WOWFRD – Ch 128

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Chapter 128

It was within Subaru’s calculations to lose about 70% of the current bandits that had come to siege the Lion town. So he wasn’t worried about losing half of the troops. However, the situation wasn’t going according to his expectations.

First of all, he want to get rid of few bandits leaders to reduce the resistance. But his plan couldn’t be fully implemented as Xiao Yu had talked with Bao and vast majority of bandit leaders were still alive. IT meant that they would return back to the Eagle camp to lead the rest of their troops. Secondly, Subaru was planning to make a fatal blow to Lion town through this battle and make them so that they were at the brink of collapse. But the strength shown by the Lion town was beyond his calculations. The orcs, elves, ancient protectors and others were much powerful than he thought them to be. Now, even if he swallowed the rest of the bandit groups there was no guarantee that he would be able to sweep through the Lion town.

As a result, Subaru didn’t know what to do next. Should he go with decimating the bandits? Or should he take advantage of the numbers and attack Lion town?

The Lion town was much tougher than he imagined so he had to make some changes to his original plan.

“Siege! I have to siege the Lion town and don’t attack for some time. The nearby farmers and population have moved into the town so the food won’t be enough in the long-term. They would be finished if we continue to siege the town for another 6 months.” Subaru came to a decision.

Actually, he had come up with a nice solution. The number of the soldiers within the Lion town wasn’t much so he knew that they wouldn’t come out to fight them at this point. Now, the town was using their walls as a protection while bandits lost a lot trying to attack the town. Secondly, Lion town didn’t have much of a history. Even though they had recruited a lot of people but Subaru believed that their food storage wasn’t large enough to cover the needs of the population for long time.

It was undeniable that Subaru had keen eyes. He could find the weak spot of the Lion town and use the most appropriate strategy to make them come out to fight him.

In addition, Subaru could mobilize the elite troops from the camp and decimate the Lion town in one swoop after some time. At the beginning, he didn’t put Lion town in his eyes. But right now he knew that he had to get rid of this problem as soon as possible.

As a result, Subaru ordered the bandits to stop attacking and just siege the town.

Captain Hui and Mu Lee’s face changes when they saw the strategy Subaru was implementing. They were more clear than Subaru that Lion town couldn’t stay as is for a long siege. There were secret passages to the outside but they couldn’t bring supplies to so many people relying on those secret passages.

There were no suitable grounds to grew crops in the town. How could Lion town supply food to so many people in the long term? Lion town was expanding rapidly before the attack of the bandits. It seemed good but now this advantage had become a huge burden. The most worrying issue was that the migrants were new to the Lion town and didn’t have a sense of belonging to the place. It would be natural for chaos to occur if there wasn’t food for them to eat.

Captain Hui and Mu Lee were in a bind as they couldn’t find a solution. They just saw Xiao Yu stay calm, grin from ear to ear as he molested the his sisters-in-law.

They couldn’t help but think about if Xiao Yu had a trump card.

“Lord, what are we going to do?” Mu Lee was worried.

Xiao Yu lazily replied: “No need to be worried. We will get rid of them.”

Mu Lee frowned: “Lord, we don’t have enough forces to fight them. Your orc warriors are strong but we have lost about 4000 soldiers. There are about 60000 to 70000 bandits left. We can’t leave the walls to fight them.”

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes: “We will get rid of them completely. Do you want to make a bet? We will bet on your monthly salary.”

Mu Le couldn’t help but smile. His family would be killed let alone his monthly salary if the Lion town was lost. He replied: “I bet.”

Xiao Yu laughed: “You will lose. Tell the soldiers to rest for two days. We will attack on the night of the third day. You will see a huge surprise.”

Xiao Yu looked at Camilla as he spoke. She was wearing a summer clothing. She looked back in a provocative manner. It was as if she was saying if you dare come at me. Xiao Yu felt his blood boil.

Mu Lee and Captain Hui were full of doubts as they saw Xiao Yu’s actions. However, they choose to believe that Xiao Yu would make another miracle after three days.

Mu Lee had seen the orcs to fight the battle with minimal damage. He believed that with such an army they could sweep through the world.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye. Subaru ordered the bandits to get close to the Lion town and cuss at them. They were provoking the soldiers to leave the town walls to fight with them like real men. Xiao Yu ordered the patrols on the wall to ignore those bandits.

