WOWFRD – ch 135

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Chapter 135

Xiao Yu made a gesture and ballistas shot few more arrows. He wanted to make sure that Subaru was dead. There was no movement after the shots. Xiao Yu waved his hand and few warriors came to kick the door and enter the place.

However, only the screams of those warriors echoed out. These warriors turned into corpses. Subaru was holding a sword which was covered in red battle energy while he looked at Xiao Yu, Bao and others.

“Hard nut.” Xiao Yu saw that Subaru was a third-rank peak level warrior who was only a step away from fourth-rank as Subaru could get away from the arrows shot from ballistas.

Xiao Yu wasn’t an opponent to such a powerful warrior. The ballistas behind them began to shoot once again. Those people using the ballistas weren’t as powerful as orcs to change the trajectory of shots in a moment. Moreover, re-filling those ballistas took a long time. In addition, those ballistas didn’t have multiple slots as they were only single-shot ones.

Subaru either used the sword to deflect those arrows or avoid them. He roared as he rushed outside to kill Xiao Yu and others. Xiao Yu, Bao and others were aware of Subaru’s strength and they had come prepared. In addition to the ballistas there were more than dozen second-rank warriors with them. However, Subaru didn’t charge on but turned around and jumped to the roof. It was an unexpected move.

The others were surprised but Xiao Yu knew that Subaru was not an ordinary bandit. He could outweight the options even in a rageful state. Subaru knew that instead of venting his anger he had to move his army to suppress the resistance.

His army would be without leadership if Subaru continued to fight with warriors in here. He knew that since they had brought ballistas to kill him then it meant that a lot of leaders were involved in the rebellion. Killing Xiao Yu or Bao wouldn’t change anything in the short-term.

Moreover, within those seconds he knew that Xiao Yu couldn’t arrange everything on his own. He believed that Xiao Yu was just a pawn who was sent to get his trust and use it against him. Nevertheless, he couldn’t think that Xiao Yu was the lord of Lion territory who had come to destroy the bandits for good.


Subaru saw that the camp was in fire and shouts of the bandits echoed from everywhere. The rebellious bandits had taken the right time to attack. Subaru rushed towards his light cavalry battalion. He had almost 50,000 light cavalry troops. He could kill the other bandit groups if he controlled them properly. He believed that bandits wouldn’t amount to anything against his elite troops.

However, he found that the stables were on fire when he came over. All the horses were running right and left in madness creating chaos.

“Bastards! Despicable tricks.” Subaru almost omitted blood at sight.

The strength of his troops would drop by half if they didn’t have horses. They were cavalry!Right now, tens of thousands horses were trampling everything and disrupting the formation of the cavalry men. It would be very difficult for him to solve out this problem.Naturally, it was Xiao Yu’s idea to set fire on stables. He knew that Subaru would rely on elite light cavalry troops to counterattack them so he had asked Bao to arrange oil and pour them near all the stables to lit at the right time. The horses which meant to be used for their advantage had become a problem for Subaru at the moment.

Subaru shouted to bring together all the cavalry men. He needed a proper formation even if they were used as infantry men.

Right now, countless bandits were rushing to kill Subaru’s men. Most of them were sleeping and were taken unexpected and without preparation. They were killed even if they were elites.

The chaos was dominant as bandits killed each other. At some point nobody could tell who was killing whom. In a matter of moments the whole Eagle camp had became hell as the blazes of flames surrounded everything.

Xiao Yu’s own 450 heavy cavalry men were fighting too. Their heavy swords killed everyone to cause more chaos. The camp was plagued in chaos. Even with Subaru’s wits he couldn’t find a good way to control the situation.

He did his best to collect the bandits that were not killed yet to storm other groups. Subaru’s bandits were well trained so they began to rush around to kill other bandits from different camps after Subaru was able to bring them together. The numbers were against them so Subaru’s elite troops received huge damage.

Xiao Yu was on the scene as he found major bandit leaders like Bao and told them to attack and kill. Moreover, he urged them to create more chaos so that they would get a chance to kill Subaru. All sides were attacking each other. The blood of the bandits had stained the whole Eagle camp.

Subaru’s commanding ability was strong but Xiao Yu wasn’t a bad commander too. He had told Bao to organize crossbowmen, archers and ballistas to attack in advance. The moment Subaru was able to organize a group of people Xiao Yu would order those crossbowmen, archers and ballistas to attack the huge numbered groups to maximize the efficiency. Subaru could only order his men to hide behind buildings or inside them. They had organized in haste so they didn’t have means to protect themselves from arrows.

Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up as he looked at chaos and confusion.

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