WOWFRD – Ch 145

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Chapter 145

Chaos erupted when Xiao Yu’s luxury carriage with a Duke’s flag, 50 grunts, 50 hunters, 100 footmen entered the Shire city. It was the style that was used by nobles in ancient times. It had been ages that anyone had seen such a sight. Some old people even cried at the scene. Did it mean that ancient times were to come again?

The humanity entered an age of turmoil after the orcs, elves, dwarves and other races disappeared from the continent. The taxes were raised as territorial wars increased. A lot of people were in bitter state as everyone missed the glories days told about the ancient era.

Xiao Yu’s convoy went to the largest hotel in the Shire city as to settle there so that he could go to visit Lin family.

Xiao Yu was still nervous as it was going to be his first time to see his fiancee. It was a very strange feeling for a man from modern era. However, in this world it was a commonplace for such a thing to occur.

At the same time Xiao Yu was pondering about creating a situation where he would give the box of interspatial rings to Theodore in front of a large crowd. In that case the word will reach the ears of Shadows and the mysterious group that the new owner of the interspatial rings is Theodore and they won’t entangle him anymore.

Xiao Yu asked Leah about Theodore’s arrival at Shire city but she just shrugged her shoulders which meant she didn’t know anything. A light flashed past his eyes when he saw the indifferent attitude shown by Leah. Xiao Yu gently touched the collar on his wrist and it looked like Leah turned into a whole different person.

She walked towards Xiao Yu as she moved her hips in a sexy manner. Leah knelt in front of Xiao Yu and spoke in a soft voice: “Does master need me for tonight?”

Afterwards, Leah took off her leather clothes as the corset and white skin were revealed. (yes, Chinese people have white skin fetish) She pulled down the corset to expose her underwear.

Xiao Yu licked his lips and smiled: “What a wonderful maid I have! Cool! Do you want to share the bed with me tonight?”

Leah nodded and smiled: “If the master wishes…”

Leah touched Xiao Yu’s clothes. She was smiling but her eyes were full of killing intent.

She took off Xiao Yu’s coat and was about to move on when Xiao Yu touched the collar on his wrist. Leah’s body fell to the ground as if she was a puppet.

Soon enough Leah jumped from the ground and rushed at Xiao Yu: “Xiao Yu! I will kill you!”

Xiao Yu teleported away but his laugh was echoing in the room: “How are you going to do that? Isn’t that lesson not enough for you? Do you want to continue? I don’t mind going further…”

Leah stopped and touched the necklace on her neck. Her face turned ugly as her fingers touched the slave pendant. For some time she couldn’t resist Xiao Yu’s orders and she acted according to his will. Although it was her body and her soul was inside the body but there seemed to be another soul which dominated her and took control of her body. It was a terrifying feeling. It was so bad that she couldn’t even control the muscles on her face to express her feelings. Xiao Yu made her laugh and she laughed. Xiao Yu made her look charming and she acted so. Only her eyes could reflect the thoughts in her heart.

Was it the power of slave pendant?

Xiao Yu had pondered over the use of slave pendant for a long time but couldn’t find a way. However, few days ago Leah had taught him how to use the interspatial rings. It was very simple. All that he needed to do was to wear the ring and manipulate to freely control it by sending thoughts. There was no need to buttons or anything else for magical items such as a that. It happened that slave pendant worked the same way as the interspatial rings. He only had to send commands to the slave pendant and the slave would act accordingly.

“You! … Do you dare to use slave pendant to blackmail me? Have you forgotten your agreement with Theodore?” Leah looked at Xiao Yu who was in another corner of the room and spoke in a threatening manner.

Xiao Yu smiled as he touched the collar on his wrist: “It’s such a good item… Amazing! Theodore told me not to violate you by using the slave pendant. He didn’t tell me not to use slave pendant. I won’t violate you but I can make you to use the toilet or something else… I believe it doesn’t break our agreement.”

“You are courting death!” Leah took the vase from the table and threw it at Xiao Yu in fury.

Xiao Yu laughed as he caught the vase: “No need to get angry… Don’t forget that I’m the real master now. I don’t mind making you do very disgusting things if you keep being disprespectful to me.. Or we can share the bed too.. I just dont have to violate you… HaHAHa … ”

Xiao Yu felt very proud as he looked at Leah. If she stayed disobedient then he could use this slave pendant to molest her or even make her do a lap dance.

“Do you dare …” Leah clenched her teeth as her chest went up and down.

Xiao Yu’s eyes were concentrated on her twin peaks: “Why don’t we try?”

Leah quickly put on her clothes and looked at Xiao Yu: “I will tell to Theodore if you dare to act so wildly!”

