WOWFRD – Ch 151

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Chapter 151

Xiao Yu had spoken so to change the public opinion to his advantage. The words he had used were more favorable in comparison to the knight code that Cameron was talking about. On the other hand he felt that there was no meaning in insisted on marriage if Lin Muxue had someone she loved. It would be much better for Lin Muxue to make her choice rather than being forced to this marriage. What kind of wife she would be if her heart was somewhere else?

In short, this was a double-edged sword style that Xiao Yu was using. If Lin Muxue hadn’t have a lover then this words would definitely conquer her heart.

“Playings tactics with me? I’ll get you.” Cameron whispered. The words that Xiao Yu had used simply didn’t exist for him. Cameron believed that the strong and powerful should get the beauty. He wanted to reply to Xiao Yu but couldn’t find suitable words. His image had dropped down in comparison to Xiao Yu.

“We will duel then! I’m doing it for my love for Muxue. I don’t look at her as an item but love of my life! I just want to make sure that she knows I am ready to pay any price for her even my life!” Cameron stopped talking after this.

He had to win the duel before making a move on Muxue once again. At the moment, he had to concentrate on duel.He roughly measured Xiao Yu’s strength by look. Cameron believed that Xiao Yu hadn’t surpassed second-rank. It increased his confidence as Cameron believed that Xiao Yu wasn’t his opponent as long as Xiao Yu wasn’t a third-rank warrior.

Xiao Yu also saw that Cameron was just a peak second-rank warrior. His level was 16 but it was equal to second-rank warrior of this world. However, he had powerful skills which could make up for the gap. Xiao Yu didn’t have slightest fear as Cameron hadn’t reached third-rank. Xiao Yu could run away if he encountered a third-rank warrior.

Lin Aotian and Lin Muxue were worried about Xiao Yu. Lin Aotian’s impresson of Xiao Yu improved when he heard his words. Lin Muxue began to have feelings for Xiao Yu and was worried for him.

Xiao Yu said that even if he lost Lin Muxue didn’t have to marry Camerone but he had to pay off by cutting his arm. Nevertheless, there were no room for negotiations as the duel between knights couldn’t be taken back at this point. Lin Aotian couldn’t stop as Xiao Yu had agreed to the challenge.

There was not enough space in the living room so they went outside for the duel. There were lots of people standing outside to watch the battle. There were mages, paladins, knights and so on invited by Cameron. They encouraged Cameron as all of them were confident that Cameron would win.

There was a confident smile on Cameron’s face as he believed that he would win the duel.

“We can start now if there are no objections. The people who are present here can verify the results!” Camerone took out his magic sword.

His sword was called Red Lotus and was gifted to him by his father in his 20th birthday. The sword had flames bursting out of it. Cameron cherished this sword and was going to use it in the battle.

“Grom, give my your sword.” Xiao Yu had seized a lot of magic sword from the Eagle Camp. But none of them were similar to his tang sword. However, Tang sword was just an ordinary sword and didn’t have magical buff. He was planning to create a weapon for himself but didn’t have one yet. Xiao Yu couldn’t use an ordinary sword against Cameron’s sword so he temporarily borrowed Grom’s sword.

Now, Grom’s weapon had risen to level 3 so there was a wind buff when he waved it. Xiao Yu had used it few times but he couldn’t snatch Grom’s weapon as Grom couldn’t use anything else. (limit of the game)

Xiao Yu remembered that there was a sword called Ashbringer in the WoW which looked very similar to Grom’s sword. He didn’t know if he could find that legendary weapon in this world.

Others went to sidelines when both of the pulled out their swords. Lin Muxue’s eyes were focused on Xiao Yu since start and they were full of worry. Cameron got more angry when he saw the look in Lin Muxue’s eyes. He roared and rushed towards Xiao Yu.

Cameron used a skill from this world called Assault.

Xiao Yu didn’t avoid the attack. Instead he used blademaster’s ‘Sprint’ skill to charge towards Cameron. He wanted to confront Cameron to decide how strong he was. Xiao Yu’s sprint skill was at level 2 and his current attributes were good enough for face-to-face confrontation.

Bang~ Two battle energies fiercely hit each other and air burst out. Both of them separated after a short pause. There was certainty in Xiao Yu’s eyes while Cameron was shocked.


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