WOWFRD – Ch 131

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Chapter 131

The faces of the population of the Lion territory was covered in wide smiles after the battlefield was cleaned out. More than 10,000 troops was able to kill 100.000+ army! What kind of record it was?

Many of the newly arrived migrants were thinking about moving out from the Lion territory after the town was besieged. However, they were convinced in Lion territory, its future and its Lord after the victory.

Xiao Yu didn’t celebrate but began to mourn the soldiers that died in the war. The Monument of the Heroes in the center of the Lion town was engraved with the names of every single soldier that had died in the battle. The people of the Lion territory were stunned once again. In this era only the names of nobles were engraved in the pages of history. Who would build a monument to remember the ordinary soldiers?

Most of them didn’t even have surnames. That was why Xiao Yu ordered each soldier to be given a surname so that the family of the dead soldier could use it in the future. The people could proudly tell the name of their sons, brothers, fathers or relatives that were engraved on the monument.

The monument would stand tall as long as Lion town didn’t fall. Afterwards, Xiao Yu followed his commitment and ordered the families of the deceased soldiers to given lands to use for few years without any taxes.

This move made the population go crazy as in few days more than 30,000 people came to conscript to the military. However, Lion town couldn’t accept so many soldiers. They had to provide equipment to the soldiers which was all about money.

Nevertheless, 20,000 troops were registered as reserve troops. They were farmers but were called out to training from time to time. They would be sent to the front line in case of emergency. In addition, they had the equipment taken from the corpses of the bandits. Those equipment were good weapons and armors too. Xiao Yu was using the modern idea of having reserve troops. He believed that he could use those reserve as part of the army in the future as the Lion territory grew in size.

Men weren’t worried about death as they knew that their families would be taken care of and they would be honored in glory after their death.

Xiao yu understood that the reforms that he had plagiarized from Shang Yan were giving out results. The effects of these reforms would be much significant in the future. He believed that the road to the world domination didn’t go through the summoned warriors but form the policies that he applied. Using these policies he could convince the population that it was best to serve him rather than anyone else. Xiao Yu cremated the summoned warriors and put their ashes in respective altars in the bases. Afterwards, he ordered a day of celebration so that people could enjoy the victory.

Xiao Yu had meeting after the celebration. He explained that they had to continue to prepare for the upcoming war to annihilate the Eagle Camp. Afterwards, he went back to the hill to join the heavy cavalry team to go back to the Eagle camp.

In the past, no one believed that Xiao Yu would be able to decimate the bandits when he said so. But know everyone was full of confidence.

“Damn it! I’m back!” Xiao Yu shouted out when he saw the heavy cavalry team.

“Commander, we saw a huge fire and explosions sounds.. What happened?”

The members of the cavalry team came out to ask Xiao Yu.

There was a sullen expression on Xiao Yu’s face: “Yes. It was a cursed magic. What can we do against such a magic spell? Everyone was shocked. I believe I would have died if I didn’t run fast enough. I went into the mountains and lost my way.. I’m glad that I’m able to be back alive! Our troops were killed though…”

Xiao Yu deliberately used cursed magic spell instead of telling about batriders. He knew that even the people in Lion town weren’t aware of the batriders so he could bullshit his way through with the bandits. Moreover, everyone was thinking that a magic spell was used during the battle.

It was dark so not everyone was able to observe the batriders. Some people thought that the flames fell down from the sky.

“Everyone? All of our troops?” Heavy cavalry men were in shock.

Xiao Yu said: “I’m luck to be able to run away. I think only few could survive after such a magic spell…”

“But … ” Xiao Yu showed them the bag in his hand: “I was able to kill 51 soldiers from the Lion town. I have cut off their rights ears…” There was a proud look on his face.

There was reverence in the eyes of those heavy cavalry men. They believed that xiao Yu had shown real bravery to kill the enemy while running away. It meant that their commander was a strong warrior.

These cavalry men didn’t dare to get back on their own so they were waiting for Xiao Yu to come back. Now that xiao Yu was back they withdrew back to Eagle Camp.

The Eagle Camp was in chaos and uproar when they returned back. Subaru had come back with less than 5,000 bandits which made those bandits talk and spread rumors about the magic bombing. Vast majority of the bandits thought that it was a cursed magic spell. Only such a spell could have large range of effect. The strength of the magic spell wasn’t big and it wasn’t as effective as the cursed magic in the legends which were able to raze cities. Moreover, some had seen the creatures flying in the sky. So if it wasn’t a cursed magic spell what was it? How could those fireballs be thrown from the sky?

Actually, Subaru has been thinking about this problem since he had come back too. Originally, everything was going according to his expectations. The bandits from the other groups were used while his own bandits were left away without damage. Now though none of the 30,000 bandits he had taken had come back. Everyone he had taken were killed. This had changed his plans. He would have prestige if they had made Xiao Yu suffer. But now all the responsibility would be pushed onto him.

Subaru wasn’t worried about that too. The most problematic issue was that how come Xiao Yu had such powerful weaponry? Would he be able to beat Xiao Yu if he swallowed all the other bandit groups? Was it a one-time magic scroll? If it was a one-time scroll then Xiao Yu wouldn’t be able to get second one…

But, what if its something else? He saw shadows of few creatures in the sky… He believed that they were living creatures… If it was the case then the situation was more terrifying.

Xiao Yu went to directly see Subary when they reached the eagle camp. Subaru met with Xiao Yu and found out that nothing had happened to 1,000 heavy cavalry men.

Xiao Yu explained to Subaru the reason why he had come back late. He told him that he had lost his way, killed some enemies, find his way after a long search and they were able to come back. Subaru didn’t blame Xiao Yu as he was the first to escape from the battlefield. Moreover, Subaru comforted Xiao Yu. He told him to rest as the leaders would be having a meeting where Subaru would tell his future plans.

Xiao Yu’s actions had disrupted Subaru’s plans but he was a capable man who saw another chance in the failure. The strength of Lion territory was powerful. Subaru was planning this point to bring all the other groups under his rule for once and all.


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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