WOWFRD – Ch 149

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Chapter 149

There were some in the room that had doubts about Xiao Yu but they kept silent and didn’t dare to intervene much because of pressure from Lin Aotian. Everything seemed to be going smooth. However, a figure rushed in the hall to stand in front of Lin Muxue before anyone could react. The man knelt: “Muxue! Marry me! I’m confessing my love to you and I’m willing to use my life to be your guard for eternity.”

Everyone was shocked at the sudden sight.

Everyone focused to look at the figure. It was a blonde youth with handsome face. He was wearing an armor as he knelt in front of Lin Muxue and held a ring in his hand.

Xiao Yu’s face sank down as he looked at the situation.

“Who the heck is this arrogant prick? Most probably he is aware that I was coming today and he is using this occasion to try to marry my fiancee!”

Lin Muxue exclaimed for a moment but then stood up to step back.

“Cameron what are you doing?” Lin Aotian hit the table and stood up. The cups on the table crashed down to the ground. Lin Aotian was angry as this situation made it very embarrassing both for Lin and Xiao families.

“I know that my action is abrupt but I’m taking the liberty to ask Muxue’s hand. I’ve fallen in love with her since the first time I saw her many years ago. I have found out that I can’t imagine my life without her and she must marry me. Please uncle Lin understand me. I know that Muxue has a fiancee but why would you let her suffer for a lifetime because of arranged marriage? There is no love in between them and she won’t have real happiness. If you are doing it for benefits of your family then mine is much more suited.” Cameron wasn’t a bit discouraged at Lin Aotian’s anger but instead tried to convince him.

Lin Aotian replied in an angry tone: “Enough! I have promised this marriage to my friend and its not based on interest. I respect your father so I’ll ask you to leave now without further outrageousness. It’s impossible for her to marry you!”

Cameron didn’t think that Lin Aotian would get angry. It seemed that old guy was stubborn.

Instead of trying to persuade Lin Aotian Cameron turned to look at Lin Muxue: “Muxue! I will confess my love to you no matter who blocks me today! You are the only one I can imagine in my life! I can’t fall in love with anyone else! These 10,000 flowers were personally bought for you. Please, be my bride!”

As soon as Cameron finished a person holding large group of flowers using a wind magic came inside. The flowers were forming a huge heart shape. At the same time a faint voice echoed out. It was a love song.

Cameron raised the ring in his hand: “Muxue, I have spent all my wealth to buy this interspatial ring. I knew that you always wanted to have one. Please accept my love! Moreover, there is this robe…”

A light blue robe was brought in.

“I found this robe in the ruins of ancient Ragu city. It’s for magicians. Please accept these with my love to you!”

Cameron added without taking a breath: “I have prepared a special carriage for you. Please, take this ring, put on the robe and come with me. I’ll protect your for eternity!”

Any other girl would be moved to tears because of this scene and would rush to the arms of Cameron. He was like a prince charming. Countless girls took the initiative to talk to him when he walked down the streets. This kind of brave, tough, romantic confession was used by nobles to court the girls they loved.

Xiao Yu’s anger raised to the heavens and wanted to kick the hell out of Cameron. However, he held back. After a long time of experience he had become more mature and knew when to act crazy and when to keep silent. It wasn’t the right time to act as it would give Cameron a better reason to court Muxue.

Xiao Yu whispered to Mu Han who was next to him: “Who is this guy?”

Mu Han replied back in low tone: “He is the 3rd son of Lord of Ryan Principality. He is an outstanding student of Knight’s Academy and one of many suitors of sister Muxue.”

“Are there a lot?”

“Of course. Sister Muxue is the first beauty of our Academy, Shire City and the Lancaster Grand Duchy! There are many people who want to pursue her so brother you gotta thank me.”

“Thank you for what?”

“I have driven away countless guys. I live in the same room with sister Muxue. Hmpf! Any time when someone wants to talk to her then they have to pass through me..”

“No worries. I have brought a lot of gifts to you. Tell me, is Muxue satisfied with any of those pursuers?” Xiao Yu asked the question that troubled him.

Mu Han smiled: “Rest assured brother. She would occasionally talk to boys but just like ordinary friends. This Cameron is at the forefront of many suitors.”

Xiao Yu nodded. He didn’t want to bring back a green hat (google it) with him to Lion territory. It seemed that Lin Muxue was one of few self-disciplined girls left.

Cameron’s speech was touching but there was no expression on Lin Muxue’s face which indicated that she was moved.

“Thanks Cameron. As a friend you have helped me a lot throughout years. But I think you have misunderstood one thing. There is not a kind of love between you and me which you were talking about. I can’t marry you. I believe you know the reason. I have declined so many suitors over the years because I already have a fiancee.”

Lin Muxue was a smart girl too. She used this kind of language to make sure that Xiao Yu knew about her refusals and make him relieved. Otherwise, Xiao Yu would be in a very embarrassing situation and may held a grudge in his heart.

Xiao Yu praised Muxue in his heart.

Cameron was stunned as he didn’t expect his confession not to work.

Cameron’s face twisted up as he didn’t know how to get to her heart.

He stood up: “Muxue, why are you so rigid? Why do you have to comply with a commitment done by your father years ago? You don’t even know who your fiancee is. He is just a lord of small territory whose population is less than 50,000 people. He likes eating, drinking and gamlbing. He won’t even be able to buy you an interspatial ring? Would he be able to get a robe like this for you? Do you really want to marry that kind of person?”

Lin Muxue stood silent for a moment. She looked at xiao Yu then at Camerone: “Cameron, what’s the first rule of knight’s codex?”

Cameron frowned: “Loyalty.”

Lin Muxue continued: “Would a knight leave his master for a better destination if the original master was in a decline? Do you support such a knighthood?”

Cameron instantly replied: “These 2 are totally different things.”

Lin Muxue faintly said: “What is the difference? What kind of a woman I would be without loyalty? Do you mean that if I marry you and one day when you fall in decline then I can leave you to marry someone else?”

Cameron stood speechless for a while.

Afterwards, Cameron clenched his teeth and looked at her: “Who is your fiancee? I want to duel him!”


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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