WOWFRD – Ch 123

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Chapter 123

The newly recruited soldiers were lucky. Their training time was short but Xiao Yu had bestowed best armor and weapons to them. The equipment produced by the human blacksmith shop from the base was much more better in terms of defense and flexible in comparison to equipment that could be bought in this world. Moreover, Uther had already blessed them which increased their strength. They could be considered elites in terms of strength alone. However, they lacked the main thing which was the bloodshed of the real wars.

    The bandit leaders weren’t like Xiao Yu. Some smart ones would always focus on getting better equipment for their underlings. But most of them relied on the number of their underlings to steal and plunder. Equipment meant money. Xiao Yu had spent millions of gold coins to purchase those. Actually, war was all about money.

    Xiao Yu was more than aware that the number of his troops was low. But it didn’t mean that he could recruit more soldiers just like that as there was no one to command the soldiers. He didn’t want to have a messy army. All he wanted was an elite army.

    Countless bandits rushed towards the town to collect the heads of Xiao Yu’s soldiers. A head meant golden coins for them. However, they were met with sharp swords and tough armors. The bandits couldn’t withstand the attacks of the soldiers that had 60% increase in strength.

    In addition, orcs were blessed by Thrall too. How could bandits could climb up? The tragic battle continued. The bandits died but Xiao Yu’s army had casualties too. Nevertheless, the long-range weapons still continued to kill countless bandits. The bandits were too much in quantity and their eyes were covered with the rewards so they just kept charging on.

    Xiao Yu sighed as he stood on top of the walls and observed the battle. It was shocking to see tens of thousands of people charge and fight just like that.

    He thought that the war would take a lot of time unless they had automatic machine guns. The enemy had almost 100,000 bandits. It would take almost a day to cut their heads off if the bandits stood still without moving. How long it would take to kill so many people without having intense fire? The number of soldiers was a great factor in victory or defeat. Clausewitz had mentioned that the most important condition for the war was the advantage in terms of quantity. Nevertheless, it was a superficial advantage which was used to demoralize the enemy. Therefore, Xiao Yu needed elite soldiers. He needed talented commanders and leaders.

    The casualties from Xiao Yu’s side occurred because the recruits were newbies and made a lot of mistakes. They had best equipment and higher terrain which meant that normally it would be hard to be injured in such case.

    The losses from the side of bandits was much more.

    There were more than 6,000 bandits who were killed up to now. The main force that killed the bandits were grunts and elf archers.

    Footmen, riflemen, the newly recruited soldiers, ballistas, Demolishers and Glaive Throwers didn’t kill as much as grunts and elves.

    Xiao Yu didn’t have many Demolishers and Glaive Throwers. If he had hundred of them then the firepower would be more intense and violent. He had just 10 Demolishers which had small scope of fire.

    “I have to get merit points to upgrade my bases to second level…” Xiao Yu looked forward to the occasion. If he had 100 Demolishers then then situation would be completely different.

    The war continued on. The bandits continued to charge on while damages occurred from Xiao Yu’s side too. Xiao Yu ordered the seriously injured soldiers to be taken down for immediate treatment. He was using healing potions to save them as long as they had a breath of life. Moreover, injured veterans meant that they would cherish their lives and user their brains in the next battles.

    Subaru’s eyes narrowed as he nodded while observing the battle. Everyone was going on as he expected except the strength of the Lion town. The bandits were constantly killed and he was waiting for the number to reduce to a certain level. Afterwards he would go to second phase of the plan. He would integrate all the bandits and destroy the Lion town. Nevertheless, he was surprised and a bit annoyed by the strength of the Lion town. According to the intelligence reports Lion town shouldn’t have so many soldiers. Moreover, it seemed as if all of them were elite soldiers but not newly recruited ones.

    Subaru had decades of experience and knew how difficult it was to build an army of 10,000 elite soldiers. According to Subaru it should have taken at least five or six years for a declining territory such as Lion territory to build such an army!

