WOWFRD – Ch 143

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Chapter 143

Bo smiled when he saw grunts untie his hands. They gave him a chair to sit and a glass of red wine to drink. Xiao Yu’s inventory of wine had increased after decimating the Eagle camp.

Bo looked around and saw that the grunts were looking at him while their hands were on the tilts of the axes. There was no doubt that countless axes would be thrown at him if he dared to run. He may have succeeded if it was before but now his chances were almost zero because of his injuries. More,ver Bo knew that Tyrande was a night elf and they were the nemesis of assassins.

“Mr Bo. Please tell me who ordered the hit.” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he took a sip from the wine.

Bo took a glance at Silva then turned to look at Xiao Yu: “Grand Duke, I will tell you everything that I know. Can you guarantee my safety?” Bo was a cunning man.

Xiao Yu leaned against the chair: “You know that we nobles honor our families a lot. I vow upon honor of my family to not to kill you myself as long as the sun hasn’t fallen from the sky…”

Bo calmed down: “It was a man called Carrie who paid for your assassination. He is son of a lord from north.”

Xiao Yu saw that the answer was within his expectations. He was planning to solve out that problem after going back so he wasn’t that angry.

Xiao Yu nodded: “The thing is this information isn’t enough for you to survive.”

Bo asked: “What does Duke wants to know?”

Xiao Yu shook the glass with wine: “Now the leader of the guild said that he was given a task… Do you know what task was it?”

Silva immediately shouted when he heard Xiao Yu’s question: “Bo you know that Shadows will come after you if you spill the secret!”

Xiao Yu interrupted: “He will die if he doesn’t speak.”

Bo feared revenge of the Shadows but he knew that he would be killed if he didn’t speak now.

Bo bit the bullet: “It was a secret but inadvertently I heard few things. It seems that our HQ received a commission to help someone to deliver number of ancient relics. There were enemies of that force so they asked our organization to transfer treasures in secret. The closest place to the origin was our branch and Silva’s strength was high enough for him to be chosen to accomplish this task.” Xiao Yu frowned when he heard Bo talk.

Xiao Yu creepily smiled as he turned to look at Silva.

“Mr Silva.. Let’s make it easier for everyone… Otherwise, I will have to pierce a hole in your stomach so that the mice can get into your body.. I believe you know the feeling when they bit you.”

Silva stood silent for a while then smiled: “Alright… I will tell you… Heck! I will even give you the treasure. But you will regret this. That force and shadows won’t let you go easily. You can’t contend or stop them… HaHA”

Xiao Yu interrupted him: “The most annoying thing is looking at your appearance and thinking about your threats. Don’t waste your breath.”

Silva lifted up his arm: “This is the treasure.”

Xiao yu didn’t understand: “Arm? Is your arm a treasure?”

Leah spoke up: “You idiot! It’s not his arm but the ring. That’s an interspatial ring. You can store a lot of things inside it. The ring itself is extremely rare. There are very few magicians left who can make such interspatial rings.. So most of those ones are from the ancient era.”

“Oh …” Xiao Yu blushed in shame as he felt he was too thick-skinned.

Xiao Yu gave the ring to Leah. He didn’t know how to use slave pendant let alone interspatial ring so it was best for Leah to open it up. Leah played a bit with the ring and a white light flash. A small wooden box appeared out of nowhere. A greedy look appeared on Xiao Yu’s eyes.

Leah came from a prominent family but interspatial rings were very rare so she just put the ring on her finger to keep it for herself.

However, Leah was stunned when Xiao Yu opened the box. She dismissed the interspatial ring in her finger. Because the box was full of interspatial rings.

“My goodness!” Leah exclaimed.

Xiao Yu got the gist of the matter when he heard Leah’s exclamation.

Xiao Yu didn’t understand importance of interspatial rings when Leah explained to him. However, he didn’t think that the box would be full of them. Why would this box would be full of interspatial rings? They were rare treasures so he didn’t believe that he would find so much of them,

Actually, no one would have thought that so many interspatial rings would be in one place let alone Xiao Yu. It was not just Xiao Yu and Leah but Silva and Bo were shocked too. They knew that the treasures inside the interspatial ring were priceless but they didn’t know what was inside it.

Now, they understood why it was called so. You couldn’t afford an interspatial ring even if you could find one in the market… Now, there were literally tons of them in the box.

Xiao yu stood silent for a while before laughing out loud: “I’m rich! I am richhh!!”

Leah quickly grabbed few from the box: “I will get one.. of no, I will get two…five… I will wear ten interspatial rings.”

At the moment even Leah couldn’t maintain her manners as she wildly grabbed rings. After wearing those she felt as if the ones she had chosen weren’t fashionable so she began to change them to select beautiful ones.

Leah was picking colors and styles of interspatial rings which was a symptom nouveau riche mentality.

“Not just that force and Shadows but even others would come after you if it is known that you hold so many interspatial rings… It’s not just a treasure but a curse! A curse that would bring nothig but death!” Silva spoke in a cold tone.

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  1. Well normally it would not be a problem. However the mc is just a thug who brags. So everyone in the world will know he has these rings before he takes his next piss.

    1. if it was me i would send the box filled with fake rings to carrie as a gift in exchange for a peace treaty or at least a ceasefire

    2. He is making enemies with people he don’t even know the extent of their power nor does he know who they are… Yeah take their treasure why the fk not… Normally people get killed by their greed in situations like these but plot armor will save mc’s ass as always…

      1. i know right. I just wish this MC would face 1 setback and change his attitude, maybe not fully but i hope he becomes smarter than he is now

  2. Better send a box with a fuck load of fakes so no one even knows lol

    keep three at most, give just the heroes and leah a ring and slowly sell the rest through various means and make.a killing.

  3. So he is fine to make enemies with some random powerful people by robbing their property… He doesn’t even know the owner of the rings… Such a smart move huh? Make enemies with people you don’t even know the power of… Mc is too greedy but the plot shield will be there to save his ass as always…

      1. They are just the middle man moving the goods… Yes they may not be that big a deal… But the one who owns the frikin rings must be a BIG DEAL!…

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