WOWFRD – Ch 134

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Chapter 134

Fe’s face changed when he heard Xiao Yu’s words. He looked at the people holding bows. There were several first-rank and second-rank warriors mixed with them. He had just three bodyguards with himself.

“You … you … you bastards … Subaru! He dares to act so! Isn’t he afraid of the rebellion of other leaders?” Fei knew that Xiao Yu had brought him over and he was fooled. Moreover, it seemed that there was no way out or Xiao Yu wouldn’t have acted so.

Xiao Yu laughed: “How would others know about your death? Leader Subaru would bring all the other groups under his control.. It’s not just you!”

“Yes, Fei! Who let you act so arrogant? It’s time to die” A second-order warrior spoke in a cold tone. His name was Hua and he was Subaru’s man. Fei got more angry when he heard Hua talk. Fei saw that with his three bodyguards he wouldn’t be able to escape. If he could then he would expose Subaru’s plot and join with other leaders to resist Subaru.

The problem was.. Could he flee away? Will he be able to live to join with other leaders?

“Time to … kill.” Xiao Yu shouted.

These archers aimed at Fei and his bodyguards. They were about to shoot when countless arrows were shot at them from the opposite side. Hua was shocked and he was able to shout when he felt a cold object pierce his neck. He couldn’t help but fall down. The others panicked as they didn’t know where the ambushers were. At the same time, Xiao Yu took out his tang sword and rushed over to attack them.

Whoosh~ Slash~

Dozens of bandits rushed out from the jungle. They surrendered the archers and killed them. There were few second-rank warriors mixed with those archers but what could two hands do against four fists? Fei was dumbfounded as he couldn’t understand what was going on.

Bao patted Fei’s shoulder: “Brother Fei, don’t you understand it yet? Subaru wanted to kill us all and take our troops. Thanks to brother Shan we were able to come up with a strategy to expose Subaru’s true face! Do you want to join us to kill Subaru?”

Xiao Yu had long ago planned the details with Bao. They had deliberately set this place and Bao and brought people with him to help Xiao Yu out. At the beginning, they thought that no one would believe them but now they had hard facts.

“Subaru! That damned bastard! I knew that we can’t depend on him. Fortunately, we have good brothers who helped us or we would all be dead!” Another leader who had come with Bao shouted in fury.

Actually, Bao hadn’t told them where he was taking them. He had just told other leaders that there would be a good show so they should hide and watch in silence. However, the other bandit leaders were aware of the plans when Xiao Yu and Hua began to belittle Fei.

Originally, Subaru had deliberately sent his men with Xiao Yu in case Xiao Yu dared to play a trick.

Bao shouted: “Now, there are two paths! We must kill Subaru and elect a new leader! Second, is that we scatter around and wait for either Subaru or the Lion town to kill us… Of course, there is a third way… You can choose to surrender to Subaru.” None of the other leaders wanted to join Subaru. Moreover, after Bao’s speech they knew that they had to kill Subaru.

In addition, Bao promised to divide all the treasures equally after they killed Subaru. They knew that Subaru’s background was much richer than them. The Eagle camp had accumulated wealth for more than 100 years.

As a result, all of them began to discuss a plan to kill Subaru.

Xiao Yu got back to Eagle camp when it was already dark. He directly went to Subaru’s residence and knocked the door: “Leader, please punish me!”

Subaru wasn’t asleep as he was waiting for the good news. However, he was shocked when he saw the tattered clothes on Xiao Yu: “Commander Shan, what has happened?”

Xiao Yu shook his head: “I took Fei to the designed location but archers from the Lion town ambushed us. Moreover, Fei had a magic scroll on him which he used to run protect himself. Other brothers were all killed and two were seriously injured… I brought those two back to the camp but they died half the way. I didn’t dare to bring their corpses back to let other doubt our mission.”

Subaru sighed in relief: “”Is Fei dead?”

Xiao Yu took out a disfigured head: “Leader, look.”

Subaru checked the face. It vaguely was similar to Fei’s face but it was hit with so many arrows that it was unclear.

“He died.” Subaru was doubtful. But he didn’t suspect Xiao Yu of any tricks as Subaru believed that Xiao Yu couldn’t arrange so many things.

“What’s the plan?” Subaru asked.

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment and replied: “It’s better to push his death onto Lion town. There are many good elf archers there and they can even shoot through heavy infantry armor. I can say that I went out with Fei to hunt but we were ambushed and he was killed by the elves.”

Subaru nodded: “Alright.”

Subaru was planning to send a group of people to check for the place for the traces of elves or other forces. Xiao Yu left after discussing for some time. Subaru comforted Xiao Yu and told him that he had done a great deed. Nevertheless, Subaru didn’t sleep but thought about Xiao Yu’s words. He thought if there were any flaws or if Xiao Yu hid anything.

Subaru was pondering about everything but it seemed that Xiao Yu wasn’t going to give him chance.

Subaru saw the door getting knocked once against by the dawn.

“Who is there?” Subaru asked.

“Leader… It’s me Zhang Shan! I have forgotten to report you one thing.” Xiao Yu voice echoed from the other side of the door.

“What happened?” Subaru asked from inside.

Afterwards, he saw shadows get closer to the door.

Xiao Yu spoke in panicked tone: “Fei… It seems he isn’t dead.”

At the same time, dozens of arrows pierced through the door as they were directed at Subaru’s shadow.


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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  1. this is the only recently released chapter that was actually pretty interesting, i love the intrigue, the deception. Gives the story more depth, and the MC since he can manipulate several forces at once.

  2. RIP to this noob lol. Hopefully, he can get a few more million gold coins after killing them all. Time to upgrade those bat riders and bomb on everyone lol

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