WOWFRD – Ch 130

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Chapter 130

Xiao Yu returned back to the orc base to increase the level of bombs used by the batriders to 5. In this night battle Xiao Yu got more than 100,000 meritorious service points.

In addition, he had arisen 2 levels and reached level 14. He had 4 more skill points to distribute. He enhanced Blessing of the Might to the level 3 so that his attack strength was increased by 60%. In addition, he made his Whirlwind skill reach level 3. In large group wars he could use Heroic Leap to jump in, use Whirlwind to kill enemies and Teleport or jump back.

Xiao Yu had 2 points left to use so he pondered for a while. He added 1 skill point respectively to Holy Light skill and Shield of the Templar of the Paladin. He knew that he may need to treat the wounds of the injured ones in case Uther wasn’t around. The Shield of Templar increased his defense which was guarantee of his life. As a result, both his attack and defense had reached an excellent level. He believed that he would be able to help out any hero in the battle if they were singled out by the enemies.

After appointing the skill points he checked the strength of level 5 Liquid Fire bottles. They weren’t good enough to blow away a heavy armor but their were enough to hurt ordinary people. Moreover, now if the bottles hit the head of the enemy they could kill them. Xiao Yu was very satisfied with the result.

It was the era of the cold weapons but this Liquid Fire was something which had the strength of the bombs from the WW2. Xiao Yu understood that if the level of the Liquid Fire reached 12 then they would be comparable to small aircraft bombs in strength.

The soldiers from the Lion town used one full day to clean the battlefield. Subaru had brought a lot of gold coins to give as rewards to the bandits. It happened so that the bandits ran away in despair and had left those riches to Xiao Yu. No one would have thought about taking gold coins when their lives were at stake,

Only 3 million gold coins were brought to the battlefield but they were enough to solve the financial problems of the Lion town. Xiao Yu had to buy weapons, armor, Ancient Protectors, build watchtowers and so on. All of them needed money.

Lion town paid quite a big price to defeat the bandits. About 4000 soldiers were left out of the initial 10,000 big army.

67 grunts were killed from the orcish base. They were in the front line so it was natural to recieve damage and injuries. Moreover, orcs would go berserk and wouldn’t stop until they were killed which lead to the reason why so many grunts were killed.

10 footmen were killed. Their defense was extremely powerful so it was hard for bandits to injure them. The main reason of the death of the footmen were the bandits that grabbed them while falling down from the wall or using crossbows to kill them.

11 elf archers were killed. Bandits mainly had used crossbow to kill them. Few of the elf archers were killed when they pursued the bandits. Xiao Yu knew that the close combat abilities of the elf archers were very low.

Only 2 riflemen were killed. Their height was very short so it was easy for them to escape the death. One of the dwarf riflemen were killed by the stones thrown from the catapults while the other was killed because he had separated from the main force while pursuing the bandits. As a result, that riflemen was encircled by the bandits and killed.

Qin Che had mastered the use of 50 Demolishers so the ballistas and catapults of the enemy weren’t efficient. They were the first to be destroyed during the battle. Moreover, the catapults and ballistas of the enemy had to shoot from bottom to top so their accuracy was low.

1 Kodo beast was died. 10 Raiders were killed. The raiders were responsible to pursue the bandits to the farthest distance so it was inevitable that they would receive damage.

5 shamans were killed. 2 of them were killed by the crossbows used by the enemy while the other three were killed in close combat while pursuing the bandits, The close combat abilities of the shamans was poor too.

The batriders didn’t receive any damage. Xiao Yu had ordered the batriders to fly as high as possible during the bombing. Moreover he had commanded them not to follow down to attack them. There was no loss of witch doctors as they were in auxiliary position as healers.

In short, it was an absolute victory as Xiao Yu had such a small casualty. The main reason was that the equipment he had provided to the summoned warriors was high quality. Moreover, the warriors were buffed with the skills of the heroes which increased their strength and other attributes. After such buffs a grunt could fight against 40 or 50 ordinary bandits on his own.

Almost every arrow shot by the elf archers had taken life of a bandit. No one could collect up to 300 of such level archers in the continent. Although their close combat abilities were weak but with the help of Trueshot Aura they were killing machines. Even the armors of the light infantry couldn’t spare the lives of those bandits.

In addition, Xiao Yu was mainly on defensive side. He had the advantage of the terrain which decreased the strength of the bandits. Moreover, there were Ancient Protectors at the gates who killed bandits constantly. The first use of the large-scale air units and concept of the bombing had collapsed the morale of the enemy too. Additionally, the troops of the Subaru weren’t elites but bandits.

Xiao Yu had losses but the results were overwhelmingly good. All the heroes had increased in levels too.

Xiao Yu (level 14). Wind Walk(3), Critical strike (3), Omnislash (5), Whirlwind (3), Heroic Leap (3), Sprint (2), Ice Barrie (Level 1), Teleport (Level 3), Blessing of the Might (Level 3), Shield of the Templar (Level 1), Holy Light (Level 1).

