WOWFRD – Ch 140

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Chapter 140

Xiao Yu and the crowd moved towards the Shire city. On the way there were two more assassination attempts but all the assassins were killed without exception. Xiao Yu saw that all the assassins that were sent after him were less than third-rank. Duke Simm wouldn’t play such a simple trick as if he wanted to send assassins he would send top ones to finish the job. Otherwise, it was a useless effort which Duke Simm wouldn’t be involved with. Xiao Yu believed that Subaru wouldn’t be able to afford or have the ability to find assassins to assassinate Xiao Yu.

“Carrie! I didn’t trouble you but you are not backing away… You will see what happens to you when I get back.” Xiao Yu analyzed a bit and came to a common answer.

Xiao Yu stopped in a number of big cities along the road to buy gifts to his future fiancee and the little loli Mu Han.

They were passing through a city called Pu which belonged to Qin Principality. It was a big and busy city. Xiao Yu was planning to stay here for a few days to see if any more assassins came after him. He was interested to find their source.

Leah was playing a great role during the trip. She, as an assassin, was able to track assassins after Xiao Yu in advance and kill them before they were able to make their moves.

She knew that Xiao Yu wasn’t a rookie from before. He had developing territory, a lot of money, strong army so his future was looking good.

It was morning as Xiao Yu, Grom and Tyrande were strolling in the streets. An old beggar came over as he raised his trembling hand: “Master… Please spare some money.. I haven’t eaten for two days.”

Xiao Yu was very generous towards the beggars. These people usually kowtowed day and night to afford a bit of money for rice. The social structure of this world was in a state where poor died on daily basis. He took out about 10 gold coins from his pocket and handed out towards the old beggar. He didn’t look down on the old beggar but was sympathizing with him.

However, Xiao Yu’s kindness wasn’t well received. The old man’s eyes turned cold and his trembling hand flashed past as a dagger appeared in it. He stabbed it towards Xiao Yu in the blink of an eye. Xiao Yu wasn’t a kid who hadn’t seen blood as he had reached level 16 and had gone through enough bloodbath. His body disappeared when he felt the coldness. The old beggar was stunned as he had a dagger in his hands and no target in front of him.

Xiao Yu had practiced Teleportation a lot of times. He knew that it was very difficult for him to achieve the battle readiness of a first-rank warrior in a very short period of time. People practiced for dozens of years before being fast enough to react to the situation. He had very powerful skills but his consciousness wasn’t fast enough to react. As a result, he focused on practice of few skills that could save his life in dire times.

One of them was Teleportation.

This skill was like his life insurance so he had practiced it countless time so that he could teleport the moment he felt something is wrong. His reaction speed and activation of the skill was the best.

The moment, Xiao Yu saw that something was wrong and a dagger was stabbing towards him, he subconsciously activated the Teleportation skill to escape.

In fact, the old beggar was very strong. His stabbing speed showed that he was at least third-rank assassin. However, Xiao Yu was able to teleport out on time.

Actually, the dagger scratched Xiao Yu’s T1 set armor. But it couldn’t pierce through the armor but scratched it. The T1 suit could be bought as long as he had enough gold coins. That’s why Xiao Yu had already bought several sets to himself and others.

Normally, he wore warrior type T1 set to battle but on daily basis he used assassin type T1 set armor. It was light, comfortable and very useful for agility based users.

The old beggar was stunned briefly as teleportation was out of his expectations.

At the same time Grom slashed his heavy sword as he roar. Old beggar used his battle energy to roll on ground to escape the slash. Tyrande shot an arrow but old beggar gently leaped up and reached the roof of the building like a monkey. He fled the same instant.

Xiao yu, Grom and Tyrande jumped up and went for the pursuit.

The old beggar was cunning as he would drill into the crowd or jumped from roof to roof to avoid them. He was like a slippery fish in the water. In addition, old beggar changed his clothing in the blink of an eye. He would disappear for a moment and the next moment when Xiao Yu and others saw him he would have another set of dresses on him. They tracked him for a while. But old beggar changed his appearance and clothes quite a few times before getting lost in the crowd.

“Third-rank assassins are cool. Let’s go back.” Xiao Yu didn’t continue to chase but ordered Grom and Tyrande to go back to the inn where they lived.

Leah returned back to the inn in the evening with a proud look on her face.

Xiao Yu looked at her: “Did you find him?”

It was obvious that Leah was successful or she wouldn’t have an arrogant look on her face.

“I will promote to third-rank assassin soon so i’ll be able to deal with him..”

Xiao Yu looked at her: “I will give you a T2 armor if you get to third-rank.”

Leah asked in a strange manner: “What is t2?”

Xiao Yu smiled: “It’s a better armor suit.”

Leah’s eyes lit up. At the start, Xiao Yu had promised to give her an assassin’s armor from the legends. She was doubtful but Xiao Yu had really given her the armor. Now, Xiao Yu was promising to give her a better armor. Leah felt that he was really a prodigal son.

Xiao Yu and others moved towards the place where the old beggar lived.

“What is this place? Why it has such a strange architecture?” Xiao Yu asked in a curious tone.

“It is a division of Assassins’s Guild! It’s not an orthodox division but a private one. The real Assassins’ Guild is much better than this and I can’t take you there. Actually, that place is untouchable as even the emperor of the Sky Lion Dynasty can’t make a move on it.”

“Alright.” Xiao Yu didn’t care about those. In fact, he already knew why the emperor wouldn’t make a move on the real Assassins’ Guild.

“Why its a private branch?” Xiao Yu asked.

“What’s strange about it? Now, the Magicians Guild and Knights Guild have private branches. We are not in ancient times so many unions or political powers are using these branches as tools. However, the headquarters of these guilds still follow the original codex. That’s why no one wants to make a move towards the orthodox branches as there are people who follow that creed and would do anything to the attackers. Theodor is a member of Magicians Guild and he would do anything if someone dared to attack the headquarters. There are others like him too.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “What about you? Are you member of the Assassins’ Guild?”

Leah replied in a proud manner: “Of course, I am! I’m part of the Assassins’ Guild headquarters.”

Xiao Yu looked at the building: “Would the headquarters come to trouble me if I raze this branch into pebbles?”

Leah pondered for a moment: “It’s a trivial matter as the HQ doesn’t manage this branch. IT’s just they don’t care.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “It’s a relieving news…”

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    1. Lvl 10 for heroes is first rank warrior. Leah is almost a third rank assassin, so almost lvl 30. Each 10 levels is a rank.

  1. is it just me or is it maybe so that the once that sent the assassins are his future fiances family.
    they nowhere he was going and about when he was coming.
    also, the guild is in the direction of this family and not towards carries family.

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