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Chapter 148

“Duke Xiao, aren’t you overreacting a bit? How could a character like master Theodore casually make friends with you?” A voice echoed out. Lin Aotian was the first to frown when he heard the voice. The man who spoke was a member of the Lin family called Lin Aofeng. He was Lin Aotian’s cousin who always advocated to marry Lin Muxue to a powerful and wealthy family so that Lin family could get benefits. However, Lin Aotian had always insisted on marrying the girl to Xiao family. Nevertheless, the pressure from the family was always pressing Lin Aotian.

Lin Aotian’s status was very solid in the Lin family as he had been patriarch of the family for a long time. However, some people continued to put pressure on him which caused trouble to him from time to time. Xiao Yu understood that there were people who were against the marriage when he heard the man talk.

Xiao Yu looked at Lin Aofeng: “He is?”

Lin Aotian introduced the man: “He is my cousin, Lin Aofeng. He was a friend of Xiao Zhan Tian too.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Oh, uncle Lin. Master Theodore is a person who has been admired by many. It is true that I’m not worthy to be called friends with such a man but in this world there is something called fate. It’s my fortunate that I’m friends with master Theodore. Master Theodore will not come to Shire City as a magician but an ordinary friend of mine.”

Xiao Yu would have soared up and smashed Lin Aofeng if it was before but now Lin Aotian and Lin Muxue had shown good attitude towards him so he gave face to Lin family. Moreover, Theodore would certainly come over so he was planning to find an occasion where he would gift the interspatial rings to Theodore in public. The occasion itself would make Lin Aofeng back up so he didn’t need to use words to defend himself now.

Many thought that Xiao Yu would be lying if Theodore didn’t came in few days and Xiao Yu would be aim of many ridicules. So Xiao Yu’s attitude made people think that maybe he really knew the master.

Lin Aotian couldn’t determine the relationship between Theodore and Xiao Yu. Nevertheless there was admiration expressed in his eyes: “It would be a great occasion for Shire city to host such a great master. It would be our glory if master Theodore came as a guest to Lin mansion.”

Xiao Yu understood that Lin Aotian knew Theodore’s standing in the continent and hoped to take advantage of the situation to glorify the Lin family. He pondered for a moment: “I’ll try to invite Master Theodore to Lin family.”

Lin Aotian smiled: “Really? We would love to host him as a guest in our house.”

Which family wouldn’t be honored to have such a legendary character as their guest? Lin Aotian didn’t expect that Xiao Yu would actually ask Theodore to come to Lin family as a guest.

Xiao Yu nodded: “I will try.”

Xiao Yu also wanted Theodore to come to Lin family so that in the future both Lin family would have a “weight” in the Shire city and he would have “weight” when he came to Lin family.

Xiao Yu thought of Lin Muxue as his future wife. So this time he wanted to use the opportunity to make sure that others wouldn’t move onto Lin family in his absence to get Lin Muxue. It would be a waste not to link Lin family to Theodore. Everyone would know that Lin family and Theodore have relationship… Xiao Yu and Theodore’s friendship would be taken into account too if anyone dared to try to get Lin Muxue.

Nevertheless, the Lin family members and everyone else knew of Theodore’s temperament. The man would live in a small hotel rather than be a guest of any family. As a result, Lin Aofeng didn’t believe that Xiao Yu would be able to bring Theodore into their house.

Lin Aotian looked at Aofeng and winked him to stop. He continued: “Nephew can invite master but its upto master if he wants to come to visit ut.” Xiao Yu nodded but stayed silent. Sometimes it was better to be silent that waste words. Silence was the best means of defense and counterattack in some occasions.

Mu Han pulled from Xiao Yu’s sleeve: “Brother Yu, do you really know master Theodore? Can you ask him to give me some tips? I’ll certainly level up if such a master explained me few things.”

Everyone smiled when they heard Mu Han’s words. They thought that she was too naive. Why would a man of Theodore’s caliber would teach such a little girl? In addition, Theodore has been known as a loner for so many years. He hasn’t taken any disciples or apprentices.At best, Theodore had shown guidance to few geniuses. Theodore had never taught his knowledge to others.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yu promised to her: “It’s not a problem. I’ll ask him to give you a lecture. If he doesn’t agree then I would break those wines instead of letting him drink them.. Hmpf!… ”

Xiao Yu believed that he could help Mu han with this request. After all, he was going to give a lot of interspatial rings to Theodore so it shouldn’t be much if he asked him to teach Mu Han a few things. Lin Muxue stood silent as she didn’t know to believer or not. However, she couldn’t help but ask when she heard Mu Han’s request.

“Could I… attend the lecture if master Theodore teachers her?” Lin Muxue said with hesitation.

If a master like Theodore taught low-level magicians like them then the improvement they would have would be big. The magic wasn’t just about practice or enlightenment but about control of elements too. The precise control of elements was about long years of experience. So even a genius who couldn’t understand the composition of elements, their arrangement and use couldn’t become a master.

Masters were masters because of their valuable experiences. They had arranged and used many compositions of elements numerous time to reach the level where they were. As a result, a subtle guidance from a master could lead such a low-level magician accomplish a lot.

Xiao yu smiled as he looked at the eager expression on Lin Muxue’s face: “No problem. I will ask Theodore to lecture both you and Mu Han.”

Xiao Yu even wanted to make Lin Muxue and Mu Han apprentices of Theodore so that no one would dare to provoke them in the future. At the same time many began to ponder about the relationship between Xiao Yu and Theodore. How could he make such a promise so easily? Did they really have deep friendship?

Some thought that Xiao Yu bragged to improve his standing within the eyes of Lin family.

“Brother Yu, how do you know master Theodore?” Mu Han couldn’t help but ask Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Old man tried to steal my drink so we got to know each other from then on.”

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