Antonidas had unlimited mana potions to drink so he had used his skills to the max to kill as many bandits as he could. As a result, he had reached level 18. Xiao Yu added four points to two different skills.

Antonidas (level 18): Frost Bolt(3), Arctic Frost (Level 3), Cone of the Cold (Level 3), Water Elemental (Level 3), Frost Nova (Level 2), Teleport (Level 1), Enhanced Water Elemental(3), cold frost (2)

Grom also reached level 17 because of the continuous killing of the bandits. Xiao Yu made Whirlwind reach full level and added to Intimidating Shout.

Grom (level 17): Wind Walk(Level 2), Critical Strike (Level 3), Omnislash (Level 5), Whirlwind (Level 3), Heroic Leap (Level 2), Sprint (Level 1) Intimidating Shout (1)

Tyrande also reached level 17. Xiao Yu added point to Aspect of the Hawk and Rapid Fire.

Tyrande (level 17): Searing Arrows(3), Beast Soul (level 1), Trueshot Aura (Level 5), Aspect of the Hawk (Level 3), Eagle Eye (Level 2), Multiple Arrows (Level 2), Rapid Fire(1)

Thrall’s level rose by 3 levels and reached level 15. Xiao Yu added Earth Shield attack and two skill points to Chain Lightning skill.

Thrall ( level 15): Lightning Chain (Level 3), Strength of the Earth Totem (Level 3), Stoneskin Totem (Level 3), Earth Elemental (Level 3), Shamanism (Level 1), Earth Shield (Level 2)

Uther had level up by 4 levels and reached 16. The experience points gained from the normal soldiers were counted to him too. Xiao Yu added skill point to Crusader Strike to enhance his attack power and upgraded Shield of the Templar skill to level 3 to promote Uther’s safety. Xiao Yu added Divine Purity to Uther to make sure that he would be able to get rid of the toxins in the future.

Uther (Level 16): Holy Light(level 3), Crusader Strike (Level 2), Shield of the Templar (3), Blessing of the Might (Level 3), Devotion Aura (Level 3), Judgment (level 1), Divine Purity (level 1).

Carine had killed numerous enemies and had reached level 14. Xiao Yu added two skill points to Cleave and 1 point to Weapon Specialization.

Cairne Bloodhoof(level 14): Shock Wave(3), War Stomp (3), Battle Roar (3), Intercept (1), Cleave (3), Weapon Specialization (1).

Warriors had leveled up in addition to the heroes. Some of the early grunts had reached level 10 so they could breakthrough from level 10 to 11 after a bit of battles and could break the shackles of warriors and become heroes. Xiao Yu was looking forward to that occasion. Most of the grunts had passed level 8 which meant that they were better than first-rank human warriors. Imagine an army made out of first-rank human warriors.

Several elves had reached level 10 while most of them were at level 9. They had precision shooting and multiple arrows skill which made them godly shooters. The strength of their arrows were comparable to small ballistas.

Footmen had reached level 6 too. Their defense was extremely powerful. However, they weren’t as good as orcs or elves when it came to attacks. Nevertheless, they were indispensable part of Xiao Yu’s troops. They could stand forward to suppress the attack of the enemy and protect the long-range forces. They had three skills which they could learn. Shield Block, Shield Slam and Shield Wall.

The grunts were offensive while footmen were defensive part of the army.

The upgrade of the riflemen were low because of their low level of accuracy. An average riflemen had reached level 6. However, Xiao Yu wasn’t anxious. After reaching level 10 their would learn Scattered Shooting skill which would increase the efficiency of their shots by multiple times.

The first two skills of the riflemen were Precise Shooting (which enhanced the precision of their shoots by certain degree) and Stoneskin (which covered their bodies with stone. Their speed reduced but their close combat strength enhanced a lot. They could kill an enemy with a punch.)

Hunters had killed a lot of enemies too. Vast majority of the hunters were on level 7 while some were left in level 6. Their first skill made them possible to use their blades as boomerangs. Their second skill Beast Soul increased their resonance with their leopards. Their third skill was called Sentry. They could leave sentries on different locations and detect the enemy if they passed within a certain range. Xiao Yu was looking forward for them to reach level 10 as he would be able to use ten hunters to gather intelligence from much bigger area with ease.

Batriders, Raiders, Shamans and even Kodo beasts had reached level 3. It was a large battlefield and not much of experience points were needed to pass the first three levels.

The skills for the Raiders were: Ensnare, Re-Slash and Wolf Unity.

Shaman’s skills were: Bloodthirsty, Lightning shield and purification.

Shamans could use blood-thirst to enhance the strength of the orcs.

Kodo Beast’s skills were: Stomp, sprint, devour.

The witch doctors had Treat, Trap and Sentry skills. However, Xiao Yu used them to heal the orcs. It was because of this powerful force that Xiao Yu could kill more than 100,000 people with so small casualties on his side. HE believed that if he could come up with smart strategy then he would able to deal with the bandits with 4000 summoned warriors that he had.


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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