WOWFRD – Ch 13

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Chapter 13

“Master, why are we taking 5000 people? I can flatten than that town with only 2000 soldiers.” A bearded man looked at the blonde youth sitting gin the carriage.

“Hammer, what do you know? Do you think that his master is attacking Sky Lion territory just for that girl? I want that territory! The troubled times is coming and this territory is the best place to establish a base. We can slowly develop it.” The blonde youth was drinking bright red wine. His eyes narrowed as he enjoyed the drink.

He was fantasizing about breaking into the town. He would see people surrender and beauties in his arms.

“Yes. Yes. Young master is wise. We can establish a base in here far away from the curious eyes.”

If Xiao Yu was here then he would recognize that this blonde youth was his enemy, Carrie.

Rows of soldiers were walking behind his luxurious carriage. There was an arrogant expression on the faces of these soldiers. They thought that they had already won the battle. In their perspective, there wasn’t going to be a real battle and the other side would surrender very easily.

They were worried that their swords wouldn’t taste blood by the end of the battle.

At noon, Carrie’s troops were about ten miles from the Lion town.

“What about that little girl?” Carrie asked.

Dotu, the head of the army, answered: “Rest assured young master. I have implanted spies in the town and they have said that the girls haven’t left the town.”

Carrie nodded in satisfaction. The vicinity of the Lion town was a desolate land. There was no vegetation and Carrie was able to see the walls around the town from afar.

At the same time, Xiao Yu was looking at the other side as he stood on top of walls.

“It seems they have brought a lot of people.” Captain Hui looked at the crowded army of the enemy. He didn’t expect Carrie to bring so many people over.

“It doesn’t matter. They will all end up as fertilizers.” Xiao Yu looked at the distant black spots and talked in a lofty manner. He was confident as he had elite orc warriors and elf archers by his side.

“Are these mercenaries reliable?” Captain Hui looked at the orc warriors and elf archers who were covered in cloaks. There was a trace of doubt in his heart.

Captain Hui thought that Xiao Yu was too young. He didn’t know the background of the mercenaries and he may have led wolves in the den. Captain Hui had followed Xiao Zhan Tian for many wars and seen many things.

He wasn’t doubtful about the combat effectiveness of the mercenaries. But the problem was that how could 400 mercenaries act against 5000?

“They are here.” Tyrande reported to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu nodded and took the glass of red wine from the table. He slowly sipped from the glass and put it back on the table. Xiao Yu had taken the red wine that his father had collected. He was drinking and enjoying wine on top of the wall while Tyrande stood on his left and Grom stood on his right.

Xiao Yu wasn’t a military strategist but he knew about psychological tactics. He didn’t have much of an experience in wars but he had seen a movie and read a novel to know that he had to use psychological tricks to capture hearts of his people. On one hand, he was trying to confuse Carrie while on the other hand he was trying to show to his people that their Lord was full of confidence.

In fact, hunters had long detected and sent intelligence reports about the arrival of troops of Carrie when they appeared 30 miles away.

The hunters could use stealth mode and stay invisible. Moreover, they had leopards as mounts which meant they could move rapidly. He could use them to gather and send information from long distance in the future when they reached higher levels.

However, it required elf hunters to reach at least level 10.

Carrie’s army reached a distance where Xiao Yu was clearly able to see Carrie’s figure. At the same time, Carrie also saw Xiao Yu.

“Xiao Yu! I didn’t think that you would be safe and sound after the last beating!” Carrie smiled and said.

There was a mage by his side which made sure that Carrie’s voice echoed out and reached the town.

“You may have a mage by your side but you will face tragedy.” Xiao Yu touched his nose. He didn’t have a mage so he couldn’t echo his voice like Carrie. However, he didn’t want to shout out loud as it would affect the gentleman’s appearance he had. So he used his right hand to raise the glass of red wine and moved it towards Carrie. At the same time, Xiao Yu stretched out his left and formed a fist. Afterward, he raised his middle finger up.

Xiao Yu had an elegant smile on his face as he sent the clear message.

Carrie’s face turned livid and he got angry. The glass on his hand fell to the ground.

“Attack!” Carrie shouted.

Carrie was planning to use rhetoric to ridicule Xiao Yu but that middle finger of Xiao Yu had made him angry.

“I’ll get the town and I’ll play with your sisters-in-law in front of you. I’ll make them slaves and let everyone to play with them!” Carrie whispered.

Carrie didn’t have battle experience. But his family had prepared ladders and catapults in order to break through the walls of the town.

“Geez! Those catapults must have cost a lot.” Xiao Yu saw the troops pushed the ten meter long catapults.

He didn’t have anything to attack such big catapults. Moreover, he didn’t have a mage to attack those machines from distance.

Xiao Yu had also thought about the production of Orcish Demolishers and Elven Glaive Throwers.

However, he needed 2000 meritorious service points and 50000 gold coins in order to be able to develop them. That’s why Xiao Yu had abandoned the idea.

Captain Hui’s face changed when he saw the catapults. He was clear that the walls of the Lion town wouldn’t be able to withstand attacks from those catapults.

They would be massacred once the walls of the town broke out and Carrie’s troops rushed in. Originally, Captain Hui thought that they could surprise the enemy by relying on extra four elite soldiers brought by Xiao Yu.

However, his plans were upturned when he saw the catapults.

Captain Hui knew that they had no way to stop the attack of 5000 soldiers. The same moment, despair began to take over in his heart. The soldiers of the Lion town were trembling as they held onto their weapons.

At this point, it was only Xiao Yu who was able to keep his demeanor. Grom and Tyrande weren’t human beings but they were born warriors! They didn’t know what fear was. Xiao Yu poured wine into another glass and handed to Captain Hui: “Captain Hui, try this. It is from my father’s collection. It would be a pity not to drink it.”

Captain Hui gently sighed as he grabbed the wine cup and drained it one go. He said: “Today we are going to die in here. It is the best place to be our graves.”

“What has happened to you Uncle Hui? Why are you so frustrated? Why are you talking about graves? Look how wonderful the world is, how fresh the air is!” Xiao Yu looked at Captain Hui.

Captain Hui was very puzzled as he looked at the confident expression on Xiao Yu’s face. There were two reasonable explanations. Either Xiao Yu had a problem in the head or he had a way to cope up with the crisis.

What did Xiao Yu rely on? Only on 400 people? Could these 400 resist an army of 5000?

Carrie’s army was rushing towards the Lion town. The footsteps of soldiers echoed around the wilderness.

“KILL!” The commander of the enemy shouted as countless soldiers charged carrying ladders. They were about to start climbing the walls of the town. The roars of 5000 filled the whole sky.

However, sharp sounds echoed out the next moment. The enemy soldiers looked up to see arrows cover the sky.

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    1. Also ambush is impossible without enough troops. He doesn’t have enough troops to ambush enemy anywhere other than the city itself.

    2. The area is barren and the mountains are so far that the mc needs a horse to get there… thus no ambush

  1. Or send out hunters to attack the artillery. Basic tactics my God. I know the author likes orcs but human faction would be the best with formation and guns.

  2. i wish the his “game power” would also implement getting gold for killing enemies (bounty system in warcraft)

    go go elven archers! thank you for the chapter!

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