WOWFRD – Ch 146

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Chapter 146

Xiao Yu slept well during the night. No one came to assassinate him. It didn’t mean that he was safe but it meant that the enemies were preparing for a flawless strike. The next morning he woke up early to go to Lin family estate.

A lot of people’s attention was attracted to Xiao Yu’s convoy because of orcs and elves. They were pointing at his guards as the convoy moved. It was as if a circus was touring within the city. It made Xiao Yu uncomfortable but there was no other way around it. Xiao yu came to Lin estate almost surrounded by a crowd of onlookers.

Xiao Yu had sent people to speak to Lin family in advance yesterday about his arrival and visit. Xiao Yu had conflicting feelings regarding the marriage agreement but he couldn’t act rude towards the Lin family. If Lin family’s patriarch acted like Wang TianHu then Xiao Yu would come up with a reason to cancel the marriage. In fact, he was thinking to act like a rogue and hooligan to smoothly solve out the arranged marriage problem.

However, the situation wasn’t going according to his expectations. The Lin family didn’t show slightest of disrespect but greeted Xiao Yu with a grand ritual. It made Xiao Yu change his mind. If the other side was going to pull some strings then he was going to go hooligan mode that moment. However, this gesture shown by the Lin family proved that Lin family’s patriarch wasn’t a man of low standing.

A man with white hair was standing in the center of the people who greeted Xiao Yu. He looked like an easy-going person and more like a grandfather type man from the neighborhood.

“Hello Duke Xiao. Thanks for visiting us.” The old man stepped forward to greet Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu bowed a bit: “Uncle Lin shouldn’t have come out to personally greet me.”

Xiao Yu’s motto was ‘show me respect and I’ll make it up for you ten times.’ The more people tried to scorn him the more powerful he would get back at them. However, if the other side respected him then he would reply with respectful treatment too. The look in the eyes of the old man was sincere rather than the disdainful look in Wang Tianhu’s eyes.

The old man was Lin Aotian, the patriarch of the Lin family.

Xiao yu hadn’t met the man before but according to his standing within the family members Xiao Yu guessed his identity.

Lin Aotian whispered in his heart: “There are all kinds of rumors about his rebellious and bad character but he behaves very polite and follows the noble demeanor. It seems all of those rumors were just baseless assertions. Xiao Zhan Tian wouldn’t have such a bad son…”

“Nephew, let’s go inside to talk.” Lin Aotian grabbed from Xiao Yu’s arm to walk him inside in an intimate manner.

Xiao Yu kept up with the man. He didn’t expect Lin Aotian to greet him so well. He had thought that the situation wouldn’t be so smooth as the reputation of previous Xiao Yu was just too bad.

Tyrande, Grom and Antonidas followed Xiao Yu and Lin Aotian while grunts, hunters and footmen were taken inside to another place by Lin family servants. Leah hadn’t come with them today because of her anger.

Xiao Yu regardless of her, directly call her to pick Up theodore, now, Theodore but Xiao Yu had the key to the difficulties ah. The old man came one day late, he would have to guard against the other day’s assassination.

Xiao Yu walked inside as he was surrounded by Lin family members. Lin Aotian seemed to have good impression of Xiao Yu but other members looked at him suspiciously. Xiao Yu didn’t care much about their thoughts. He knew that Lin Aotian didn’t have any bad impression on him. Now the next things was to find Lin Muxue’s attitude towards himself. Xiao Yu was planning to decline the marriage in case he didn’t like Lin Muxue. Moreover, the girl would suddenly met a stranger who would become her husband so it was possible that she would be against the marriage too.

Lin Aotian looked at Xiao Yu after they reached the living room: “I have sent people to notify Muxue. I didn’t expect nephew to come today so we haven’t told her in advance. She has been busy in the Magic Academy in recent times.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “It’s alright as I’ll be in Shire city for a few days.”

Lin Aotian added: “It would be good if you stayed for a few days as I will have chance to guest your and show you around. Your father was one of the most valued men who I have known. It’s a pity that he died so young.”

Xiao Yu’s face expression turned sad: “Yes. Father was a great man but I’m not worthy to be his son. If I had half of his abilities then I would have dominated the northwest long ago.”

Lin Aotian looked at the humble look on Xiao Yu’s face: “Nephew shouldn’t blame himself. Brother Xiao Zhan Tian was a talent that came one in few hundred years. By the way, a few weeks ago I received Housekeeper Hong’s letter saying that you have decimated all the bandit groups in the northwest and your territory’s population had reached one million. It’s a great merit as Lion territory is a barren land and its very difficult to develop the place.”

Xiao Yu replied in a modest manner: “Housekeeper Hong had exaggerated a lot. I have killed only few groups.. The bandit groups are like cattle in the northwest. It would take time to eliminate all of them.”

Lin Aotian saw Xiao Yu’s honest and modest reply and liked it. Actually, Lin Aotian didn’t believe that Xiao Yu would be able to solve out bandit problem in the northwest with just 2 battles. Who wasn’t clear about the situation in the northwest? Xiao Zhan Tian spent so much time but died at the end because of the bandits. How could such a young man solve that problem which couldn’t be solved by a world-known general?

Although Housekeeper Hong had written that Xiao Yu had received help of elves, orcs and dwarves but Lin Aotian still couldn’t believe it. How many orcs and elves would be needed to solve out bandit problem?

Lin Aotian thought that Housekeeper Hong was worried that Lin family would think low of Xiao Family so housekeeper Hong had exaggerated a lot things. They continued to chat for a while.

Lin Aotian looked at Grom and Tyrande with interest: “I have heard some rumors that nephew Yu was able to get help of orcs and elves from the Ankagen mountains. Are their the tribal patriarchs of orcs and elves?”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Yes, they are both patriarchs of Orc and Elf tribes. I met them in the depth of Ankagen mountains by luck. Originally, they were going to kill me but it seems my father had helped them to save their tribes long time ago so they didn’t just spare me but were willing to help me out because of my father’s kindness.”

Xiao Yu’s current excuse were more perfect and more people would agree with this speech. It was best to give credit to his hero father rather than claim everything on his own for now. Xiao Zhan Tian had really gone to adventures all around the continent to explore many ancient places.

Lin Aotian replied: “Brother Zhan Tian was a real hero! He had the grace of orcs and elves!”

At the same time a sweet sound echoed: “Father.”

Xiao Yu immediately turned around to look when he heard it.

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  1. Xiao Yu regardless of her, directly call her to pick Up theodore, now, Theodore but Xiao Yu had the key to the difficulties ah. The old man came one day late, he would have to guard against the other day’s assassination.

    Im sorry but what does the article above even mean? It sounds like mechanical translation and a terrible one at that. Dont you have anyone who can edit this?

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