WOWFRD – Ch 125

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Chapter 125

It wasn’t just the summoning of new types of warriors but Xiao Yu could summon a new hero after leveling up the base. Orcs had Grom and Thrall so he was going to summon either a Tauren Chieftain or Shadow Hunter. Shadow Hunter would be excellent for healing but not so good enough with attacks. Moreover, he had healing potions, witch doctors so he temporarily wasn’t planning to summon a Shadow Hunter. As a result, he decided to summon a Tauren Chieftain.

    Xiao Yu ordered the system to summon the Tauren Chieftain from the Altar of Storms while he checked the other buildings within the bases.

    Purple light bursted out from the top of the altar as a huge creatures jumped down to stand by Xiao Yu’s side.

    “Cairne Bloodhoof greets master.” Cairne was much taller than Grom. The earth vibrated for a moment as he landed. Xiao Yu shocked at the side.

    “Great! HaHaHa…You are finally here.” Xiao Yu tried to pat Cairne shoulder but found out that he couldn’t reach Cairne’s shoulder as much as he tried to raise his body.

    Xiao Yu checked Cairne’s skill without losing time.

    Tauren Chieftain’s skills were:

    Shock Wave (up to level 3). Waves ripples out from Tauren Chieftain’s body and causes damage to the enemy. At first level 55 points of damage is done, at second level 105 and at third level 185 points of damage done in addition to Chieftain’s attack power.

    War Stomp (up to level 3). Tauren Chieftain slams the ground to damage nearby enemy units. At first level 30 points of damage is done and 1 second of dizziness. At level 2 60 points of damage and 2 seconds of dizziness. At third level 100 points of damage plus 3 seconds of dizziness.

    Berserker Rage (up to level 3). Tauren Chieftain goes berserk and his attack power increases by 15% for in the first level for 60 seconds. At second level the attack strength increases by 30% for 180 seconds. At the third level attack strength increases by 45% for 300 seconds. The chieftain gets bears damage of 5%, 10% and 15% respectively on each level. The cooling time is 5 minutes.

    Battle Roar (up to level 3). Tauren Chieftain issues a roar that enhances his attack power by 10% on 1st level, 20% on second and 30% on 3rd level.

    Xiao Yu uttered ‘cool’ as he checked the skills of the Tauren Chieftain. Xiao Yu commanded Cairne to learn Shock Wave skill. This skill would make the Tauren to fight better and upgrade rapidly during the upcoming war.

    Xiao Yu brought Cairne back to the town while he went out to stroll around. Xiao Yu checked the soldiers that bravely fought during the defensive battle. They had matured a lot as they had killed and seen blood.

    Xiao Yu was sure that Subaru would launch a night attack. The night attacks were the best for siege warfare. At the same time, Subaru would be trying to understand the ability of Lion town and how Xiao Yu would cope up with night battles.

    Subaru would for sure try to destroy the Lion town after swallowing all the bandit groups. So it was chance for Subaru to observe all kinds of battle types to determine Lion town’s strength.

    Xiao Yu had already ordered the soldiers to rest and sleep as he was aware that night attack would be launched.

    They had lost 1000 newly recruited soldiers but it wasn’t a big damage. After all, the enemy had lost more than 14,000 bandits. Of course, the recruit didn’t kill much but it was the summoned warriors. Nevertheless, because of their excellent armors and weapons the soldiers were able to kill around 4 to 5000 bandits. Achieving 1 to 4 damage rate was excellent for the first ever war for them.

    Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to use the soldiers as first line of defense. He was planning to mix grunts, footmen, hunters with them to have better result. In this case, grunts, footmen and hunters would be able to handle the warriors that would attack.

    The summon warriors like grunts and footmen were already on level 6 or more. So it wasn’t a problem for them to handle first-rank warriors. Xiao Yu believed that Subaru wouldn’t casually send out second-rank warriors.

    After the battle the levels of several heroes had rise. Actually, Antonidas had arisen 2 levels while other heroes had just increased by one level. Antonidas was much effective in this defensive warfare. Moreover, he had a magic necklace which increased his mana regeneration and made him cast attacks much faster.

    The strength of attack power of Water Elementals was much sturdier too. They would shoot icicles to take a bandit’s life each time. Magic attacks such as icicles were much powerful than arrows.

    Xiao Yu himself had risen 2 levels. He added two points to his Whirlwind skill. He would be able to attack groups with the addition of this skill. Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to learn offensive magic skills for now. He believed that Teleportation was good for now as an auxiliary skill. Moreover, his mana attribute wasn’t high so it was pointless to learn offensive magic. He would go for magic skills after his attributes rised up.

    Xiao Yu added two points to Enhanced Water Elemental skill of Antonidas, added one point to Heroic Leap of Grom, one point to Tyrande’s Aspect of the Hawk, one point to Uther’s Crusedar strike and Thrall’s Earth Shield. He was looking forward to the night battle as Xiao Yu believed that Cairne would be able to raise his level a lot.

    Xiao Yu changed his clothes and put on a beard as he ran to the bandit camp while he took the advantage of this temporary truce. He lurked inside to gather intelligence regarding the situation. Sometimes he would reveal his identity as Zhang Shan and sometimes he wouldn’t speak about himself. In fact, he was creating a public opinion about the identity of Zhang Shan. He believed that these information would get to Subaru’s ears. Moreover, this way he would have a better chance to explain about being away from the heavy cavalry troops.

    Xiao Yu learned that as he had expected Subaru would be launching an attack in the middle of the night. He used the stealth mode of the Wind Walk to go back to Lion town.

    The bandits didn’t even use torches during the night. They carried ladders as they carefully walked towards the Lion town. Their subtle actions were detected by Tyrande as soon as they launched attack. Tyrande was told by Xiao Yu about Subaru’s intentions so she was on patrol.

    Moreover, all the troops from their side were resting and sleeping as only few people were left as patrols.

    Tyrande was able to see the bandits from a distance because of her Eagle Eye skill. However, she didn’t rings the bells of alarm but instead began to wake everyone up according to Xiao Yu’s instructions.

    More than dozen Demolishers began to attack when the bandits were within their range. The thing is they didn’t throw stones but oil-stained woods.

    Countless burning woods fell towards the middle of the bandits. All of them were exposed. The countless long-range equipment began to attack the bandits. The war broke out once again.

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  1. oh another hero summoned!!! Tauren Chieftain!! to bad, i hope Elf heroes will be summoned ahahaha 😀

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