Xiao Yu snorted: “Who told you to be so disrespectful to me? Don’t you know how a maid must act?” In fact, Xiao Yu was just giving a little lesson to Leah to make things simple. He would never take Leah even if she accepted the use of the slave pendant by forcing her. There was still a long way to accomplish that willingly from her part.

Leah was angry as she got out of the room.

Xiao Yu knew that Leah had thrown the towel of defeat when he saw her act that way. He lied in bed to sleep and dreamed about Leah who took off his coat and made a move on him.


I’m busy for few more days because of work, my side businesses and so on.. Those of you who don’t know I got cows and I’m investing into import of agrochemicals.. Hopefully, after few days I’ll be translating a lot 😉

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  1. I give up on this novel, everything is good and dandy before this chapter. MC was a liar to both the world and himself, he said to himself he only wanted to threaten her before without using this but now he actually used it. The man who has to resort to such mind control mean to deal with a girl is lower than insect to me. All of my previous good view i had on him is now gone. He is just a liar that does thing to fit his taste so that the world will revolve around him, nothing more nothing less. Chinese author once again disappoints me.

    1. Lol Leah doesn’t have to follow him. He is not forcing her to stay. She can go away any time she wants to but she doesn’t… Why? Because it’s too enticing for her being near him. All those treasures and adventures she gets into… If she really wants to leave he can’t force her nor will he try to… On the other hand she wants to act ruly while getting all the benefits and treasures… Does he have to provide her everything and take her temper on top of it? What is she? Is she his lover? His concubine? His best friend? No… She is an employee… It’s not her that can’t get away… It’s him that can’t send her away because of Theodore. If Leah really wanted to leave she would have found a way to leave already collar or not… Sure her life might be connected to mc but it’s not like he is going to die just because Leah isn’t there… If mc’s people can’t handle the danger i doubt it would be up to Leah to save the day anyways. So they will die wether she is there or not if such a situation comes to play…

    2. 1st: She doesnt want to follow him, she did because of the slave collar and he also wanted to have a strong assassin (he told her that she need to work for him for 3 years for him to let her go).She may have interest in him later but that is after he show compassion for life and his wit.

      2nd: Her action may be that sometime arrogant but she isnt spoiled, she helps him when he asks her and she takes as much as other girls. She has also accompanied his sister as talking partner and is with him through thick and thin. She doesnt treat him like a lord but as equal and i dont think that is bad to the point of shaming her like that. His contract with her is also forced by using many on one and a slave collar so do you expect her to treat him with respect from the bottom of her heart?

      3rd: Even ignoring the two point above, using mind control like that is just sickening. Do you know how hateful it is for your body to be controlled by other, to open your leg when other tell you to, even do some shameful play like scatting before other people (make you use the toilet..)? If you like the girl, conquer her yourself. If you want her to respect you, show her something that is respectable. He says he is the king of the world and he doesnt even have enough charisma to have his employee respect himself. Even go back a thousand steps, if you want to punish her, there is much better way to do so than just using that sickening method of mind controlling.

      The story is going smoothly so far. The development between them is nice and she even starts to have some respect to him (you can feel the nice ring surrounding them like good friends: stealing together, playing together….) but now this chapter appears and boom: all the development is gone. He even said that he only use this slave collar as threat and even self importantly say something about love all life and there he is using mind control to control people life so that he can have his respect. He is the true hypocrite that only does thing that fits his mood.

    3. If MC makes some other mistake, i will still tolerate it but something like mind controlling other to satisfy his desire is already beyond saving. Mind control like this is only good in hentai novel since they are mostly used to relieve yourself , not in novel like this which you want to read seriously. I used to wait each day for this novel release before this chapter and realy have high hope for this novel but now… sigh.

      1. One of the reasons why she’s following him without causing a fuss most of the time is because of Theodore. One of the currently 3 highest archmages alive. Who treats her like family. He told her that following Xiao Yu would give her more chances to find adventurers than not following him.

        And he did make Xiao Yu promise not to abuse the collar on her, to which he has mostly held his word, this being more of a case of ‘You annoy me, i’ll make you regret it’.

        Now. I actually was so intrigued, that I previously went and GT-read the entire novel. So, if you’re actually curious as to whether or not he’ll ever seriously abuse the collar, then ask and i’ll spoil you, either here or on NUF, where I have the same username.

      2. Thanks for your offer but i will decline it.This chapter alone is enough. He already used the slave collar and also used the lowest threat that the man can do to the woman (vice verse is also true if you live in a country where gender equality is at 100% without being shackled by old tradition). Whatever author write later to make this MC look good (no slave, respect life …) will be seen as fake and forced to me so i will stop reading this novel. I am the kind of guy that will read to the end of the novel even if it become boring but will drop after 1 chapter if it violates my principle. Still thank you for reading this blabbering of mine.

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