Ancient Protectors slowly moved away from the gates on the night of the third day. The soldiers were arranged in neat rows as they were ready for the attack. Xiao Yu had told them in advance that there would be a strong force that would support them and the quantity of the supporting troops was more than the bandits. They would be able to wipe out all the bandits in one go.

The soldiers were very convinced because of Xiao Yu’s continuous victories. “It’s no wonder that Lord has been so relaxed as there is a large army….”

All the human soldiers were blessed by Uther. Thrall had blessed orcs too. The Kodo beasts were in the rows with the orcs. Cairne and Grom were at the front as they would be the ones to initiate the charge.

The troops began to slowly and silently move out of the Lion town. The hunters were a step before them as they moved to find the scouts from the bandits side and kill them. It made it so that the bandits wouldn’t be aware of their move until it was too late.

The hunters were riding leopards but they were silent and could use the darkness to stay invisible. Would normal bandit scouts be their opponents? Moreover, no one thought that Xiao Yu would dare to attack them. After all, the gap in the number of the troops was too large. Subaru and others believed that even if Lion town attacked they would have the upper hand.

Subaru believed that Lion town would make the final blow when the supplies wouldn’t be enough to feed the population. He didn’t expect that Xiao Yu would attack just after three days.

The troops stopped about 2 miles away from the bandit camp. 1100 orc warriors were in the front as Kodo beasts were mixed with them. Footmen and 6000 normal soldiers were located in the back.

Elf archers, dwarf riflemen and shamans were between the orcs troops and humans to provide long-range support. The hunters were wandering around and were responsible for protection of the long-range forces. Raiders were behind them and were ready to rush in after the orcs charged in.

Everyone was ready as they looked at Xiao. They wait for orders from him. There was a mysterious smile on Xiao Yu’s face as he told them to stand by.

It didn’t take long before the troops heard buzzing sounds echo from the distant sky. It was as if group of bees were waving the wings.

Soon they saw huge birds fly over them. The soldiers were shocked as they looked at those strange birds.

“What are those?”

The fear would burst in the hurts of the humans when they saw things that were alien to them.

Xiao Yu could imagine what kind of shocking effect those Batriders would have on enemies when he saw his own people act so.

Xiao Yu had prepared 1000 Batriders in advance so that the bombing would play a shocking role in the battlefield.

The patrolling bandits saw the Batriders when they were very close to them. They shouted in panic to alarm the rest but it was too late.

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  1. Author talks about the food problem but never thinks about the bandits food problem? 100k bandits would need altleast 50 tons of food every day… And about 500 tons of water to be carried into camp every day for drinking and hygiene needs… That would require something like 500 carriage supply line for their every day needs… But where is all that food coming from? That’s another problem… All the villagers are already in the city and bet your ass they collected all their crops… There is no food in the territory and this bandit is counting on waiting for 6 months? Are they buying the food from other countries or something? Dafuq? That’s such a huge supply line it’s crazy… Surely they didn’t collect 6 months worth of food that’s like 10k tons of food… Firstly the territory doesn’t even have that much people they could plunder from… There weren’t even villagers they could get the food from… The math just doesn’t add up but somehow author only thinks about the food problem on the mc’s side but bandits are completely fine with their huge number that surpasses the whole Leon city population combined with all the soldiers by like 3 times…

    1. Simple: This is the combination of many groups, so no doubt they all had their own supplies hidden away to begin with. There is also the probability of bandit little cities like the one the MC raided early on in the story, where the bandits had their family and friends and their camp became a small city, with farms and everything.

      And furthermore, the more likely possibility, is the MC enemies supplying the bandits. We already know that Carrie’s father and an enemy kingdom have sponsored bandit groups in his region. This was estabilished in previous chapters. Hell, even recently the MC reached the conclusion that someone was behind Subaru, since there was no way he could have gotten all those horses on his own.

      It is likely that they do have a supply train delivering shit to him behind their lines to Subaru by whoever is his patron.

  2. “Energy. Power. My people are addicted to it… a dependence made manifest after the Sunwell was destroyed. Welcome to the future. A pity you are too late to stop it. No one can stop me now! Selama ashal’anore! ”

    “Perhaps I underestimated you. It would be unfair to make you fight all four Advisors at once, but… fair treatment was never shown to my people. I’m just returning the favor.”


    -Prince Kael’Thas Sunstrider

  3. Yeah lmao how will the bandits survive with no food or water as well? Well, time to die anyways lol

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