WOWFRD – Ch 132

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Chapter 132

“I’m willing to take full responsibility for the failure!” Subaru’s first sentence was to put forward that it was his mistake that they had lost that big. This statement took every leader unexpected in the room including Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but say in his heart: “This man is a talent.. We may have become friends if we weren’t on opposite sides.”

Everyone was aware that it would be weird to put the responsibility of the failure upon Subaru as the Lion town was too powerful. The bombing by the batriders was out of everyone’s imagination. What could the wisest commander do if they faced a cursed magic spell? What could the bravest commander do if he faced an atomic bomb?

Subaru disrupted plans of everyone who was going to oppose him in the meting. No one could come up with counter attack in the short term. In short, Subaru was blocking them by accepting his mistake

“This is my mistake. It was my mistake that brought us to such a defeat!” Subaru said in a sincere tone: “If you no longer trust me and want to leave the alliance then I won’t blame anyone. I’m willing to compensate with the gold coins those who want to leave. Actually, you can go and surrender to Xiao Yu as the Lion town is so powerful. You will lose your freedom but I believe Xiao Yu won’t kill you. Moreover, your fates won’t be that bad as you will be one of the first to surrender. BUT! I, Subaru, am the leader of the biggest bandit group in the northwest. We have a history over 100 years. How could I face ancestors of our group in the other world if I surrendered? I’ll push forward to beat Lion town until the last drop of my blood!”

Xiao Yu looked at Subaru as he finished first part of his speech.

Subaru was actually putting all the bandit leaders in a bind. The first option that he was putting forward was to surrender to Xiao Yu. But he was saying that xiao Yu would kill them as he couldn’t guarantee their livelihood in Lion town. Second option was to die together while trying to get rid of Xiao Yu to become the kings of northwest. The third option was to go on their own now but they would die at Xiao Yu’s hands anyway.

Xiao Yu was sure that those bandit leaders wouldn’t choose to surrender to Lion town. If they wanted to resist then they had to work under Subaru’s wings.

More than 100,000 bandits had died. Would they be able to survive on their own? At the end there was only 1 path and that was to stay and work with Subaru to resist Xiao Yu. They could go back to their own ways after victory.

All the bandit leaders looked at each other. The ones who wanted to blame and attack Subaru were silent. The biggest problem they faced was Xiao Yu.

Most of them were afraid of Xiao Yu’s magic spell. So they wondered if leaving the Eagle camp was a better option. They had a lot of money so it would be easy to find another place to start life from zero.

Subaru continued after small silence: “We failed this time because of their weapons. Most of you think that it was a cursed magic spell but I think otherwise. Would we be able to survive such a magic spell? I have met with people who had those fireballs hit them. They were able to flee back with just minor injuries and burns. It means that the strength of that magic isn’t powerful. As much as it isn’t a cursed magic spell then we will find a means to fight it back!”

All the leaders began to ponder about Subaru’s words. Actually, most of them had escaped back but had also experienced the bombing. There were few of them who had skin burns too. Would the strength of the magic spell would be so low if it was a real cursed magic spell? They came to decision that the magic used wasn’t as bad as they thought.

Subaru sighed in relief when he saw that his speech was working. The bandits wouldn’t think to continue with their attack if they believed that Xiao Yu had used such a spell.

Subaru continued: “Afterwards, I carefully recalled and analyzed everything. We lost because of the sudden attack. They wouldn’t need to send troops if it was a cursed magic spell. It proves that my guess is right. Therefore I think we have to come out with a way to deal with that small magic trick. We panicked and ran away which led to our failure. The enemy killed our troops not because of fire but their soldiers…”

Everyone began to nod and agree with Subaru. Xiao Yu praised Subaru in his heart.

Subaru glanced at everyone within the room: “You can come out and leave if you want to go. I won’t make it difficult for anyone. If you want to stay then I promise that we will avenge our brothers!”

The bandits leaders knew that they had no choice to leave. They vowed to kill Xiao Yu. Subaru’s eyes lit up at sight. Finally, he was able to firmly bring them together under his control. They continued to discuss summaries of the battle. They talked about grunts and orcs, elves and ancient protectors. They believed that they could use fire to burn Ancient Protectors in the next attack. However, they didn’t know that it wasn’t that easy to burn Ancient Protectors. Moreover, it was easy to fire a dry wood. But how much fire they had to use to burn a living tree? In addition, Xiao Yu had already prepared appropriate measure to be taken in case of fire attack.

They discussed but weren’t able to come to a definite answer about the next attack plan. However, by the end of the meeting Subaru’s power was substantially greater.

Subaru had lost 30,000 troops but at the end he was able to tightly control these bandits. After the meeting Xiao Yu returned back to his own barracks. He went to find Bao at the night. Now, he knew that it was getting hard to deal with Subaru as the man could come up with different plans for almost all kinds of situation.

Xiao Yu explained to Bao that on surface the plan was good for everyone while the true purpose was to centralize the strength in Subaru’s hands. In fact, he told Bao that Subaru would be getting rid of the bandit leaders one by one.

Xiao Yu told Bao not to act rashly but talk with other leaders. They would attack Subaru at the right opportunity. Xiao Yu didn’t believe that Subaru was a perfect man and wouldn’t make mistakes.

Subaru had to take action to properly swallow all the bandit groups. Now, Xiao Yu had to find facts to prove that Subaru was planning totally different things.

Xiao Yu began to live in the Eagle Camp. He was passing news to the Lion town through Tyrande. Moreover, he didn’t worry too much about the territory as Housekeeper Hong, Captain Hui and Mu Lee were already solving out the problems.

Subaru wasn’t going to attack Lion town now. He had to swallow the bandit groups. Afterwards he would choose to attack Lion town.

Xiao Yu didn’t stay idle either. He began to contact Subaru more trying to convince him that Xiao Yu was loyal to him.


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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    1. I’m pretty sure he meant that he lost 30k from his own forces, while the other 70k that died were from various mixed bandit groups. I remember a while ago that he said he would be ok with losing like 30% of his forces during the attack, but he was sending his weakest forces while saving up his elites.

  1. Umm can’t they just go their own way and leave the territory or even migrate to another nation? Why does it have to be enslavement, death in mc’s hand or death in honorable battle? They don’t have to die at all… They just have to give up the profitable territory of merchants road and move to another less profitable territory. They will get to keep their lives and freedom for the price of less profit… It’s not that bad of a choice really but that choice doesn’t seem to exist for some reason…

  2. Sooo….. He received 100,000 merit value right? Shouldn’t he have leveled up to 6 at least? The System is quite ridiculous with the troops limit. And Ancient Protector costing of 500,000 gold. I still think that’s too much. And last thing, i still find it ridiculous that he isn’t leveling fast with all the xp that he should be receiving for the kills that his soldiers are getting.

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