WOWFRD – Ch 15

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Chapter 15

“Fortunately we have brought a battering ram or else it would be a headache to break into the town,” Commander whispered. Carrie, in order to show their strength, had brought a battering ram that cost tens of thousands of gold coins.

“Xiao Yu! I have paid heavy costs for this battle. I’ll make a killing festival after breaking into the town.” Carrie stood by the luxury carriage. He was holding onto a glass of red wine. However, his hand was very pale and it was in clear contrast in comparison to the red wine.

Xiao Yu was also sitting on the top of the wall. He was drinking wine, eating fruits and watched the battle. He hadn’t lost a single warrior while the enemy had lost more than thousand.

The battle was the proof of combat effectiveness of the summoned warriors. He could make them kill 10 times more than their own size as long as he came up with a reasonable plan.

“The number of warriors is a big issue so I have to make up for it with good equipment. The orc blacksmith shop and elf Ancient of War can produce good equipment as long as I spend enough money. If I can equip my warriors with T1 or T2 set equipment then I won’t have to fear anyone! “Xiao Yu whispered. He had asked the system for the equipment upgrades and found out that some classic equipment from the World of Warcraft can be produced. The prices were very expensive but Xiao Yu was looking for the time when he would be able to get his hands on T5 sets.

(This book is a combination of Warcraft and WoW. Don’t get too tangled as there will be slight differences from Warcraft at some points) [TL: It was written by author.]


The loud noise echoed as the battering ram hit the gate. Even the citizens of the town cleared heard the noise. It was as if a mountain was constantly taken up and hitting the ground.

Originally, Lion Town was made very strong. However, the gates began to issue crunching sounds after a few hits from the heavy battering ram.

It was obvious that it wouldn’t take long for the ram to be able to break the gate.

The archers were constantly getting lives of the soldiers on the ground. However, it would be very difficult to resist once the gates were broken.

Xiao Yu wasn’t worried as he saw the situation. Instead, he issued an order to Grom.

Grom nodded. He shouted out in the language of orcs. 50 orc warriors went down with him.


Battering ram was still continuing to hit the thick gates. Moreover, the soldiers using the ram were hidden under the protective armor of the machine. As a result, even the Tyrande’s Searing Arrows were useless.

At the same time, a golden light burst out by Xiao Yu’s side. Tyrande had reached to level 7. All the archers were going through rapid upgrades.

Tyrande was able to use her Searing Arrows skills to kill soldiers that used ordinary shields to protect themselves from arrows. She would use Multiple Arrows skill and the arrows would sprinkle out to kill several soldiers. She alone had killed more than 300 soldiers.

She had reached level 7 which was beyond Grom.

However, Grom’s performance was about to begin so Xiao Yu was expecting him to upgrade rapidly too.

Tyrande got 2 additional skill points because of passing from level 5 to 7. Xiao Yu used both points to enhance the Eagle Eye skill.

The reasoning behind that decision was that Xiao Yu was aware that the enemy side had a mage! Tyrande would be able to use her Eagle Eye skill to shoot from a long distance with high accuracy.

Tyrande’s Eagle Eye skill had reach level 2 which was full level. Multiple Arrows also had reached level 3 which meant that there was no more upgrading.

As a result, Tyrande began to kill enemies much fast.

Boom~ Boom~ Kacha~

Crisp sounds echoed out and the copper nail of the battering ram was able to break a hole in the gate. Enemy soldiers began to throw spears from inside to kill the gatekeepers.

However, they found out that there was no one by the gate.

At the same time crunching sounds echoed as the gates began to slowly open.

The enemy soldiers were surprised. Although they were successful in breaking a hole in the gate they hadn’t broken the plugs of the gate yet. Why would they open the gates?

Soon, they were able to see dozens of huge warriors wearing black cloaks.

They felt bloodthirsty feeling from the bodies of the warriors. It seemed as if they were not humans but beasts. The feeling lasted for a moment as the command to attack echoed. The enemy was going to launch a direct attack. Since the gates were opened then it was time to get revenge for the death of their comrades.


The enemy soldiers began to rush towards the warriors in black cloaks. The soldiers that were rushing in front stopped for a moment as their faces changed.

The warriors that were waiting for them were full two meters tall. The one in the lead was much taller and was like a towering mountain. The leader was holding onto a sword.


The orc warriors took away their cloaks and threw them away. Their green skin and large muscles were exposed to the enemy soldiers.

“Orcs1” The eyes of the enemy soldiers in the front popped up in fear. They didn’t expect that they were fighting against orc since the beginning. No wonder, they couldn’t reach the wall!

A slight panic in the army would end in terrifying consequences. The soldiers at the back hadn’t seen orcs so they were still trying to dash forward. However, the soldiers in the front began to panic and their formation got messy. They began to push the soldiers from behind and trample them to run away.


Grom roared up and rushed out. He used Omnislash to attack the first soldier he saw and cut the enemy into two. The orc warriors also kept up with him. They completely blocked the wide gates as their axes smashed down on enemy soldiers.

The soldiers couldn’t resist the giant axes that smashed down.

In a matter of seconds, Grom and orc warriors were able to kill dozens of soldiers.

