WOWFRD – Ch 136

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Chapter 136

The battle continued as the blood covered the earth. The first rays of the sun shone. The sun was blood red while the ground too.

Subaru gradually began to stabilize his forces. He wasn’t prepared so he had faced a great loss. The other bandits had surrounded his forces who were divided into two. One force was commanded by Subaru while the other force was commanded by his confidant Pa.

Subaru wasn’t afraid of all the bandits even if they attacked him. He believed that he could kill almost all the bandit groups as long as he had his troops. However, this rebellion was too sudden and without any signs. Moreover, Subaru was feeling that the situation had stabilized in the recent days. Actually, he was working forward to control all of the bandit groups in the near future.

It was a disaster to see such problem occur at this time. All the defenses that he had were for nothing. Chaos was the worst thing that he could imagine of. More than half of Subaru’s troops were killed.

Subaru was keeping a corner. The enemy bandits had charged few times but without success. Xiao Yu asked Bao and others to bring catapults, ballistas and other siege equipment. They were going to bombard them. Subaru was forced into a corner and Pa had lost. There was no way that they could mobilize long-range equipments like Xiao Yu and others. Bao and others agreed as they sent people to pull these weapons over.

Xiao Yu personally led the attack as he commanded people to use catapults and ballistas.

“First row attack! Second row, attack.” Xiao Yu loudly shouted. The heavy fire quickly played its role. Formation of Subaru’s troops got messy. The bandits took opportunity to kill Subaru’s troops.

Subaru shouted from the other side: “Zhang Shan! You son of a bitch! I had taken you under my wing but you planned with others to harm me. Why?”

Subaru was in a state where he could peel off Xiao Yu’s skin if Xiao Yu was given to him.

Xiao Yu laughed: “Subaru, why are you blaming me? You have used variety of means to pull all of us together. You have resorted to assassination to kill other leaders. You are a despicable man. You have dealt with some today and the next day would be my turn. Naturally, I won’t sit still and wait for my demise! It’s only for self-protection.”

The other leaders praised Xiao Yu’s as he talked.

“I have never done anything! I just want to live freely and in peace in the northwest. It was you who has come to bring this utter chaos to here! Do you have any evidence?” Subaru retorted back.

Fei loudly shouted: “Subaru, do you want evidence? If not for brother Zhang’s help then I would have been killed yesterday! I’m the evidence.”

Subaru continued with his argument: “Fei I never had any plans to kill you. I have never ordered anyone.. It’s the treacherous actions of others!”

Fei replied in fury: “What about your underling Hua and other cronies? Don’t tell me that they weren’t your people too!”

Subaru shouted back: “Fei, it doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not, I haven’t ordered that hit. This is someone else’s plot. Hua was my man but I have been pondering about his actions recently… I believe he was pulled over by someone else into this conspiracy.”

Xiao Yu laughed: “Subaru, you can make any argument you want… The facts are on table. Do you think we will believe you? Leaders! Subaru is trying to delay for time… God knows what tactic he is think about now. We should kill him now and split the assests!”

Xiao Yu’s first few words were meaningless in the ears of the leaders. But his last sentence was the thing that drive them to madness. Moreover, they couldn’t retreat back now. The only choice was to kill Subaru.

All the leaders were sharing Xiao Yu’s views so they commanded their groups to attack.

Many buildings in the Eagle camp were burned. The bandits were in desperate battle in the ruins. Subaru saw that his troops were trapped and he would die too. He clenched his teeth and took a glance at Xiao Yu. Subaru used all the battle energy in his body as he leaped up to climb through the corner to break out from the place. Xiao Yu warned other leaders to seize Subaru as the man was a potential threat. However, Subaru was both strong and smart. He had planned few escape routes in advance and he followed one to get out of the place. The crowd that chased him couldn’t catch up with him.

Xiao Yu had more important things to do so he didn’t care about Subaru. The will of Subaru’s bandits crushed the moment Subaru escaped. All of them surrendered.

So, all the robbers made a victory, but when they count the results of the time, found only tragic victory. Because the loss of the robbers is also very large.

1000 enemies killed by losing 800 of your own is not a victory. This proverb was very appropriate for this situation. Initially, there were more than 100,000 bandits left in the Eagle camp. But after this desperate battle less then 20,000 were left. However, a victory was victory. Moreover, now the leaders could begin to divide Eagle camp’s fortunes that were accumulated for a century. Everything was good for the leaders as long as there was money.

The bandits began to detain the surrendered bandits. Afterwards, the leaders began to divide the treasures. Few leaders began to quarrel immediately while they began to distribute the wealth of Eagle camp.

However, no one noticed that Xiao Yu had disappeared.

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  1. I’m more interested in his reputation with the Elves.
    Did he have sex with any of his step-sisters yet? Novels can be very ambiguous sometimes so I might have missed something.

  2. How many f*king bandits are there? 100,00 was deployed to attack Lion Town and then there’s still 100,000 left in Eagle Camp? Dafuq?

    1. Back at the start of the arc, their intel suggested that they only had 100,000 but when the MC reached the camp, he realized the intel was wrong and they actually had around 200,000 with all the other bandit groups included in the number.

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