WOWFRD – Ch 141

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Chapter 141

Xiao Yu was aware that it was very hard to deal with assassins at nights. However, he had an advantage.


The elves could detect assassins who used invisibility to move. Moreover, they could detect them much more easily when the assassins were close to them. Tyrande’s Eagle Eye skill was the best to find those assasins.

Today, Xiao Yu deliberately let go of the old beggar otherwise it would be impossible for him to run away from Tyrande. Eagle Eye wasn’t a powerful skill but it played a great role in many cases.

Xiao Yu winked at the Beast One which was closest to him.

Beast One nodded as he and other grunts raised ballistas and battering ram as they faced the gate of the guild.

Bang~ Bang~

It was as if a giant hammer beat down the gate which echoed throughout the dark night.

The grunts were powerful as they had reached level 10. In addition, Assassins’ Guild never thought that someone would come to blatantly break the gate of their guild. The gate wasn’t meant for defense but for decoration.

The patrols used by the guild to protect the building were already killed by Xiao Yu’s forces. Xiao Yu, Grom and Tyrande could turn invisible and Leah was already an excellent assassin. Tyrande and Leah pointed the positions of the patrols and afterwards they had killed them.

The gate was broken through and Xiao Yu entered with grunts as they held the ballistas.

“Who are you?” The members of the guild responded very rapidly. Assassins’ Guild was never so blatantly attacked so smashing the gates was a huge humiliation. Almost all the members of the guild were ready to attack as some of them were already in a stealth mode waiting for a suitable opportunity.

A very thin old man was leading them. But his eyes were very bright and full of killing intent. This killing intent seemed to be accumulate through long-term killing and murder. An ordinary man would have been paralyzed long ago just from the look.

Xiao Yu felt that the old man was the strongest among all the assassins within the guild. As Xiao Yu’s strength raised he could percept the true strength of his enemy.

Of course, assassins could hide their strength or breath by using a skill. Perhaps there was another assassin lurking in the building who was stronger than the old man in front of him.

Xiao Yu walked few more steps as he held the tang sword in his hand. He looked at the old man: “Today an assassin from your guild had come to kill me. I’m here for talks so don’t get overexcited.”

Old man looked at Xiao Yu: “What you mean?”

Xiao Yu looked into man’s eyes: “First, hand over that assassin. Secondly, tell me the one who hired the hit.”

Old man laughed: “It seems you haven’t figured it out but you are in Assassin’s Guild. We kill anyone as long as the right price is paid. Moreover, Guild protects the assassin from everyone. No one can revenge him or her. In addition, in our business we never tell the identity of the employer. Your break into the guild is a huge provocation now…”

“You motherfucker…” Xiao Yu cussed as he interrupted the old man: “According to you, your guild can kill anyone and then you can’t take the responsibility for the action? Who the fuck do you think you are? You think you can come to kill me but I can’t do it?”

Xiao Yu found it strange that such rules existed.

Old man was stunned as he had lived for a long time but it was first time ever that he was scolded by someone.

Xiao Yu continued as he looked at the old man’s eyes: “I’ll count up to three… Either surrender the assassin or I will find him… By the way, I was told that my interrogation and investigation methods are very brutal so don’t blame me later on.”

Old man slowly spoke, word for word: “No one can threaten us.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Ballistas!”

The grunts shot from the ballistas as soon as Xiao Yu ordered. Tyrande had located the positions of invisible assassins in advance. All the spears were shot and covered a large area. The assassins were flexible but their flexibility was limited in this small area. The coverage of the attacks was wide so there wasn’t much of a gap to avoid the spears shot from the ballistas.

The assassins didn’t move to much either. They thought that the enemies couldn’t find their locations because of invisibility.

The old man was alert. He dodged but Xiao Yu and Grom attacked the old man together. The old man was the leader of this guild. If he was killed or injured then it wouldn’t be a good sign.

Xiao Yu had asked about the strength of assassins in divisions such as this from Leah. She had told him that there would be few third-rank assassins in the guild. It was very rare to find fourth-rank assassins in the continent. Fourth-rank warriors were common but assassins were scarce. The old man was peak third-rank assassin. Xiao Yu wasn’t afraid of the old man because of his level.

Grom and Tyrande were basically peak second-rank warriors and could be regarded as third-rank warriors if they reached level 20. Moreover, as ancient heroes they had extremely powerful skills. In addition they had T1 armors which increased their basic attributes too.

So, Grom could fight against and even kill a third-rank warrior on his own.

The way of assassins’s was to hit with a fatal hit and escape.

The old man had never thought that people would ever dare to attack Assassins’ Guild. The man wanted to escape and come back to kill later on. But would Xiao Yu give him a chance? Xiao Yu used Heroic Leap, Teleportation and Sprint to catch up with the old man.

Grom launched Sprint after the ballistas shot. He attacked the old man. The old man avoided both spear from the ballista and Grom’s attack. But Xiao Yu was attacking the next moment. Old man escaped once more but he was embarrassed to be in such a situation because of those low level warriors. At the same time an arrow flied past and pierced his thigh.

The old man couldn’t escape from Grom, Xiao Yu and Tyrande’s triple attack. He was strong but it didn’t mean that Xiao Yu, Grom and Tyrande were week. They were able to restrain him easily.

Xiao Yu didn’t let Antonidas come to attack the guild as the assassins were nemesis of magicians.

Fear flashed past old man’s eyes. After the arrow pierced his thigh he knew that it was his end. The assassins took pride in their speed and invisibility.

The grunts weren’t staying idle either. After shooting from the ballistas they began to throw hand axes. 50 grunts threw 500 hand axes within ten seconds.

They didn’t aim but just threw them as is to cover as large area as possible. Hunters rushed in after them to chase after the assassins. Hunters were more flexible and their attack strength was better because of their leopards.

Almost all the assassins died after two rounds of long-range attacks. The hunters joined in to chase the rest of assassins which were killed easily.

The old man’s speed greatly reduced after he was shot by Tyrande. Grom used Omnislash to attack the old man again and again. Xiao Yu stood aside as a spectator. He teleported behind the old man at the right time and slashed his sword at the old man’s arm.

The quickly tied up old man. Xiao Yu and rest searched the guild to kill all the assassins one by one.

The old beggar that had attack Xiao Yu in the daytime was hit by two spears from the ballistas. One of them had pierced through his lower abdomen and nailed him to the wall. The battle finished in less than ten minutes. Xiao Yu ordered grunts to search the guild and loot all the treasures and valuables.

Afterwards, he lit the torch and burned the building as they took few prisoners back to their inn.

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  1. depend if the latest news from lion town came back to him or if the fiancee family still think of him as a waste of space thought i doubt they are uninformed since his stunt in the arena should have raised his reputation by a lot

  2. it seems like his enemy will increase, the assassin guild soon will know the news and more assassin will come after him, meaning more EXP!!! ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^

    1. It was mentioned earlier than the main branch of the assassin guild won’t care. something about this branch not following the main branch or something.

  3. Open-door assassin guild is kind of stupid to me since neither the job is something pretty or admirable nor is there benefit in advertising them world wide.The hideout should be more stealthy, the head should be someone realistic while the assassin should be responsible for their own work (either solo or in small team of 2, unless they belongs to a special creed or serve some master like Ninja), not in the guild like this. This is more like a mercenary than assassin to me.

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