WOWFRD – Ch 139

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Chapter 139

Xiao Yu had set up a meeting to discuss the plans to attack the enemy when Housekeeper Hong stopped him. He smiled: “Master, you are 18 years old now. There is one thing you have to do as soon as possible.”

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but ask: “Uncle Hong, what thing?”

Housekeeper Hong smiled: “Young master, how can you forget this? Master had helped you by setting up a marriage back then. You are going to be 18 soon and its time to get married. The territory is stable now and its developing… So it is time to marry.”

“What!?” Xiao Yu jumped up from his seat. He carefully went through the memories of previous Xiao Yu. There was a marriage!

In this era, people agreed to marry their kids from an early age. They didn’t even think how the looks of their kids would be when they grow up! Xiao Zhan Tian was a hero who was known world-wide. He had set up marriage to all of his sons from an early time.

Xiao Yu’s brother had gotten married early and there was pile of widows in the house. Xiao Yu was the youngest one and his age just got 18 now. So Housekeeper had brought up this matter.

“I have just destroyed bandits… I’m still young and not so anxious to get married… What about I kill Carrie and his father then go for the marriage?” Xiao Yu was resisting the marriage from bottom of his heart. He wanted to find the girl on his own which he felt would be more appropriate.

Housekeeper Hong immediately replied: “We can’t drag this matter. Other things can be dragged but not this. Xiao family has no successor! How come you haven’t paid attention to this? I have already sent people to notify master Lin that you will be visiting in few days. If you don’t go then the promise from that year will be breached and people will lose faith in word of world famous general…”

Housekeeper Hong came up with lots of reasons for Xiao Yu to go to meet his future wife. Xiao Yu almost drowned in all those reasons. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu couldn’t get angry at Housekeeper Hong. He listened with patience. The old man was like a father to him. It was undeniable that housekeeper was doing it for Xiao Yu’s and territory’s good.

Xiao Yu came up with an excuse to delay the thing so that he could discuss attack plan with Mu Lee and others. However, all of them stood aside when Housekeeper Hong told them about the marriage. They even agreed that Xiao Yu should get married and supported Housekeeper Hong’s decision. Xiao yu frowned as he couldn’t do anything. Even his sisters-in-law came in to explain Xiao Yu and advise him to get married early. Xiao Yu felt like a lone wolf who wasn’t supported by anyone.

So he decided to go to Lin family to see how his fiancee Lin Muxue looked.

Of course, he wasn’t planning to stay idle during that time. He planned to use different forces to harass Carrie’s father’s territory.

He couldn’t move Arthas and the ghouls a lot so as not to be suspected by others. He decided to use batriders, raiders and hunters for harassment as they were fast and mobile.

In short, he decided to go to Lin family. The house of the Lin family was in Shire city which was the capital of Lancaster Grand Duchy.

Patriach, Lin Weihao, was a very prominent man in the high court of that Grand Duchy. It was said that Lin Muxue even studied in the Magic Academy. It meant that he could meet Mu Han over there too. Mu Lee asked Xiao Yu to bring few things to Mu Han. Xiao Yu prepared a lot of gifts to little lolita too.

Afterwards, under the urges of different people he embarked on the road to Shire city.

Xiao Yu was using the luxurious carriage which was pulled by 8 pegasus horses. There were 50 grunts, 50 hunters, 100 footmen with him on the trip. He took Grom, Tyrande, Antonidas in addition to Leah and dragon baby.

Dragon baby had grown a lot during these past few months. It was the size of an adult wolf. However, it could change its size to become as big as a puppy to sleep in Leah’s arms. It’s strength increased as it grow bigger. Xiao Yu didn’t want to be a greenhouse flower so he had trained the dragon a lot. He actually had built a small playground where he would throw the beasts that were caught to fight with the dragon. Sometimes he would even had dragon fight against few of them.

He had healing potions so he wasn’t afraid of dragon being killed. He would just use it to cover the injuries of the dragon and let it quickly recover. Afterwards, he would throw it to fight again. Leah and Xiao Yu had arguments about this several times. However, Xiao Yu told her that he didn’t want a pet but a real dragon!

The dragon’s strength increased a lot through the brutal training. Right now, a second-rank beast wasn’t its opponent. Xiao Yu was satisfied with the results too. Otherwise, why it was called a dragon?

After the departure, Xiao Yu still did nothing but played chess with Leah or Tyrande. The days were very comfortable.

However, at first night several assassins came over to kill Xiao Yu. The hunters had found them in advance so Xiao Yu sent grunts to kill them. All the fifty grunts were at level 10 so they were equal to second-rank warriors in strength. Normal assassins weren’t their opponents.

After the last battle in the Eagle camp more than 80 grunts had reached level 10. Half of the archers had reached level 10 to. But it was difficult to break through to level 11. Once they break through those shackles they would become heroes if not then they would stay at level 10 for long time.

Xiao Yu tortured and interrogated the assassins that were caught. However, all they said that they were paid by the assassin’s guild and they didn’t know who had hired them. Even without interrogations Xiao Yu could guess who had sent those assassins. His enemies were limited for now. It could be either Carrie, Subaru or Grand Duke Simm…

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu wasn’t afraid of anything. He had so many powerful bodyguards and three heroes with him. He didn’t care unless the enemy sent a very strong assassin or warrior.

After the last battle in the Eagle camp Xiao Yu had reached level 16. He allocated 4 points to Shield of the Templar, Teleportation, Heroic Leap and Wind Walk. In addition to Xiao Yu, Grom had reached level 18, Tyrande also reached level 18. Antonidas was on level 19 after the last battle. Xiao Yu had respectively added skill points to Wind Walk, Rapid Fire, and Teleportation.

Leah’s strength continuous improved too. She had killed several bandit leaders in the last battle.

Moreover, Xiao Yu was bringing 50 improved ballistas with him. Even a fourth-rank warrior wasn’t a threat to them.

“Let’s go.” Xiao Yu waved after the dawn for them to continue the trip. Xiao Yu wouldn’t have aimed for hegemony but went back to his home if few assassins scared him.

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  1. if he can marry many girls he dont have problem XD the other girl only have to be a extra , but I am sure than papa in law isnt happy with him , for that the assesins XD

  2. Xiao Yu’s wind walk, teleportation and heroic leap already level 3 for a long term me. How can he upgrade them again?

  3. Windwalk was on of groms first skills right? and it was filled by LVL 10. How is he still putting points into that?

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