    Moreover, he knew that it wouldn’t be an elite army but a regular one. The army would have to be baptized in wars to reach this level. It meant that the territory had to spend a lot of money on equipment and training. It was a complicated matter! So how did Lion town get millions of gold coins to get such an army? Where did Xiao Yu got them? Did he really robbed medium-sized bandit groups and got so much? Moreover, it was impossible to get such elite soldiers within a time-frame of one year. Did he hired mercenaries?

    Subaru believed that it would be easy to kill Xiao Yu after he swallowed all the bandit camps. However, it seemed that he had to re-thing about the threat of Xiao Yu.

    Subaru didn’t know that Xiao Yu earned that money through gambling and relied on bases to buy the equipment. Moreover, Xiao Yu was using a Paladin to bless the army. Otherwise, the newly recruited soldiers would suffer in this war a lot.

    In this era, the real blessing made by the Paladins was extinct. Right now the best Paladin’s could do was bless few persons to heal them at best.

    Xiao Yu was able to create this situation by using strong heroes. He wouldn’t be able to achieve such success without bases.

    “Attack! Attack!” Bandits shouted as they charged forward. Few bandits and warriors occupied a corned of the wall as they formed a bridgehead. It was a temporary stronghold for them. The newly recruited soldiers couldn’t withstand dozens of warriors that attacked them. The bandits rushed up when they saw a glimpse of chance.

    At the same time Qin Che shouted: “First riflemen team! 2 o’clock! SET! FIRE!”

    Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

    The gun shots echoed as the corner occupied by the bandits was cleaned of them in a moment.

    The soldiers backed down the instant when the warriors shot up the wall. Immediately, the riflemen shot according to Qin Che’s order.

    “Second riflemen Team! 2 O’clock! SET! FIRE!” Qin Che commanded once again and gunshots echoed.

    Bandits had never seen the rifles. They didn’t even know what occurred and how so many bandits died. The boarding to the wall was delayed by panic and death. At the same time. Grom and Xiao Yu used Heroic Leap to jump over to slaughter the ones that were still alive.

    Xiao Yu and Grom relieved the pressure on the newly recruited soldiers. Qin Che’s attack suppressed the bandits temporarily from boarding the top of the wall. At the same time, the recruits began to encircle the warriors too.

    Tyrande was also backing them up with her bows.

    The bandits saw that they couldn’t occupy a foothold on the bridge. But they believed that the balance of the war would sway towards them as soon as they got a firm foothold on the bridge. They saw that it was possible to get on top of the walls so they believed that there would be more opportunities. As a result, they continued with their madness.

    The bandits were able to get to top of the walls two times more but on both occasions they were beaten back. Subaru made the charge stop by the afternoon.

    The bandits were tired and their moral was low. More than 14,000 bandits died while Xiao yu lost more than 1,000 newly recruited soldiers.

    The first battle was proof of the strength of the recruits but their lack of experience. They had the best equipment and blessing from Paladin but they didn’t have experience to use their swords and spears the right way.

    Nevertheless, Xiao Yu was ecstatic as he was able to reach Major Sergeant level by the end of the battle. Now, he could upgrade his base to level two.
This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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  1. Time to be nitpicky:
    “Second riflemen Team! 2 O’clock! SET! FIRE!” Qin Che commanded once again and gunshots echoed.
    If the setting is true, that it’s a medieval type era and this is the first time rifles or muskets are introduced, “Fire” would not make sense. They would use words like “Loose” or “Shoot” , loose as in let loose the bowstring so that it shoots the arrow forward.
    “Fire” would make much more sense in the gunpowder/ muskets era since they literally put fire in the gunpowder thus making it explode.

    1. You’re forgetting that he was trained by the MC…

      It makes sense they would shout fire, since MC is from the modern era and was training him with modern concepts. Also, it’s not the first time rifles have been introduced to the world; they existed ages ago and might even still exist in the current era, we just haven’t seen them yet.

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