most of them secretly thought whether they could parry Xiao Yu’s attacks. Omnislash was a powerful attack used by blademaster to defeat enemies.

Cameron saw that Xiao Yu was using powerful skills so he didn’t dare to act recklessly. He blocked the Omnislash but his body slided four or five meters away leaving traces of his boots that rubbed the ground.

Lin Muxue and Aotian were surprised when they saw Xiao Yu attack in such manner. They didn’t expect Xiao Yu to have such a strength at such a young age. They would never imagine that Xiao Yu would be able to take the upper hand against Cameron.

The people brought by Cameron were in worry too.

Who the hall was this guy? How could he act so recklessly? How could a mid-range second-rank warrior could burst out with such strength?

Cameron was in fury. He thought that he would easily win the duel but he was suppressed by Xiao Yu. Cameron couldn’t find an opportunity to attack yet.

“His skills are powerful.. But he can’t use them again instantly.. Moreover, each time the consumption of the energy would be a lot so I will have my chance to fight back! The duels and battles aren’t about powerful skills! There are way too many factors that decide the outcome!”

Cameron believed that there would be a short pause before Xiao Yu could use Omnislash once again. So he roared as he rushed towards Xiao Yu to make a counterattack. However, Xiao Yu used Wind Walk once again to rush to stand in front of Cameron and activate Whirlwind.

“Ah … What the hell?” Cameron couldn’t react properly. His body got whipped consecutives by Xiao Yu’s sword. Xiao Yu was using Wind Walk too so his speed was extremely fast. Cameron couldn’t dodge in time.

Whirlwind didn’t specifically target special points on body but was a general attack. As a result, the heavy armor on Cameron’s body was hit a lot of times. Nevertheless, Cameron was injured and blood flew down.

Cameron was injured by Xiao Yu after two attacks.

“How could he use two skills to quickly? Why both of them are so strong skills?” Cameron was shocked as pain made his body dumb.

Xiao Yu didn’t give Cameron opportunity to respond as he slashed the heavy sword once again. The Critical Strike skill added 45% chance for successful blow to Xiao Yu’s attacks. So almost every slash out of 2 would have the double the damage. Cameron was forced to retreat again and again. He was almost on periphery of the location for duel.


Cameron got angry as he roared. The magic sword in his hand ignited with flames and fire lashed out towards Xiao Yu. The flame attack was a special of the Red Lotus sword. Cameron could shoot flames once in every 3 minutes to kill the enemy. The flames would spray very rapidly and catch the enemy off guard.

Xiao Yu teleported without hesitation when he saw the sword. He appeared behind Camerona and waved the heavy sword to stop by Cameron’s neck.

“You lost.” Xiao Yu spoke. Afterwards, he put away the sword and patted off the dust over his clothes.

Everyone thought that the duel would be without suspense. They believed that the duel would end shortly after it began. However, the results made them go crazy. Xiao Yu had won and in an overwhelming manner.

No one thought that xiao Yu would win.

Some thought that Xiao Yu had a small chance to win but they believed that Xiao Yu had to struggle hard for the victory. No one thought that Xiao Yu would have the upper hand from the start to finish.

“Teleportation! A warrior who can teleport! He is a dual-cultivator!” Few people shouted out.

Even a magician who could teleport could get the victory let alone a warrior who can teleport. However, teleportation was very difficult to master even for magicians. It was part of Space system and practicing it was very dangerous. The results would be beyond redemption if an accident occurred during the teleportation.

How could a warrior teleport? It was way too bizzare!

Everyone was still in shock as no one believed that the battle ended. Xiao Yu had a relaxed look on his face. It was as if he didn’t have a duel but participated in a dance event.

Xiao Yu looked at Cameron: “Oh.. Knight Camerone, I’m a dual cultivator. A warrior and a mage!”

Cameron stood still for a long time. He couldn’t accept his defeat as his enemy was just a mid level second-rank warrior! Moreover, xiao Yu turned out to be a mage too!

It was beyond his expectations. How could a prodigal son turn out to be a genius?

If he was really a prodigal son then he wouldn’t even have such strength! It seems the rumors were wrong.

“Cameron! I believe you won’t go against your words after you lost!” Lin Aotian was the happiest within the crowd as his future son-in-law was a talented youth.

“No! No! I can’t lose Muxue! What does it mean even if he is a dual-cultivator? What does it change? Lion territory is in decline! Do they compare to my family? Will he be able to give her an interspatial ring? Could he even afford such ancient robe? Is he rich and powerful?” Cameron shouted.

Cameron knew that according to the agreement he couldn’t get close to Muxue anymore. But his heart wasn’t willing to act so.

Moreover, there were people who had helped him and given the exact date of Xiao Yu’s arrival. He knew that there were members of the Lin family who respected him because of his status as the son of Ryan Principality’s lord. He still had a chance.

Xiao Yu turned towards Lin Muxue: “Muxue, this time I didn’t bring many gifts but these 5 interspatial rings. MY territory is in decline so I can’t give you much now.. Moreover, I have a legendary armor from ancient times for magicians. This would be best for you for now. After you got stronger I will get you a better one.”

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  1. Prodigal bastard son! casually giving spacial rings and legendary armor as freebies…… If he claims to be the second best prodigal son, the I believe no one will claim first.

  2. ahahaha 😀 nice counter attack, now even his wealth beaten him to death! 5 interspatial rings and Legendary Ancient Armor for Mage! VS 1 interspatial ring and common magic robe ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^

  3. The guy trying to give a space ring as a gift and trying to face slap the mc with it over and over again while mc just happen to get shit ton of space rings not long ago feels so forced tbh… Too much coincidence ruins stories author……..

  4. sorry my territory is in decline so i can only give you legendary magician set and 5 interspatial rings… 😀 😀

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