WOWFRD – Ch 126

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Chapter 126

The serious loss was made to bandits because of the sudden attack. In addition, the bandits were charging to they couldn’t withdraw so easily. Xiao Yu had assigned grunts and orcs to the first defense line so it was almost impossible for the bandits to seize a location on the walls. The bandits moved back after they lost thousands of companions.

    Cairne showed a heroic performance. It’s massive body scared to death the bandits. It’s huge axe was able to kill few enemies with a single wave. Cairne reached level 5 after the night attack. The upgrading was much easier in such a big battlefield. It wasn’t the same situation where Xiao Yu attack those bandit camps. At the time, there would be only few hundred bandits in the camp but now the bandits were everywhere.

    Xiao Yu added two skill points to Shock Wave skill which reached to the max level and 2 points to the War Stomp skill. These two skills would be exceptional in this large battlfield.

    Subaru withdrew the bandits since the effect of surprise didn’t play much. His purpose was to wear down the strength of bandit leaders but he couldn’t go overboard.

    Subaru began to give compensation to the bandit leaders after two siege attacks caused huge losses. He spent tens of millions of gold coins which dazzled the bandit leaders. The blood of bandit leaders was boiling. They wanted to pull the other half of their groups from the Eagle camp and use them in the battlefield. They believed that they could recruit more bandits in the future. However, they ignored the fact that after their people died they wouldn’t have the ability to protect their wealth.

    The bandits who were able to cut off the heads of their enemies got more lucrative rewards. Subaru knew that they won’t be able to capture the Lion town but he wanted to as much as damage he would until he swallowed all the camps into his own. He was ready to see 1:5 damage rate as long as the bandits were able to kill soldiers of the Lion town. So anyone who was able to cut off heads of the Lion town soldiers were deemed as heroes by Subaru.

    The compensations and rewards greatly stimulated both leaders and their groups. They were ready to attack the next morning.

    Subaru brought them into a meeting to talk about the strategy. He told to leaders that the Lion town was strong. If they couldn’t storm and take the town then they had to consume the strength of the Lion town. He ordered the bandit groups to take turns to attack day and night without a rest. He told them not to give opportunity to Lion town to rest. He believed that they would be able to win if they exhausted Lion town’s soldiers.

    The bandit leaders were able to see that Lion town soldiers had excellent equipment. But Subaru’s idea was right on spot too. They would continue to attack day and night without giving Lion town soldiers to rest. This way the Lion town would collapse sooner or later. Bandits had the advantage of numbers on their side anyway.

    Subaru assigned the groups and the attacks began from morning the next day.

    Subaru’s strategy was wise. He was playing out the quantity advantage to his own favor.

    However, Xiao Yu was able to see through Subaru’s trick very soon. He knew that Subaru was trying to burn out his troops.

    As a result, he divided his troops into several parts too. Xiao Yu believed that this was a good counterstrategy where some would fight while the others would take rest. He knew that even the orcs with their superior physiques couldn’t withstand battles for few days and nights.

    In addition, Xiao Yu was constantly using the long-range weapons to kill the enemies.

    Fortunately, he had another 40 Demolishers.

    Xiao Yu saw that the attacks were endless so he shouted: “Open the gates!”

    He was trying to divert the bandits into the town gates to ease pressure from the defense of walls. The gates were relatively narrow so that gap was much easier to defend.

    “The gates are broken! The gates are broken!” The bandits began to shout when they saw the gates open. They believed that it was their chance. Most of them began to pour into the gates.

    However, this time the enemies weren’t met with Glaive Throwers but two huge trees. The bandits were perplexed as they couldn’t imagine the reason of planting such big trees near the gates. Nevertheless, the next instant those two huge trees began to grab huge stones and throw at them.

    “What the hell are those?” The bandits shouted but didn’t retreat. The trees looked sturdy but they didn’t look terrifying to them.

    Ancient Protectors! In fact, Xiao Yu didn’t have to pay meritorious value to produce these ancient trees. The defense of the Ancient Protectors was very tough but their movement was very slow. That was the reason why they hadn’t participated in attacks up to now.

    Xiao Yu didn’t have much money so he hadn’t produced Ancient Protectors but after winning the 8 million gold coins he had bought 5 of them.

    Each Ancient Protector costed 500,000 gold coins and 5 of them costed him 2.5 million gold coins. In fact, Xiao Yu had almost spent every single gold coins from the 8 million. He had to loot from the bandits or he had to sell some of the antiques.

    There were no large-scale sieges after Carrie’s defeat. That’s why Xiao Yu kept 5 Ancient Protectors by the elf base. If the adventurers wanted to steal an elf they would be met by the wrath of the Ancient Protectors.

    However, this time Xiao Yu had already brought Ancient Protectors to the Lion town. He wanted them to participate in the town defense. Moreover, the price of the Ancient Protectors seemed outrageously much but that money wasn’t spend for nothing.

    Two tree were able to completely block the gates. There were some gaps but grunts were there to kill any bandit that was able to pass through. In addition, Glaive Throwers were placed behind the trees. They would shoot from time to time.

    Xiao Yu didn’t use the Ancient Protectors at the beginning of the war because he knew that he had to have reserves in the war. The reserve troops would always play huge role in crucial moments.

    For example, the newly recruited soldiers were mentally tired after several days of battles. The introduction of strong reinforcement would bring their morale back up and fill them with the confidence. The recruits didn’t have a firm mind. They felt down after so many days of battles. This sudden emergence of reserve troops would change their mindsets.

    The price of an Ancient Protector was almost same as a group of grunts. But the Ancient Protectors played a greater role in defense. Their huge bodies weren’t affected by swords. At best, some small branches were cut off which could grow out after a few days. Their huge trunks could be cut by continuous shots from Glaive Throwers… The bandits didn’t have such weapons!.

    Two ancient Protectors blocked the gates while 3 Ancient Protectors were at the walls.

    Ancient Protectors would just sweep their hands and the bandits would fall down without a resistance. This way, Xiao Yu would be able to hold the walls with small amount of infantry while the rest could take their time to rest.

    Subaru’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Ancient Protectors: “Who is this Xiao Yu? How come he have so many warriors? Orcs, Elves, Dwarves… If I can get my hands on them then I won’t be just confined to this northwest but can become the king of the continent…”

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  1. Why would anyone try to cut down trees? Can no one think of maybe you know…. burning the trees? Is it so hard to think of this? It doesn’t take a genius ffs… Just bring a few hundred archers with oil lit arrows and burn them to hell instead of hacking the trees like complete retards…

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