WOWFRD – Ch 14

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Chapter 14

Chi~ Chi~ Chi~ More than two hundred arrows whistled through the sky and fell down like rain.

Swish~ Swish~…

The elf archers who were at the back came to the front. They neatly stood in rows and began to shoot from their longbows.

The success rate of each hit was 70%. In a matter of seconds, almost 200 people from the enemy side were killed.

The archers were of a low level so the fatality of their shots weren’t high. However, they could learn more skills as the level of the archers increased.

The elf archers would automatically master 3 skills as their level increased. They would automatically master the skill ‘Precise Shooting’ as soon as they reached level 3. The hit rate and strength of each arrow attack would increase by leaps and bounds at that level. The elf archers would master the skill ‘Multiple arrows’ as soon as they reached level 6. This way they can send three to seven arrows on each attack. At level 10 an elf archer would master the skill ‘Guardian of the Moon’. This skill would increase their accuracy and intensity of shooting rate. Moreover, the attack wouldn’t be limited to only physical but to magical level too with the help of lunar aura.

If an elf archer could break through level 10 to 11 then it would become a hero. Afterward, the archer may continue to grow and learn skills like the ones used by Tyrande.

Orc warriors had same capabilities too. They would learn the skill called ‘Berserker’ when they reached level 3. It would increase their attack power by 50%. However, some of the orcs lose their sanity and know only to attack and kill until the effect of the berserker disappears. They would learn a skill called ‘Cleave’ when they reached level 6 which would increase the attacking range and strength of their weapons. It is a very suitable skill for melee combat. At level 10, the orc warriors would learn attack skills that would strengthen their attack by a couple of times. If an orc warrior is able to break through level 10 to 11 then he would become a hero. They can choose to follow the path of Blademaster, Tauren chiefs or some other hero.

The death of 200 soldiers didn’t shake Carrie’s army. They had 5000 soldiers and two hundred was only a small part.

However, the next moment the sounds of arrows echoed once again and 150 more soldiers died. The second wave of arrow attack didn’t kill as many as the first wave because the enemy was prepared. Some soldiers from the enemy side took out their shields while others dodged and some died. However, the accuracy of archers was already very high for normal humans.

The commander of Carrie’s army shouted out for the soldiers to rush forward.

According to their intelligence, there shouldn’t be too many troops in the Lion town. So where did these elite archers come from? From where did Xiao Yu hired mercenaries? If so, how Lion town was going to pay for them? Weren’t they broke already?

The archers were strong but commander from Carrie’s side couldn’t order the soldiers to retreat. If the momentum of the charge was broken the losses would be more serious. They had begun the assault and the only option was to rush to the walls. They had to set up ladders and climb all the way up. The role of archers would be minimized as soon as the soldiers reached the wall.

Captain Hui was taken by surprise when he saw the two hundred archers act.

The enemy was going to suffer because of these archers. He got back a bit of self-confidence.

“Block them! Don’t let them get on the wall.” Captain Hui commanded four hundred soldiers and ordered them to greet the enemy soldiers that had come to siege them.

The sound of arrows echoed as if the main music theme of the battlefield. The soldiers from the enemy side continued to fall down to never stand up again.

However, the enemy was able to pass and reach the foot of the town. The soldiers began to put the ladders. By this time almost 800 soldiers were killed from Carrie’s side. It was an incredible feat because not even a minute had passed since the start of the war.

The archers did their best but they weren’t very effective in close range. As a result, many enemy soldiers were able to climb up.

Once the enemy soldiers reached the wall and turned the battle from long range to melee combat the role of archers would be reduced tremendously.

The most useful part the archers played in the battles was in the initial stage. However, that initial stage was a relatively short amount of time.

“Where did they get archers?” Carrie saw the resistance. Although he had lost almost 20% of his force he still could continue with the battle. However, having so many archers stationed in the walls was a big threat to him.

He had thought that Xiao Yu didn’t have an army and would surrender very easily.

Carrie had brought a mage and catapults but he wasn’t planning to use them. They were brought just for show.

However, the initial phase of the battle was beyond his expectations.

Nevertheless, Carrie wasn’t worried. He knew that Xiao Yu didn’t have more than 1000 troops. He wasn’t facing a problem as he had 5000 soldiers let alone the mage and catapult.

A smile appeared on Carrie’s face as he watched the soldiers climb up the ladders. As long as the soldiers positioned themselves on top of the walls then the Lion town would fall.


Ferocious roars echoed from the top of the walls.

Two hundred warriors wearing black cloaks rushed forward to the side of the wall. They began to attack the enemy soldiers that reached the top of the ladders. A hit from the black cloak wearing warrior would send the enemy soldier flying away.

The enemy soldiers who were climbing up saw the brawny warriors. They were clear that they couldn’t retreat either. There were soldiers piled under them.

After a slight shock, the enemy soldiers began to climb up.

But they were met with giant axes. As soon as they set foot on the wall an ax would hack down. Sometimes the axes would tear apart the shields that they used.

The wall of the Lion town was very long. It was about 2000 meters long. However, two hundred orc warriors were distributed along the line of defense. Moreover, the strong orc warriors were facing the soldiers that came up from the ladders one on one. That was why they had massive advantages over the enemy troops. Carrie’s soldiers were using ladders and it seemed that the outcome of the battle wouldn’t change no matter how many soldiers climbed up.

The appearance of the archers had caught Carrie by surprise. However, the appearance of orc warriors had completely shocked him.

Moreover, he didn’t know the other side was made of orc warriors. He just recognized them as tough soldiers.

The commander of Carrie’s army was having a bad time. His face had turned ugly as a corpse would fly down from the ladder almost every moment.

There were so many ladders distributed along the long wall but not a single soldier was able to get on the wall.

The archers had stopped shooting either. They were constantly sending arrows. Although the soldiers were using shields for protection the casualties were increasing as every minute passed by.

It had been 10 minutes since the start of the war and he had lost more than 1000 people and the other side didn’t have a single casualty.

“They have elite warriors and archers. It would be very difficult to climb the wall so we have to break through the gates. We can rely on the advantage of numbers to out beat them if manage to get through the gates.” The commander murmured. Originally he had thought that using 5000 soldiers to go against such a small territory force was like bullying them. However, he didn’t expect that the outcome would be like this.

In addition, he was sure that he would get a penalty when they got back. Although Carrie was the figurehead of the troops the commander believed that Carrie would be able to find a way to push all the guilt onto him.

He hoped that he would be able to use a battering ram to break into the town and win the war. This way he may minimize the punishment that he would face.


Battering ram reached the gates of the town. The huge wood hit the gates of the town as soldier swayed it back and forth.


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  1. are those cloaks bought from harry potter universe? how come no one noticed the green skins of the orcs while battling! those cloaks are awesome!

    thank you for the chapter!

  2. Not one person died. The other side had 0 archers. OK. This is chinese, right? I may be prejudist, but I think they are clueless like that.

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