WOWFRD – Ch 124

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Chapter 124

Xiao Yu had been pondering for a long time which base he should choose to upgrade to level 2 first. As a modern person he understood that the most important part of the warfare was the air dominance. The one with the air force was the king of the battlefield.

    He knew that all four main bases had air units. Now, the problem was which air units were the most suitable for the warfare in this era. The air supremacy is based on the bombing capability of the air units. After the WW1 there were quite a lot military scientists that believed that the outcome of the war could be predicted by knowing who controls the air supremacy. A large-scale bombing could destroy the enemy’s resistance and the participation of the infantry would be kept to minimum.

    In case, the air units couldn’t be used for large-scale killing then at best they could be used as scouts. The air units were more developed by the WW2. The aircrafts were able to carry heavier bombs by then.

    There are air units in the all four bases but there were few which could cause large-scale demolition. How many bombs could a gryphon could carry? Obviously, they couldn’t carry many. The problem that Xiao Yu faced was that there were no bombs in this world.

    It meant that air units didn’t much if they couldn’t carry out his plan. He pondered for a long time on the issue of the bombs and decided on Batriders. Only the orcish Batriders had Liquid Fire which could replace bombs. If he wanted to invent his own bombs then he would be facing many problems. First of all he didn’t know how to make them. In addition, he didn’t knew if this world had the materials that he would need to make the bombs.

    In addition, could use the dragonhawks, gryphons, hippogryphs and faerie dragons in single attacks. This kind of attacks would be able to show efficiency if the enemy wasn’t prepared for such attack. But there were ballistas in this world. Xiao Yu believed that they were the main nemesis of flying units. If the air units flied too high then they wouldn’t be able to attack the ground.

    After considering cons and pros Xiao Yu decided to upgrade the Orc base. He was going to build Beastiaries and began to produce Batriders.

    Xiao Yu was skeptical about the strength of the Liquid Fire used by the Batriders. He believed that it wouldn’t be effective against heavy infantry. Anyway, he ordered the sytem to upgrade the orcish base.

    Xiao Yu was aware that people would find ways to attack his bases. So he had built watchtowers around the bases. Moreover, he wanted to make sure that there was a close link between the bases and the Lion town so that the troops could be moved back and forth if the fight occurred in one of these places. He had spent a lot of money to build watchtowers in outskirts of the bases. He spent 150,000 gold coins only on watchtowers. He wouldn’t be able to build all these if it wasn’t for the money earned from the gambling. The army had to pass through the jungle for a large-scale attack on the bases. The watchtowers would play a huge role once that large army scattered to pass through the jungle.

    The watchtowers had ballistas which shot at enemies. They were excellent for defense purposes. The adventurers that came over to capture orcs and elves were killed by these watchtowers too.

    Xiao Yu wanted to rely on these watchtowers to defend the town too but found out that he couldn’t built them on the walls of the Lion town. Moreover, few ballistas and dozen archers were almost as powerful as these watchtowers. The watchtowers played great role when there was no walls to protect the bases. The Lion town was covered with solid walls so the watchtowers lost their purpose in there.

    In the game, the watchtowers were strong but in real life they were just faster than normal ballistas. Perhaps, if the watchtowers could be upgraded to a higher level then he would build them by the town.

    Xiao Yu was anxious as it took three hours to upgrade the base. He was happy when he saw the orc base reach second level. He commanded the system to build 5 Beastiaries. If he used only 1 beastiary then it would be too slow. He urgently needed a lot of air units.

    As he had reached Major Sergeant level he could have up to 4,000 warriors. He could do a lot if he found the right balance of the warriors to be summoned.

    In addition, he found out that the maximum number of the Demolishers was lifted to 50. He ordered 40 more Demolishers to be built. Now, he could summon 2,000 warriors. He was thinking about which kind of troops he should summon. Xiao Yu decided to summon 1,000 batriders as he would use them to bomb in a large-scale. If the scale of the bombing was low then it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

    Afterwards, he decided to produce Raiders, Kodo beasts, witch doctors and shamans. Raiders were mobile units as they ride wolves. Moreover, the wolf mounts would scare the horses of the enemy cavalry units. In addition, the wolves would attack too. A Raider was equivalent to 2 attackers. They were like elf hunters but with excellent attacking abilities. Xiao Yu considered to produce human heavy cavalry but decided that they weren’t as maneuverable as Raiders.

    Xiao Yu saw that the first Beastiary was made so he couldn’t wait to produce the Batriders. However, he was taken aback once more. To produce them he had to pay with merit points to get the permission. To do so he had to pay 10,000 merit service points.

    Xiao Yu was furious. Can’t you let me go smoothly at least once? I will just produce everything and sweep through the damned world!

    Forunately, Xiao Yu had bought just 5 beastiaries so he had 50,000 merit points left. He didn’t hesitate to spend 30,000 merit points to purchase rights to produce Batriders, Raiders and Kodo Beasts. He was going to spend the other 20,000 merit points to build Spirit Lodge.

    He was planning to get 100 Kodo Beasts and 500 Raiders. About 300 Shamans and 100 witch doctors.

    The beastiaries would first produce 1000 batriders then Kodo beasts and at the end Raiders.

    A batrider would take half an hour to produce. So one beastiary would produce 48 batriders in 24 hours. Five beastiaries would produce 240 of them in one day. So in short, it would take 4 days to produce 1,000 batriders.

    Xiao Yu only built 1 Spirit Lodge. He paid only few thousand points to get the rights to purchase shamans and witch doctors could be automatically produced.

    “Now, I have a second level base… Subaru wait and see the way I will kill you!” Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up.
This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu
I’m very sleepy now as I have slept only 2 hours during last 48 hours. Hopefully, I will try to publish 2 regular chapters tomorrow.

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  1. He didn’t even get 1 merit point per kill before… Now he gets like 100k merit points just for killing 16k bandits? Dafuq? Also where did all this money come from? Even arming his 10k regular army would cost 200gold times 10k = 2mil… He also built towers right? They should also cost some hefty sum… Then upgraded all his spawned man with Tier 2 armors right? That should also cost about 2 million… He bought heavy cavalry with full armor right? How much does that cost? How much money left? Now he buys like 10 buildings which must cost enormous money but author doesn’t give the numbers anymore because even he isn’t sure about the math anymore… Now he is buying 1000 bat riders… Bet your ass every one of those riders cost like 1000 gold but author also doesn’t give us the price because he knows the math just gone to basically shit… Author knows that if he gives these price, he won’t be able to continue with his story and the math won’t add up… All i can say is to you author… You are lazy mate… Lazy…….. Atleast keep a tab on the math of your novel which is an important part since you have introduced the gold spawn system… But now i just feel like all that mc’s complaining and all that talk about the spawn/armor costs was for shits and giggles… When it becomes troublesome to follow the numbers you just discard it alltogether author…. Just lazy……..

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