WOWFRD – Ch 137

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Chapter 137

The bandits leaders were quarreling when they found out a dark cloud on the sky swaying towards the Eagle Camp. This dark cloud covered the sun and it seemed as if the world was coming to an end. Everyone was shocked as they looked at the sky.

The bandits with sharp eyes saw that the dark cloud was composed of the flying creatures. There was a troll sitting on each creatures with a grim look on his face. Suddenly, they remembered the rumors from the last siege war where others told that they had seen flying creatures on the sky.

It seemed that it was true!

They simply didn’t know what to do as they faced so many flying creatures. It had been many years since the air units had disappeared from the continent. So there was no proper equipment to fight against such combat units. They panicked as they looked at the sky. After only few moments the Batriders reached over the bandits and began to drop the bottles full of Liquid Fire. Explosions happened and the flames filled the ground. The fire from the last night was almost extinguished but the fires began to burn once again.

The bandits screamed and fled. The ones who had experienced the last bombardment had their nerves collapse. The level of the Liquid Fire was level 5 so the effectiveness was more than double than the last time. The bandits were at a loss as they took shelters behind or under the buildings to be spared from the explosions. They knew that the bombs couldn’t blow up the buildings so it was the best place to take shelter. They shivered as they hide behind the concrete.

However, they heard roars. The ones who had experienced the last siege war knew who those roars belonged. ORCS! It didn’t take long before orcs rushed into the Eagle camp to kill the bandits. The bandits had already gone through a tough battle, had heavy casualties and were extremely tired. They began to flee when the orcs got into the Eagle camp instead of fighting against them.

Xiao Yu was standing on top of the hall of the Eagle Camp as he watched the orcs fight. He was controlling his troops from there. He believed that the Eagle camp was destroyed for good after this move.

The orcs and grunts who numbered more than 1000 were his main force. There was no other troops that were suitable to this type of battles. One orc could kill at least 10 bandits. 4000 normal soldiers from the last war had become qualified warriors after being baptized in blood. They moved in to kill the remnant bandits. The newly recruited 10,000 troops got into to kill the bandits too.

Xiao Yu knew that he had reached a victory. Now, he was planning to use the remnant bandits as a training for the newly recruited soldiers.

Raiders were part of the main force because of their high speed and mobility. They were killing countless bandits. The batriders guided the forces towards the bandits that tried to escape or hid in different parts of the Eagle camp.

Footmen always protected the archers in case bandits tried to attack them. The archers were too weak in close combat and Xiao Yu felt that it would a great loss even if 1 archer was killed.

Xiao Yu’s 500 heavy cavalry units were in action too as they killed bandits.

“Zhang Shan! You fucking bastard! You cheated us!” A man shouted out. Xiao Yu turned out to see Lightning Bao.

Bao had seen Xiao Yu standing on top of the hall and commanding orc troops. He understood that Xiao Yu was sent by the lord of the lion territory to infiltrate the Eagle camp. As he thought about it he understood the cause and effect of all his actions.

Xiao Yu tore away the beard from his face: “Zhang Shan? Do you really think that I’m Shan? Big brother Bao, sorry for the late introduction. I am Xiao Yu, lord of the Lion territory!”

“You … are you Xiao Yu?” Bao didn’t expect that Xiao Yu would be Xiao Yu. He believed that he was just a crony sent by the lord to infiltrate their camp.

At the same time, Cairne rushed in and waved his huge axe. Lightning Bao was split into two. The attacks of Cairne were too terrifying. Even higher level warriors weren’t his opponents. His body was too large and the his giant axe looked like a panel. In short, he was like a moving fortress that couldn’t be stopped. Cairne didn’t stop but roared to kill the others. He was the newest hero so Cairne’s level was lower than others. That was why he was let go free by Xiao Yu to kill as many as he could. In less than an hour all the bandits were either killed or captured. There was a smile on Xiao Yu’s face as he looked at the Eagle camp.

The Eagle camp was made many years even before the establishment of the Lion town. It could be said that they were the overlords of the northwest and plundered a lot during the last century. Xiao Yu had everything left for him now. Normally, he believed that it should have belonged to him because of taxes.

The soldiers began to cheer up after the big victory. They believed that nothing was impossible under Xiao Yu’s leadership.

At the start, Mu Lee and Captain Hui were very worried about the situation. They believed that it would be impossible to solve out bandit problem in the short term. It was just a nonsense as their forces were numbered more than 300,000. So they planned to be on defense at first and then slowly decimate the bandits within 10 years.

However, it only took few months for Xiao Yu to kill all of them and seize so many treasures. It was an unimaginable result! Xiao Yu was the person which made it possible! Xiao Yu had taken the right strategy to disintegrate the alliance and step by step kill all of them.

Moreover, Xiao Yu had personally infiltrated the bandit camp and sent news regarding their attack plans, deployment of troops, the whereabouts of troops and so on. In addition, the sudden deployment of the air units was the thing that they couldn’t even imagine in their wildest dreams.

They didn’t even think that they would have a chance to take the initiative to finish off the Eagle Camp. Xiao Yu had sent the news with Tyrande so that they had began to use the forces of the Lion territory to ambush Eagle camp in advance.

They believed that even if they had tens of thousands of troops and sieged the Eagle camp they wouldn’t be able to take it in the short term. However, Xiao Yu was able to realize even the wildest dreams. He had shown them surprises all along. Now, they began to trust and believe in Xiao Yu from the bottom of their hearts.

So… How did Xiao Yu accomplish it at the end?

He was a God.

All the soldiers including Mu Lee and Captain Hui remembered the words that Xiao Yu had said since long ago: “The gods of Orcs and Elves entrusted me them to lead their tribes to glory as I’m the greatest kind of this era!”

They looked at brave orcs, elegant archers, hunters and felt that that claim might be true.

How could Xiao Yu outperform his enemies so easily if he wasn’t the greatest king? He alone was more productive and efficient than tens of thousands of elite troops.

Everyone began to loudly shout out: “King! The Greatest King! You are our greatest King!”

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