WOWFRD – ch 150

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Chapter 150

Lin Aotian’s eyebrows were raised in anger when he heard outrageous words of Cameron. He was about to stop him but Xiao Yu waved to gesture Lin Aotian not to be impatient. Xiao Yu stood up and smiled: “Knight Cameron. I’m Lin Muxue’s fiancee. I’m the prodigal son you were talking about. Lord of the Lion territory, Xiao Yu.”

Xiao Yu was calm while Cameron was angry. He tried to provoke Cameron so that Cameron would get irritated more. This way he would look more superior in the eyes of others. There was a saying that when you confront your enemy the one who wins is the one who gets calm first.

Lin Muxue and Lin Aotian were on Xiao Yu’s side so he was already occupying the upper hand. There was no need to act like a rogue. He was acting indifferent to beat Cameron.

“Are you?” There was killing intent flashing out of Cameron’s eyes.

Xiao Yu smiled and nodded: “Yes, yes that’s me.”

Xiao Yu smiled and Cameron got more angry. This indifferent attitude was like declaring war on Cameron. Xiao Yu was like saying Muxue is mine not yours. However, Cameron wasn’t an idiot either. He knew that if he acted rashly then there would be no use.

Cameron coldly looked at Xiao Yu: “Duke Xiao Yu! You know the purpose of my visit. I have known Muxue for four years and we got along very good. She can’t express her feelings for me because of your presence. I know her love for me and later you will too. I believe you can understand me as a man. I can’t let anyone take the woman I love! Today, as a knight I call you for a duel. I will give up on Muxue if I lose. If I win you will let go of her and she will marry me. Does the son of Xiao Zhan Tian has courage to accept my challange?”

Cameron was a wise man. Lin Muxue had explicitly rejected him but he still insisted on love between himself and Muxue. He wanted to put seeds of suspicion in Xiao Yu’s heart to make him angry. Moreover, using knight’s identity to challange for his love would make him look advantageous in the eyes of the public. Xiao Yu would be taken as a coward if he declined the duel. If Xiao Yu accepted the challenge then he was going to win anyway.

Lin Aotian and Muxue wanted to stop the duel fearing that Xiao Yu would accept the duel on impulse. They didn’t know Xiao Yu’s strength but they were aware of Cameron. He was in top three in Knight Academy on Shire city and had reached peak of second-rank warriorhood and was steps away from third-rank.

In comparison, Xiao Yu was just 18 years old and haven’t studied in Knight’s Academy. How could Xiao Yu be Cameron’s opponent?

Xiao Yu waved to prevent them. He laughed: “I accept your challenge, knight Cameron.. But.”

Lin Aotian and Muxue’s hearts sank when they heard Xiao Yu agree to the duel. They believed that Xiao Yu was too young and was acting rashly. Lin Aofeng and others from the Lin family were enjoying the sight as they believed that Lin Muxue should marry someone like Cameron so that the family could get some benefits out of marriage.

“But what?” Cameron quickly asked when he heard Xiao Yu agree to the challenge.

Xiao Yu glanced at Muxue then looked at Cameron: “I agree to your challenge as Muxue’s fiancee I’m not a coward. I’m a person who can stand up and shelter her no matter who the challenger is. I would do the same even if it was the best knight in the continent without hesitation. But I have no right to decide Muxue’s fate. She is not an item so that the winner can take her away and own her. Her fate is in her own hands. I will respect her own choice and bless her whatever choice she makes. I liked her at first sight but I don’t want to force her to be my woman. I will give her opportunity to choose her own happiness. If she really likes you then I will accept her choice. As a result, I accept your challenge but she can’t be made a bet. I’m willing even to cut off my own arm as a bet but not her.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard Xiao Yu’s words. Lin Muxue, Cameron and Lin Aotian and others stood stunned for some time. No one expected Xiao Yu to come up with those words.

The remark he made was lethal in conquering Lin Muxue.

His words had more weight that Cameron’s knighthood codex. It was normal for knights to duel to get the woman they wanted. But was there anyone who considered the feelings of the woman?

Does it mean that the favorite has to be the winner of the duel?

What was the women of this era wanted? They wanted to control their own destiny but they weren’t allowed to do so. The women from wealthy families couldn’t choose their own fates and had to obey the arrangements of the family.

Lin Muxue was clear about this more than anyone. At first glance, she felt that Xiao Yu wasn’t a bad man. He didn’t looked like the way he was described in rumors. However, most of the children from wealthy families were the way Xiao Yu was described so she was used to this. She had wanted to control her own choices but cold reality had destroyed her dreams. She was aware that as a member of Lin family her fate was in control of the family elders.

Lin Muxue believed that Xiao Yu wasn’t as bad as he was told to be after she saw him. His words and deeds were in line with noble behavior. Moreover, Xiao Yu didn’t look at her with eyes which wanted to own her body. Most of the men didn’t care about a woman but wanted to possess her like a tool. This was the reason why Muxue thought that she could accept the arrangements made by her father and Xiao Yu’s father. After constant chat she found that Xiao Yu was an elegant man.

She was worried that Xiao Yu will held a grudge after Cameron appeared. However, Xiao Yu was indifferent to Cameron’s words which meant that he wasn’t easy to be made jealous.

The last words told by Xiao Yu was the thing which made Lin Muxue think that her fiancee was the real man. Actually, he was the greatest she had ever seen. Who would tolerate and give her a chance to choose her own destiny? Who would bet his arm to give her right to control her own destiny?


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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  1. Shame her first impression will be totally ruined the moment he starts spitting and cussing while groping up his sisters-in-law…

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