WOWFRD – Ch 147

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Chapter 147

Xiao Yu’s eyes were stuck on the body of the girl. He had seen a lot of beauties. The sisters-in-law he had were all beauties. Leah and Tyrande were also rare beauties. But this girl was perfect. How could god have created such a perfect woman?

The single word that Xiao Yu could come up with to describe the girl was perfect. She had a graceful charm, noble temperament, there were no flaws on her face, her teeth were white, her body was bent on golden ratio, her waist was slender and she was dressed in a light blue robe. It seemed as if she was a water goddess.

Tyrande was like queen dowager of the world. Moreover, she was the goddess of the elves. Her noble temperament didn’t belong to this world because of her unique elf charm. That’s why she wore veil over her face most of the time or uproars would arise all over her. However, it was very difficult to imagine a human girl as beautiful as Tyrande. In comparison, Lin Muxue could be called the beauty of humanity.

“Is she … my fiancee? My life can’t be any better.” Xiao Yu whispered in his heart. He didn’t think that his fiancee would be a peerless beauty.

He hoped that his fiancee would be on par with Siwen but Muxue was beyond Siwen.

Lin Aotian laughed when he saw the stunned look on Xiao Yu’s face: “Muxue, come over. He is Xiao Yu, Xiao Zhan Tian’s son and the lord of the Lion territory. He has inherited the title of Grand Duke.”

Lin Muxue had already seen Xiao Yu but as a noble woman she only glanced at him for a moment then turned to look at her father. Her face blushed for a moment. After the introduction made by her father her face turned normal. However, there was still tension in her heart. Lin Muxue wanted to speak but a voice interrupted her.

“Brother Yu, why are you here?” A young girl rushed to stop in front of Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu was surprised too. He was about to greet Lin Muxue but a silhouette ran over in an instnat.

“Han?! What are you doing here?” Xiao Yu asked. The girl turned out to be Mu Han. Xiao Yu was originally planning to go to Magician Academy to find Mu Han. He didn’t expect her to turn out and appear in here.

“Hehe! We are both students at the Magician Academy and both of us are practicing water magic so Lin Muxue and I are classmates and good friends.” Mu Han seemed very excited to meet Xiao Yu. She held his hand in a very affectionate way.

Xiao Yu was generous with Mu Han before as he looked at her as an investment. He wanted to nurture magicians for the Lion territory.

Mu Han giggled as he looked at Lin Muxue and then at Xiao Yu: “It’s brother Yu who is Muxue’s fiance! So she is my future sister-in-law!”

Lin Muxue’s face turned red as she stared at Mu Han. She didn’t expect that the big brother Mu Han had always mentioned was her fiancee.

Mu Han continued: “I didn’t know who sister Muxue was going to marry. I always thought that its going to be some strange bastard. I was planning to help you get close to her… HaHa.. But I didn’t think that brother Yu is her fiancee. Sister Muxue he is a very good man.” Mu Han was like a twitter who spoke non-stop. Nevertheless, she was able to ease the embarrassing atmosphere within the room.

Xiao Yu saw that there were no contempt or disdain in Lin Muxue’s eyes towards himself. She wasn’t a self-righteous and prideful young lady of a noble family.

In fact, xiao Yu had long planned to act like a hooligan in front of everyone to make sure that the marriage doesn’t go through. However, it didn’t mean that he wasn’t a good-looking man. Moreover, it seemed that Lin house and Wang house were totally different. Lin Aotian respected his arrangement with Xiao Zhan Tian from years ago even though Xiao family was on decline.

It was one of the reasons why Xiao Yu was resistant to such an arranged married. However, the resistance in his heart gradually melted down when he saw the respectful attitude of Lin Aotian and beautiful Lin Muxue. Lin Muxue and Mu Han sat down. Lin Aotian began to tell stories about Xiao Yu. He told her about him decimating the bandits in the northwest, about his good governance, the development of his territory, ruling orcs and elves and so on. In short, Lin Aotian praised Xiao Yu.

This attitude showed that Lin Aotian recognized the marriage between the Xiao and Lin families. Lin Muxue quietly listened as she looked at Xiao Yu from time to time.

Lin Aotian saw that none of them were against the marriage so he said: “Nephew, why don’t you live in our home? No need to return back to the hotel. Lin Muxue would stay from the academy for few days so that she can accompany you in the Shire city.”

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment: “I would love to but a friend will come to visit in few days. I have to entertain him and give him some gifts. I can join your house afterwards.”

Lin Aotian couldn’t help but ask: “Oh? Which friend? Why don’t you ask him to come to Lin house too?” Lin Aotian seemed to look at Xiao Yu as his son-in-law. Xiao Yu hadn’t spoken for almost half a day as he listened to Lin Aotian speak. He tried to be as low-key in front of Lin Muxue as possible.

However, he knew that he couldn’t come to stay at Lin house when Lin Aotian invited him. He didn’t want to put them at risk as Shadows may try to assassinate him and he didn’t want to trouble Lin family.

Xiao Yu replied: “My friend is a magician called Theodore. He will come over in few days. I have to discuss few things with him and I’ll give him gifts to express my gratitude.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard the name Theodore. Mu Han who was sitting next to Xiao Yu was first to react: “Brother xiao Yu, do you mean sixth-rank magician master Theodore?”

Mu Han was sitting by Xiao Yu’s side as she was from Lin Muxue’s future husband’s family.

Xiao Yu nodded: “Yes.” It was a simple reply but everyone present was shocked. All of them knew what kind of a character Theodore was. Actually, his name was like a thunder that had passed through the continent.

There were only few sixth-rank magicians in the continent and Theodore was definitely ranked in top three in the continent in terms of power and strength. It was luck and glory for anyone who had met the master. Now, Xiao Yu was indifferently saying that he was friends with Theodore. Could anyone become friends with such a master?

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