WOWFRD – Ch 133

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Chapter 133

“Haha.. Zhang Shan, I’m very pleased with you dedicated work.” Subaru looked at xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu bowed: “Leader, I’ve taken refuge under your wing so its natural for me to be dedicated. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair for me to be working for you.”

Subaru nodded: “It would be so good if everyone thought like you. However, many don’t think so. On surface they are fighting against Lion town with me but in fact they have their own plans. There are some who want to separate and split this alliance of ours.”

Xiao Yu’s eyebrows raised up: “Those people should be killed!”

Subaru’s eyes lit up as he saw the expression on Xiao Yu’s face: “You are indeed a real knight!”

Xiao Yu continued: “I follow Leader because your future is limitless. You aren’t like them and thinking only about robbery. I wouldn’t have come here if you had the same mindset. You have to unify the northwest and those that are on your way have to be killed.”

Xiao Yu took the opportunity to provoke Subaru. He wanted Subaru to give him a task to kill someone. Actually, Xiao Yu was working on a plan to make Subaru to give him such a task but it seemed Subaru came to find Xiao Yu out of his own will.

Subaru recognized Xiao Yu more as he listened to Xiao Yu’s words. He believed that Xiao Yu could be trusted with tasks.

“Shan, my goal is definitely not to end up as an ordinary bandit. I want to unify the northwest and become the king. We will swallow Wei Principality and other territories to create a huge principality of our own.”

Xiao Yu bowed: “I’m willing to die for such a cause.”

“Haha …” Subaru proudly laughed: “Shan you will be a general after I become a king.”

“Thank you, Leader.” Xiao Yu bowed as a treacherous light flashed by his eyes.

“Shan, I’ve called you over to help me with a small problem. Would you be willing to help me?” Subaru changed the topic.

Xiao Yu quickly responded: “Leader, what do I have to do?”

Subaru continued: “The leader of the Tiger bandits… Fei… He doesn’t want to surrender. His group is relatively large… His deputy has given his allegiance to me now we have to make him disappear…”

Xiao Yu replied: “We have to kill him if that’s the case.”

Subaru was happy when he saw the determined look on Xiao Yu’s face: “You will have two people help you with the arrangements.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Yes, we have to make it perfect so that no one would think he was killed.”

Subaru began to speak about the plan to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu went back to his tent. In the evening he sneaked into Bao’s residence and told him about everything.

Bao was angry: “This Subaru is a vicious bastard… Fortunately, I have met brother Shan or my end wouldn’t be no different…”

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “Big brother, don’t be polite. I hope big brother will get the seat after Subaru’s death and you won’t forget my contribution.”

Lightning Bao nodded: “You will be the second in command.”

Xiao Yu left with a smile on his face.

After few days, xiao Yu found Fei. He gave him some gifts and expressed his will to join under Fei’s wings. Fei didn’t reject neither Xiao Yu’s gifts or his intention. Fei knew that there were groups with less people who looked for patrons that could look after them.

After a few days of going back and forth Xiao Yu found Fei once again: “Brother Fei, there is something good. Would you be willing to get some fun?”

Fei smiled: “What kind of fun?”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Brother Fei, few days ago my men captured five beauties from a noble family. They are beautiful and I thought of inviting you to enjoy them… I hope brother Fei can keep this secret.”

Fei’s eyes were full of thirst and lust: “You are a real brother. Where are they now? Are they in your tent?”

Xiao Yu shook his head: “I was afraid that other leaders would come to rob them off if I brought them to the Eagle camp. They are in a location outside the camp. Let’s go and enjoy them. We can kill them or bring back as slaves afterwards.”

Fei was a bit anxious to meet the women: “Very good. You are thoughtful brother. Where are they?”

Xiao Yu looked at him: “Brother, but please don’t bring too many people. There won’t be enough meat if there are many wolves…”

Fei laughed: “This is natural.”

Fei took three bodyguards with him as they left the Eagle camp with Xiao Yu.

They rode their horses as they went towards the location.

They entered a dense forest after half an hour of ride.

Fei looked at Xiao Yu: “Brother, aren’t we there yet?”

Xiao Yu smiled: “They were robbed close by so they are still being kept in here.. in front.”

Fei nodded as he continued to follow Xiao Yu. After some time, they left their horses as they couldn’t move with them.

Xiao Yu raised his hands towards a place after a while: “Brother Fei, they are there.”

Fei nodded as he entered first with his bodyguards. Xiao Yu waved his hands the moment they went in and about ten people came out from hiding. All of them had bows in their hands.

Fei turned to Xiao Yu: “Zhang Shan, what are you doing?”

Xiao Yu laughed: “What am I doing? You have joined the camp but have been defying master Subaru’s orders! I work for the leader Subaru.. Your deputy has already agreed to work for him so I just have to kill you here and now… Afterwards, your troops will belong to Eagle bandits.”


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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