WOWFRD – Ch 129

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Chapter 129

The bandits who were awake didn’t know what was going on. They didn’t expect that Lion town would have such a big group of flying monsters.

It was very difficult to tame flying creatures in this world. Only families with special techniques or large powerhouses could tame them. However, at best they would have dozens of flying creatures but not this much. It has been thousands of years since countless flying creatures were used to fight in the battles.

Batriders began to drop the Liquid Fire bottles as the bandits began to ring the bells to alarm the others.

Boom~ Boom~

Sounds of explosions bursting out echoed. It was a spectacular scene to see thousand batriders bomb an area. It seemed as if a magic spell was used to put the area into the flames.

Xiao Yu had ordered the Batriders to bomb as big area as they could. He had told them not to focus on killing as the key in this situation would be huge explosions and burning flames. It was unrealistic at this point for the Liquid Fire to kill people. Xiao Yu had tested those bottles and came to decision that their power wasn’t good.

The main purpose of the Liquid Fire was to burn a region. They were like high powered firecrackers from Xiao Yu’s past life. Nevertheless, they weren’t good enough to kill people at this point. It was simply impossible. This low-level Liquid Fire wouldn’t be able to fry dead a person even if the enemy didn’t wear an armor. At best, they would give skin wounds. This result had discouraged Xiao Yu at the beginning.

Fortunately, Xiao Yu found out that the Liquid Fire bottles could be upgraded. Right now, the batriders used the most primary ones so their strength was low. However, it would change as the Liquid Fire bottles upgraded. Xiao Yu believed that this bottles would be much more useful after the upgrades.

However, to upgrade them Xiao Yu had to use meritorious service points. Xiao Yu was fifth-level commander so the maximum that he could upgrade the Liquid Fire bottles was fifth level. However to promote the bottles from first to 4th level he needed 10,000 merit points for each level. To upgrade from 5th to 8th level he needed 20,000 while from 9th to 12th level Xiao Yu needed 40,000 merit points. Xiao Yu’s meritorious service points wasn’t much so he had only raised the level of Liquid Fire bottles to 2.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu knew that he would be using the 1st ever large-scale use of bombing in this era. He knew that the effect of the bombing would be much greater than actual damage. The confusion and psychological demoralization was enough for him.

The furious fire and loud noise of the explosions would affect any creature let alone humans. Moreover, the humans of this era hadn’t seen such weapons in ages. In addition, they didn’t have any idea about trench warfare where shelters were made in advance as safe-houses from such attacks. The bandits began to escape as fast as they could when they saw hell like scene in front of them.

The bandits knew that only cursed and banned magic spells could make such large-scale flames pour down from the sky. They couldn’t imagine anything else making this.

As a result, most of them thought that a banned magic was in use so they began to escape. They had lost any will to resist. Some of them couldn’t even have courage to escape as they hid in the tents or under the tables while shivering in fear. The bandits would trample each other or push each other while they tried to escape.

Even Subaru was shocked when he saw the fire and explosions. He didn’t know what as happening. Subaru was an excellent commander and a wise man. However, how could he understand that hot weapons were used? He was much sturdier than the rest of the bandits but even Subaru didn’t have any will to resist. He turned around and used his battle energy to escape as fast as he could. Xiao Yu was using subversion tactics so the power of the bombing was too bizarre for them. Moreover, the bombing began in the night while vast majority of robbers were sleeping. They felt as if they were seeing a nightmare when they suddenly woke up.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he looked at the bandit camp. The bombing had the effect which he was thinking of.

“Charge! Kill!” Xiao Yu commanded when the first round of bombing finished.

The enemies had lost will to resist. They were like tilted building which would fall if touched. So it was the best time to attack.


Orcs roared while they were lead by Cairne and Grom. They rushed in first. The bandits were much more shocked when they saw orcs infiltrate the camp. It wasn’t a battle but one sided slaughter. The will of the bandits had collapsed and their commander was missing. The only choice they had was to escape. Instead of battle there was cat and mouse chase. The bandits who were slow either got killed or captured.

Many bandits choose to surrender at this point.

Xiao Yu’s troops pursued the enemies for dozens of miles. They killed countless bandits while captured a lot of them as slaves. Batriders went back to the base to get more ammunition and came back to bomb once more.

At dawn when the sun rose there were countless corpses of bandits throughout dozens of miles. Subaru was able to flee back with less than 5000 bandits.

Only 5,000 was able to get back out of 100.000 bandits troops. It was a bigly win. The Raiders and Hunters had shown excellent performance during the battle. Their mobility was used to the maximum. The Raiders were much more effective. Their wolves would howl as they attacked the bandits. The bandits who heard the howls of the wolves would lose their spirit.

Moreover, Raiders wouldn’t completely kill the bandits. They would generally chop or slash as best as they could then continue to pursue another enemy. The seriously wounded bandits would be left for the other forces to kill them.

Xiao Yu ordered not to chase the rest while to kill the bandits and begin to plunder them.

Xiao Yu knew that the bandit leaders were mostly warriors. Even though the battlefield was chaotic he believed that they would have fled away easily.

Lion town soldiers began to clean the battlefield. Most of them wondered about the origin of the flying creatures that had helped them during the night. Moreover, the thing that those flying creatures used to explode the ground was another topic which had arisen their curiosities.

Were they small dragons? How did Xiao Yu got so many dragons?

Captain Hui and Mu Lee were stunned too. They still didn’t know what kind of creatures were used.

Xiao Yu had told them that they would have tens of thousands of reinforcements. Now, it seemed that he had lied. But it was true that those creatures were as powerful as tens of thousands of troops.

Now, Xiao Yu was back in the Lion town while Captain Hui and Mu Lee were organizing the troops to clean the battlefield.

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  1. I don’t understand how such a big fire can’t kill anyone? If it wasn’t as big as the author states than why would they get so panicky from a little fire that can’t even burn people? I mean fire is fire and a molotov coctail can easily burn someone to death. But somehow these fire bombs are so powerless they can’t even kill people yet somehow they also can create huge fire? Isn’t this a contradiction? If it can create a huge scary fire then it obviously can also burn people to death no? o_O

    1. N0xiety, you forget that this is happening in the world of Azeroth. In wc3 a single batrider would have had to throw quite a few firebombs to kill even one peasant not to mention a footman or a bandit. There’s quite a few things in this novel that sound weird if you take them into normal world but work perfectly fine in Azeroth if you are familiar with it.

    2. we humans cannot understand how strong these demons of Azeroth are lad, their skin cannot be burned by such weak things. Even a peasant is strong

  2. Tahnks for the chapter. Strange that the flame bombs can create a huge fire but somehow at the same time not kill anyone. though. Also RIP salary.

  3. Comment*o men i heat to come. the final release
    i love for ones to read a novel that i like to finish
    i have to drop this one for a year or so
    i will read it if I’m alive then

  4. Now the author is concerned about rations? Kinda late for that mate. Thank you for the continued translations.

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