They didn’t continue with the assault but stood side by side to block the gates. No one was going to get inside the town!

The enemy tried to constantly assault but all the soldiers turned into corpses. In less than three minutes more than 200 enemy soldier corpses were accumulated.

Orc warriors were using basic armor so their important parts were protected. They would get occasional injuries but they didn’t suffer any serious damage.

In addition, the bloodier the war got the fiercer the orcs would become.

“They are ORCS!” The enemy soldiers passed the message from mouth to mouth.

“What the hell? They have orc soldiers? Did you see them clearly?” Carrie was also surprised. The glass of red wine fell down and his luxurious gown was sprinkled with red wine.

“Yes, young master! They are definitely orcs. A group of orc soldiers is at the town gates. We can’t go in. It seems they don’t have lots of orc soldiers. Moreover, the ones wearing the black robes should be orc soldiers.” The soldier replied in a respectful manner.

“Where the hell did he get so many orc soldiers from?” Carrie was angry. He had lost almost 2000 soldiers. His father would scold him when he got back.

But Carrie couldn’t understand. The orcs were extinct. There were tales that orcs existed in the depth of the Ankagen Mountains… Did Xiao Yu went inside and made a pact with orc tribes?

But orcs aren’t good with archery. Moreover, the archers were much slimmer than any orc…

Confusion and irritability ran amok in Carrie’s heart. He had fantasized about victory, celebration ceremony, enjoying beautiful women and so on…

“They must have mobilized the orc soldiers from the top of the wall. It shows that they don’t have many orc soldiers. Can we beat orcs with three thousand people?”

Carrie pondered for a moment. He said: “Order the soldiers to attack inside at all costs. The orcs will be useless once we enter the town. We can rely on numbers to kill them all! Moreover, master Kumar is in here. Can you please give us a hand?”

A man wearing a gown was standing next to Carrie. He turned towards Carrie and said: “Young master Carrie, I’m willing to serve you.”

Afterward, a group of soldiers and master’s guardian surrounded Kumar as he walked towards the front line.


I will be using the word ‘MANA’ to replace ‘battle energy’ and other similar terms from next chapter on…


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  1. Hello! my name’s carrie, and this is jackass. No seriously, how dumb can one be to still give a charge order to your soldiers into a chokepoint?

    thanks for the chapter!

  2. We have a stereotype in the west about how good Asians are at math. At least as far as WN writers go I’ve rarely come across people this bad at basic arithmetic. “Ancient of War took half an hour to produce an archer. So it was able to produce more than 40 archers in two days.” True, very true, considering in 2 days it could produce 96 of them, that is definitely more than 40.

    “Xiao Yu was feeling confident as he looked at 200 orc warriors, 200 elf archers and 100 elf hunters train.” Okay, 500 total. Cool, that’s fine, I’m still waiting to see the other 297 orc warriors he has. Considering he made 500 = 3 that we know died.

    “Captain Hui looked at the orc warriors walking in front. He knew that they were elite warriors: ” It is a small army but seems to be made of elites. We have around 400 people in here and including our force of 400 we can protect our city.” Alright, just a guess. It’s actually exactly 500 people but whatever.

    “He wasn’t doubtful about the combat effectiveness of the mercenaries. But the problem was that how could 400 mercenaries act against 5000?” It’s 500.

    “What did Xiao Yu rely on? Only on 400 people? Could these 400 resist an army of 5000?” It’s 500! Ugh, whatever, shitty counting skills. I’ll just wait for the 297 missing orcs to show up.

    1. It is not 500 ‘-‘ 200 Orcs and 200 Elf Archers is equal to 400. The hunters are not together with them, because the MC thought they had low defense and would die easily (they are better at pursuit, or so he said) ‘-‘

      1. Fair enough, it never said where they were though. Just that he didn’t plan to use them ‘much’. I guess they are hiding with the other orcs.

    2. 5000 refers to the number of enemies. He has brought 200 orc warriors, 200 archers and kept 100 hunters away.

      the point where he says how could 400 mercenaries act against 5000.. 400 is the number of troops brought by Xiao Yu while 5000 is the number of enemy soldiers.

      Btw, there is a double-mistake about the number of possible troops he can have. Yes, the author has made a slight mistake about that;) however the rest is right

  3. it is BATTERING ram. bartering is negotiating, battering is hitting. Also gj w the novel, pretty cool, im a wc3 fan

  4. to bad now the enemy know about the ORCs!! , but it’s to late and thx for the exp the elf gained a lot of exp and they will kill faster ahahaha 😀

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  5. Tyrande got 2 additional skill points because of passing from level 5 to 7. Xiao Yu used both points to enhance the Eagle Eye skill.

    The reasoning behind that decision was that Xiao Yu was aware that the enemy side had a mage! Tyrande would be able to use her Eagle Eye skill to shoot from a long distance with high accuracy.

    Tyrande’s Eagle Eye skill had reach level 2 which was full level. Multiple Arrows also had reached level 3 which meant that there was no more upgrading.

    Eeh what, she alrdy had 1 point in Eagle Eye and it also states that level 2 is “full level” ….. so where did one skill point go to xD?

  6. Some of the “Warcraft” and “WoW” facts are so wrong that I wonder if this author even played them…

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