WOWFRD – Ch 127

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Chapter 127

Lion town stabilized the situation with the help of the Ancient Protectors. The greatest role of the Ancient Protectors wasn’t their huge bodies or attack strength but their stone throwing ability. The Ancient Protectors were much powerful that Demolishers or catapults when it came to throwing stones. The Ancient Protectors could even use the huge stones to attack air units.

Xiao Yu had used workers to bring a lot of stones before the war so that they had enough supply of huge stones for ancient protectors and demolishers.

Now, 50 Demolishers and 5 Ancient Protectors were able to suppress countless bandits.

The bandits had almost lost 40,000 people. Although they had more than 100.000 people but it was a big number. Nevertheless, it was still within the red line of Subaru. His aim was to swallow all the bandit groups so he made sure that those bandit groups lost a lot of people while his own losses were below 20%. The situation would be completely different when they went back to the Eagle Camp.

In addition, he had secretly assassinated bandit leaders so that it would be much easier to swallow those groups.

However, there was a big problem now. At the beginning he thought that Lion town was weak. He believed that he would be able to get rid of Lion town very easily after bringing all the bandits under his control. Now, it seemed that it would be very difficult to beat Lion town after integrating all the bandits.

As a result, Subaru had to re-consider his plans regarding attack strategy. He had to come up with another strategy to greatly weaken Lion town before giving the fatal blow. However, the main question was that would he be able to get rid of Lion town if he controlled all the bandits?

The attacks continued for the next few days. Subaru didn’t plan to make deployment of fresh troops back from the Eagle camp as he had yet to consider his personal interests. The problem was that he wasn’t aware that Subaru was giving opportunity to Xiao Yu to produce new warriors.

Xiao Yu was already using shamans as long-range support to the troops. Shamans were able to use lightning bolts at this point but the attacks were very powerful when 300 of them used at the same time. Moreover, to some extent the shamans were taking off the pressure from the elf archers.

Shaman’s could use Lightning Shield, Bloodlust and Purge skills. However, their level was low so they were only able to use Lightning Bolt skill.

The witch doctors were integrated into the troops too. Their attacks were low but they were excellent in treating the grunts and orc warriors. The life of orcs and grunts were more secure because of simple treatment from witch doctors and healing potions.

The ordinary orcs burst in excitement when they saw witch doctors and shamans. They saw the revival of orcs that were almost extinct in last few milleniums. There were scarce number of shamans and witch doctors in the real world.

There were 1000 batriders in the orc base which have yet to come out to the battle. Xiao Yu knew that the first large-scale use of air units would cause a huge panic and bring down the morale of the bandits. But after a few times the enemy would be used to such attacks. That’s why he had to use batriders as a final blow in order to wipe out the enemies without difficulty.

Moreover, Raiders were still in the orc base too. He would make use of them in the final battle. They would be like wind as they would take the lives of the bandits.

Xiao Yu had lost already 20 Kodo beasts in the battlefield. However, they were great encouragement to the orcs during the battle.

Use of Kodo beasts, totems and battle roars of the heroes almost doubled the strength of the orc warriors. Originally, the strength of the grunts were already extreme. Now, they almost reached the strength of a second-rank warriors. What does it mean to have 1000 grunts who had the strength of a second-rank warrior?

The corpses of the bandits were stacked around the town.

Cairne had reached level 11. Xiao Yu gave him T1 armor set. Cairne was like a fortress that charged on constantly. He could charge into an enemy battalion without a thought.

In fact, Cairne was guarding the gates with Grom and Two Ancient Protectors at the beginning. However, he would charge by using his Shock Wave and War Stomp skill. Then he would swing his huge axe to kill the enemies. Cairne would retreat back to Ancient Protectors side to resist the enemies when the enemy outnumbered him.

Cairne was more bloody and violent in comparison to Grom’s fighting style.

Cairne had another 3 skills which could be learned after he reached level 10.

Cleave (Up to level 3). Tauren Chieftain would horizontally swing his weapon to a row of enemies. The damage would increase by 20% on each level.

Intercept (up to level 2). Tauren Chieftain would rapidly charge at enemy. The skill would cause dizziness and injury to the enemy. The range and damage would increase by 20% on each level upgrade.

Weapon Specialization (up to level 5). The damage and flexibility of the Tauren Chieftain’s weapon attacks enhance by 20% on each level upgrade.

The skills of the Tauren Chieftain were close-combat attacks.

Now, the skills learned by the Cairne were: Shock Wave ( level 3), War Stomp (3), fBattle Roar (level 3), Intercept (level 1), Cleave (level 1).

Xiao Yu would occasionally disguise as bandit and get into the enemy camp. He would find Lightning Bao and warn him regarding Subaru. He told him many times not to personally fight in the battle. Otherwise, Subaru may take the advantage to kill him.

Bao told him that several bandit leaders had died in the battlefield. Moreover, no one knew about the specifics of their deaths.

Bao had a bandit in his group who was good at autopsy. Bao had secretly told him to check one of the corpses. The result was that the bandit leader was killed from back while his body was made so that it seemed as if he was attacked from front.

Xiao Yu knew that if he gave Subaru the time then he would sooner or later swallow all the bandit groups. It was an unfavorable situation for him so Xiao Yu was interested in these bandit leaders to stay alive. Xiao Yu still had opportunity to win as long as Subaru didn’t swallow all the groups into one.

It could be said that Xiao Yu and Subaru were playing their own games. Subaru was doing it in the daylight while Xiao Yu was acting in the shadows of the darkness.

Bao began to warn leaders close to him about the result of the battles and told them to stay away from the battlefield. At the same time, Bao began to spread rumors that Subaru was deliberately killing the bandit leaders in the battlefield.

The strength of rumors was huge. The recent deaths of the leaders made it so that these rumors spread east and west. Subaru was annoyed when he the rumors reached his ears. How could people know about his secret actions?

Another half a month passed. Subaru still made bandits to attack on daily basis. The strength were exhausted from both sides which was to his best interests. However, almost half of the bandits were killed.

Subaru didn’t mind the numbers as he believed that Xiao Yu’s strength was depleting too. He certainly had to go for losses if he wanted to get Lion town. He could bring back his elite troops afterwards to demolish the Lion town in one go.

In fact, Subaru’s calculations were wrong. A lot of soldiers died from Lion town. But most of them were newly recruited soldiers. The warriors summoned from the game system were still intact. The orcs were blessed with totems and other buffs while witch doctors treated them. It reduced the mortality rate. Elves were in the back so they weren’t injured or wounded. The footmen used shields and their defense was tough. Their rate of death was low too.

Moreover, the bandits would cut the heads of other dead bandits and bring them back to the camp. Subaru’s statistics had a flow because of this. Subaru was strict about his rules that no one should bring the heads of other bandits for rewards. But there were many bandits who took the risk to get the money.

Xiao Yu was also thinking about final counterattack as he pondered about the situation. He knew that if he relied on Lion town’s strength then he was courting death by such a thought. However, he had 1000 air units now and the situation was completely different. This people haven’t seen the strength of air attacks so they didn’t know what was going to happen.

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    1. The food is just raining down from heaven… Tbh it should have been a literal nightmare to feed more than 100k man army… If mc just somehow burned their food supply the war would have been over in days

        1. I was about to comment on the exact same thing.
          To get through the cringe that this novel is presenting me I just think; “Well . . . Magic?”
          It’s a fantasy world after all.

  1. Why isn’t he burning down Subaru’s fort with the fire bombs for the air units? He could have burned all of Subaru’s men already. Then keep harassing them as they make their way to Mc fort.

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