WOWFRD – Ch 142

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Chapter 142

The Guild building was in fire when the guards of the city arrived. There were numerous charred bodies. At the same time, Xiao Yu had taken back few assassins for interrogation in the inn.

“Who was the one to order the hit?” Xiao Yu looked at the old man whose arm was broken. He didn’t pity these assassins as if he forgive them today then they would come to kill him tomorrow. He believed that he must kill them after they confessed.

The old man clenched his teeth without a reply. His face was pale because of the serious injury but his eyes were firm.

“He asked you a question.” Beast One slapped the old man in the face. However, the man continued to stay silent.

“Good. I respect your silence but it means other methods have to be used for interrogation. Fox, get few mice or rats.”

Xiao Yu had taken servants with him for the convenience as orcs and elves weren’t meant for such jobs. Fox was a cautious and clever man so Xiao Yu had brought him too.

Fox went out the moment he heard Xiao Yu’s order. He was best at stuff like that.

It didn’t take long before Fox came back with few mice. Xiao Yu admired the man. He turned to look at the old man with a gloomy smile on his face. Xiao Yu pointed at the old man’s arm. Fox put the mice over his arm and used a cloth to cover them so that the mice bit his arm.


Old man’s screams echoed throughout the inn. Xiao Yu was nervous as if watching a horror movie.

“It’s too terrifying.” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but sway away his eyes: “I don’t like bloody horror movies… It’s going to get more bloody… Kinda Texas Chainsaw killer style…”

Old man was in pain but still spoke in fury: “Do you know who I am? I’m the branch leader of the Shadows… There will be retaliation if I’m dead…” He even dared to threaten Xiao Yu.

“Oh.. Leah is this Shadows a great Guild?” Xiao Yu turned to look at Leah.

Leah snorted: “They could be considered famous in the continent but not a large organization.”

Old man looked at Leah: “Oh, so you are looking down at Shadows? Which division do you belong to?”

The old man looked at the badge on Leah’s chest.. He suddenly shouted: “You… You are…”

Leah interrupted him: “Shut up! Don’t speak nonsense.”

Xiao Yu whispered in his heart: “Her background ain’t small either.. It’s no wonder old man Theodore knows her… Unfortunately, this old man didn’t say out her identity.”

“Old man, I’m going to give you last chance… Why don’t you spill out?” Xiao Yu asked.

Old man’s eyes had turned red as if he had gone crazy: “You won’t be able to get a word out of my mouth even if you kill me! A branch was destroyed so it is possible that it won’t cause much of an alarm.. But I’m not the same! I have a task from the Shadows which they have to recover… If you kill me then they will come after you.” Old man laughed.

Xiao Yu was interested in the topic: “What task?”

The old man’s mouth twitched in pain but he didn’t say a word.

Xiao Yu shook his head: “Oh, some people like the hard way. Fox get those mouses out.. It would be a waste if they killed him now.”

He turned towards the old beggar who had tried to assassinate him yesterday. Actually, the man wasn’t old but he was using camouflage. He looked a bit older than 40. His body was thin. Unfortunately for him his lower abdomen was pierced by the spear from the ballista.

The beggar panicked when he saw Xiao Yu’s eyes focus on him.

“I was lucky that my martial arts are perfect or else I would have died yesterday… We can’t let it go without a punishment. Fox, take out the bandage and put the mice on his stomach.” Xiao Yu saw that the man was panicking so it was the most appropriate time to use the fear to get what he wanted. The beggar tried to struggle but grunts were holding his body while it was tied by ropes.

“What are you doing? You devil!” the beggar shouted.

“Thanks for the compliment. In fact, I’m the devil. Don’t forget to take off the bandage. The mice would crawl into his stomach and the effect would be much better.” Xiao Yu said with a wide smile on his face.

“No…no… I will tell everything… Don’t kill me…” The beggar had seen the other old man bitten by the mice so he was afraid. He panicked when he thought same thing happen to himself.

“Bo! You… you traitor! You don’t deserve to be called an assassin.” The old man who was the leader said in a weak tone but the anger in his eyes were clear.

“Silva… As a president you have the responsibilities but I’m just an ordinary assassin who is temporarily working in this branch… I don’t want to die to keep your secrets… I will do everything as long as they let go off me.” Bo replied.

Xiao Yu nodded in satisfaction: “Alright. I like people who value their lives. Come on, untie him.”

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