WOWFRD – Ch 144

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Chapter 144

Xiao Yu put away the interspatial rings: “I have a way to held onto them since I dare to get them. You shouldn’t worry about me. Lock them into an iron cage!”

Bo was shocked when he heard Xiao Yu’s order: “Didn’t you say that you won’t kill me?”

Xiao Yu replied: “Of course, I won’t kill you. But I didn’t promise to let you go or save from others. The message about these little treasures would be leaked immediately if I let go of you.”

“He will kill me! Don’t lock me up in the same cage with him.”

Bo had betrayed Silva and now Xiao Yu wanted to put them off in the same cage. Would Silva let him live till morning? Normally, he wasn’t Silva’s opponent and Bo had a heavy injury now. Although one of Silva’s arms wasn’t working but Bo knew what the outcome would be.”

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “I’m very sorry but I must dismiss that request.”

Bo struggle and shouted as he understood Xiao Yu’s aim. However, he didn’t have a chance as grunts held him up and took him to the cage.

Xiao Yu looked at Leah who was still checking different interspatial rings after Bo and Silva were taken out: “We gotta find a way to deal with the crisis. These things are good but keeping them is hard.”

Leah picked the last ring and threw the others into the box.

“Are you afraid?” Leah laughed.

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes: “What is fear? It’s not a problem of fear anyway. There will be parties who would come after us.”

Leah looked at ten interspatial rings in her fingers: “What are you planning to do? Give them back? I’m telling you now… Even if you plan to give back the rings I won’t give mine.”

Xiao Yu snorted: “These are mine now. Have you seen a wolf give back the flesh that it has bitten? Send a message to old Theodore.”

Leah turned to look at Xiao Yu when she heard old man’s name: “Theodore promised to help you once. He didn’t agree to protect your life! He may help you mediate between you and that force which owned the rings… But reconciliation means that they will want to recover the rings.”

Xiao Yu looked at Leah as if he was glancing at an idiot: “Do you really think that I can’t protect myself? Asking him protect my life.. Hmpf! I’m not asking him neither to protect me nor mediate. I have some gifts for him. Tell him to meet us in Shire city.”

Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up when he finished his speech.

Leah pondered for a moment then look at Xiao Yu: “You are treacherous bastard.”

Xiao Yu raised his chin: “Treacherous master…”

Xiao Yu came to check the iron cage next morning. As he had expected Bo was dead. Xiao Yu winked at Beast One and he cracked Silva’s neck. For now no one would know that Xiao Yu had the treasures. But there would be two parties interested in getting them back. The first party would be Shadows. Their branch is decimated and Silva was entrusted with an important mission. So they would come after him. The second party is the force that commissioned the mission to the Shadows. They would certainly trace everything to Xiao Yu. So he decided to move to Shire city as soon as possible as it would be the safest place.

Xiao Yu wasn’t worried about others as the force that commissioned the mission didn’t even let the Shadows or Silva know about the treasure that he transported. So they wouldn’t promote their loss of box of interspatial rings so that other parties could come to snatch it away. Temporarily there were two enemies.

Xiao Yu was in a blind spot. Actually, he wasn’t strong enough at the moment to fight Shadows or the power behind the rings. He wouldn’t be afraid if he was in the Lion city. He wouldn’t be afraid even of fourth-rank assassin. But now he was outside of his territory. The only people who could survive such attack for such treasure would be people on Theodore’s level.

Would the mysterious power or the Shadows dare to discuss with Theodore if Xiao Yu gifted those rings to him? They would just stay silent.

Xiao Yu planned to give the box of rings to Theodore. Of course, he wasn’t going to give all of them but take few dozen for himself. It would be enough to shake the continent if dozens of interspatial rings appeared.

Actually, there were more than 500 interspatial rings in the box.

As a result, Xiao Yu ordered his team to move at full speed for the next few days. They had to reach Shire city as soon as possible. The city was part of Lancaster Grand Duchy so most would be afraid to move in to kill him. Xiao Yu could protect himself as long as the number of enemies was less.

Three third-rank assassins came to kill Xiao Yu when they were about a day away from the Shire city. Xiao Yu was able to repulse them back and he even killed one of the assassins. The number of third-rank assassins wouldn’t be much so Shadows sending three of them at the same time was a proof of the importance of this matter. They didn’t send too many assassins so not to catch the attention of other parties.

Xiao Yu asked Leah about the strength of the Shadows. She told him that there would be 7 or 8 fourth-rank assassins and the only fifth-rank assassin is the president of the group.

Xiao Yu didn’t care too much about third-rank assassins but fourth-rank assassin was a great threat to him. However, the fourth-rank assassins would not be dispatched under normal circumstances. There would be few people in the continent who could dispatch fifth-rank assassins.

These third-rank assassins got back but didn’t launch attacks anymore. It was obvious that they found Xiao Yu’s strength and didn’t want to make a mistake again.

The grunts used hand axes to shot at them while Tyrande found them easily with the Eagle Eye skill. Grom’s melee attacks were very powerful and Antonidas used icicle to shoot at them which they couldn’t resist.

Moreover, Xiao Yu was training hunters to use their daggers. They had reached the level where they could use it like boomerangs. Even a third-rank assassin wasn’t their opponent if a group of hunters threw the daggers at the same time. Xiao Yu trained them to throw the daggers in a formation so that the enemies couldn’t dodge. Assassins could sneak inside by staying invisible but it didn’t mean that their bodies disappeared. Such an intense attack would hurt them bigly.

Xiao Yu thought that training hunters would be difficult but it went pretty easy. The hunters were already very skilled to use the daggers to Xiao Yu was only providing them the target. They had to threw them at the target. Now, when they shot the daggers at a tree they could cut it off. Moreover, the thrown daggers could fly back which was an advantage.

It made Xiao Yu surprised. In addition, it was an extra trump card in his hand.

Xiao Yu smiled as he looked at the tall walls of the Shire city. He has come to see his fiancee.

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  1. So the dagger cuts through the tree like butter then flies back without losing any momentum? Dafuq? That’s way too powerful of an attack… Nothing can stand in the way of such attack if it’s really that powerful…

  2. Thanks!

    I still don’t get why Xiao Yu hasn’t asked Antonidas about how to make rings or about the slave collar. Sure, Antonidas isn’t very powerful yet, but he still should have his knowledge.

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