WOWFRD – Ch 122

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Chapter 122

Qin Che decided to join army after living for a while in Lion town. He practiced horse riding, archery and martial arts during his time in Lion town.

    It didn’t take long for Qin Che to show much better talent than his peers. It was not just about martial arts but commanding abilities, strategies and tactics where his abilities far better than his peers.

    Qin Che had taken strong interest towards the ballistas, catapults, Demolishers and Glaive Throwers used by Xiao Yu. Moreover, Xiao Yu had asked Captain Hui and Mu Lee to focus on training and nurturing Qin Che to become a good commander in the future.

    Captain Hui and Mu Lee were aware that there were not much talented people in the Lion town. Moreover, Qin Che was from noble origin so they accepted to nurture him because of his identity. In addition, Qin Che was a sensible and far-sighted kid. He showed respect to his elders as he was humble and courteous in his dealings with them. He was hard-working and smart which was good qualities for an apprentice.

    Xiao Yu would talk about theories and strategies with Qin Che. He would instill and spread ideas from the hot weapon era to Qin Che to broaden his horizons. Qin Che lived up to Xiao Yu’s expectations as he was a fast learner. Moreover, Qin Che had his own insights towards the application of those ideas into real life situations. As Qin Che was just 11 years old Xiao Yu didn’t want him to be a soldier but learn the ways of the army.

    Xiao Yu let him command the ballistas, Glaive Throwers, Demolishers and other long-range weapons.

    Qin Che had a keen sense regarding the battle formations. He made sure that the long-range weapons were adjusted towards the central part of the bandit groups that charged on.

    He didn’t choose the front of the formation but center so the attack from the Demolishers and ballistas cut the formation into half. The bandits in the front still rushed forward but the ones behind them were cut off. This made sure that the bandits in the front would completely die because they didn’t have backing coming after them.

    Sure enough, the bandits that rushed to the town walls were shot by the archers. The troops that were rushing behind them were unable to keep up with them and a gap was formed which took the pressure from the siege for some time. Xiao Yu nodded as he was aware that Qin Che was displaying extraordinary talent and vision.

    The bandits shouted aloud as they set the ladders as they began to climb the walls. There were bandits that were pushing the battering rams to attack the gates.

    Lion town’s defense in terms of long-range attacks was very powerful. The elf archers shooted rapidly and with high precision while riflemen kept shooting. The catapults, ballistas, Demolishers, Glaive Throwers were giving fatal blows to the enemies.

    By the time the bandits had reached walls they had lost more than thousand people. However, it wasn’t of concern to them. The tactic implemented by the bandits was sea wave attack.

    Even though Subaru was a highly-qualified he didn’t have time or intention to train the bandits into organized troops. His purpose wasn’t to capture Lion town so early to begin with. So he just let the bandits attack in waves to consume the strength of enemy bandit leaders and weaken Xiao Yu.

    Actually, Subaru thought that Xiao Yu would let him down if Lion town fell in first stage of his plan. In that case, he wouldn’t have excuse to integrate the bandit groups into one large group.

    The last time when Carrie attacked the density of the charging soldiers wasn’t so big even though he had used 20,000 soldiers.

    In comparison, 10,000 bandits had rushed forward. Even the soldiers that were on the walls were frightened at sight. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu’s troops weren’t as few as back when he battled with Carrie so he didn’t fear the attack of 10,000 bandits at once.

    Countless ladders were put up as the bandits tried to climb up. There would be enough compensation if even everyone died so the bandit leaders didn’t care much as they had half of their troops left in Eagle camp.

    The soldiers on the walls grasped their weapons to attack the bandits that were climbing up.

    Xiao Yu was planning to use the newly recruited soldiers as first defense line because he wanted them to be baptized in real war to become real warriors. He couldn’t always rely on summoned warriors for protection and defense as he needed to make sure that normal human soldiers were up to the job.

    Moreover, the warriors summoned from the bases were too small in number. However, grunts and footmen were still behind the normal human soldiers. The elf archers, riflemen, demolishers, Glaive Throwers, ballistas were stationed on newly constructed higher platforms behind the town walls. The hunters were running back and forth for an opportunity to kill any enemy that was able to bypass the first defense line.

    Xiao Yu had made some reforms to the town walls after several defensive battles. He had widened the walls by adding new constructions. It was made so that the walls could have more than 10,000 soldiers on them. Moreover, the height of the newly added constructions at the rear were much higher than front. It was effective for stationing long-range weapons there.

    The archers were elite and their arrows never missed an enemy. Tyrande’s Trueshot Aura had increased their strength and accuracy. Right now, Tyrande’s arrows could pierce through a medium level armor without using any skills. Ordinary elf archers could penetrate the light armors while their arrows couldn’t pass through medium level armors.

    Xiao Yu believed that each archer would be a small ballista after their levels increased some more.

    Thrall had strengthened the orcs and grunts by using Strength of the Earth Totem and Stoneskin totem. Originally, the orcs and grunts were provided with second level armor and weapons which already increased their combat effectives. Thrall’s blessings had reached their strength into a terrifying level.

    The orcs rescued from the colosseum were participating in the battle so the number of orcs under his control had reached 1,100. The orcs were the best fighters on the continent and today they were going to show bandits why they were called so.

    Grom was carrying his totem banner. He issued a roar that increase the morale of all the orcs.

    The human warriors summoned from the base were 200 footmen and 500 heavy cavalry as well as 200 riflemen. However, Xiao Yu wouldn’t be able to use heavy cavalry today so he would rely on 200 riflemen and 200 footmen.

    The footmen had reached level 3 after battles. Nevertheless, they weren’t good in attack in comparison to their defenses. Killing a footman was much harder than killing a grunt. The footmen used shields for absolute defense.

    Each warrior type had its own characteristics. The footmen were known for their strong defense. Moreover, their armors were much perfect than armor of grunts which covered only few parts of their bodies. The footmen were wearing heavy armor but they were flexible. They slowed down when they used shields. Otherwise, their speed was not inferior to light infantry. It wasn’t just related to them but the armors produced by the base weren’t just strong but light too. The footmen who wore those armors felt as if the armors were their skin.

    The riflemen had reached level 3 too. Their accuracy had improved but they weren’t as good as archers yet. Their main attack advantage lied in intensive shooting. In addition, Xiao Yu thought that their rifles had become more powerful after they reached level 3. Their bullets could penetrate even heavy armors.

    Uther had blessed the human troops in advance by using Blessing of the Might and Devotion Aura. It costed a great effort for Uther to bless all the 10,000 soldiers. Xiao Yu provided mana potions to Uther so that he was able to bless all the soldiers. The soldiers were much calmer after Uther’s blessings as the people of this world admired the strength of Light. A paladin within an army would always boost morale. The ordinary soldiers had their attack power increased by almost 60% after the blessings.

    It wouldn’t be much if only one or two soldiers were blessed. But it was terrifying to see 10,000 soldiers have their strength increased by 60%.

    It was the sole reason why Xiao Yu chose to summon Uther and Thrall before other heroes.

    “Kill!” Soldier slashed down his sword as it cut the head of the bandit in half. The body of the bandit fell down from the top of the wall.
This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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