WOWFRD – Ch 121

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Chapter 121

Bandits from the Eagle camp made a camp about ten miles away from the Lion town the next evening to attack the day after.

    It was not easy to attack out of a sudden. That’s why the bandits didn’t rush here but took their time. They were going to plan and attack afterwards.

    At the same time, Xiao Yu inspected the defenses of the town.

    The same night xiao Yu looked at the Lion town from the hill and spoke: “There is going to be a war and I won’t be able to participate…”

    Xiao Yu woke up very early the next morning and saw the bandits were ready to attack the Lion town. He shouted: “I’ll go and participate on my own.”

    He turned to looked back at the other 550 heavy cavalry men: “I will mix with our brothers and go to war. I will join them to kill the enemy as if I was a normal infantry. I can’t stand in here and watch while our brothers fight!”

    The heavy cavalry men from the Eagle camp looked at Xiao Yu with worship in their eyes. Xiao Yu was a real hero in their eyes.

    “Who would love to go with me?” Xiao Yu asked.

    Several of them shouted: “We will go with the commander.”

    Xiao Yu nodded: “Alright, you are all excellent warriors. But I can’t take you with me. If one of you dies in the battlefield I won’t be able to explain your death to Leader Subaru. Your lives are precious. I’m a knight but at the same time I’m a second-rank warrior. I will be able to save my life in the chaos but someone wrong may happen to you. You aren’t allowed to take half a step from here. Otherwise, we will judge you according to military tribunal traditions…”

    The members of the heavy cavalry looked at each other before shouting out loud in affirmation. Xiao Yu was their leaders and they had to obey him. They have seen that Xiao Yu didn’t follow the common sense since the time they had begun to follow Xiao Yu. Moreover, they believed that Xiao Yu had been teaching them from his heart so they looked at him as an upright man.

    Now, Xiao Yu was going to personally participate in the war.

    Subaru had told them to check Xiao Yu but not to monitor his every step. Moreover, Xiao Yu was going alone without 450 cavalry men so they believed that he would certainly come back.

    How could they knew that Xiao Yu wasn’t going to participate in the siege but lead the defense?

    Xiao Yu came back to his own residence. He greeted his sisters-in-law and played with the baby dragon. He was drinking wine as he did almost nothing. Captain Hui and Mu Lee walked around him restlessly.

    “What are you two doing?” Xiao Yu asked.

    Mu Lee replied: “Lord, the enemy will launch an attack. Aren’t we going to discuss our battle plan?”

    Xiao Yu looked at him: “We beat 20,000 troops by opening our gates.. Now we have so many troops. Do you think we will lose?”

    Mu Lee and Captain Hui looked at each other helplessly when they saw that Xiao Yu didn’t care about anything. Afterwards, Xiao Yu and Leah talked about the Magic Academy that Mu Han attended. He wanted to go and check the place out of curiosity. He could even pretend to be a mage as he knew a skill or two.

    Xiao Yu returned back to the town walls after a long time.

    In fact, the town has been preparing for the defense for the last half a month. They have gone through many drills and methods to deal with the siege equipment of the enemy.

    Captain Hui and Mu Lee were nervous but they still had more than 10000 soldiers. All Xiao Yu told them was to relax.

    Messy sounds of hoofs echoed as tens of thousands of bandit troops finally decided to attack. Actually, it was the difference between a regular army and bandits. Carrie’s army was orderly as it moved while bandits lacked the discipline.

    In fact, the bandits had trained like regular army too. For example, Marcus had cavalry units too. However, this time a lot of bandit groups had come to act together. Coordination was a problem. At the same time it showed the strong ability of Subaru who was able to make sure that the bandits didn’t fall into chaos.

    Xiao Yu looked at the scene. He knew that Subaru wasn’t set on commanding these troops. He understood that Subaru’s ability wasn’t low to make such a messy and casual attack. Obviously, Subaru was going to kill the bandits using Xiao Yu’s hands.

    Xiao Yu understood this long ago which was why he wasn’t nervous. Subaru had deliberately left his elite troops back in Eagle camp. Subaru was planning to use the advantage of numbers to annihilate the Lion town.

    Last time, bandits had relied on their number advantage to defeat Xiao Zhan Tian too.

    “Come on! As you will be giving me meritorious points.. I will upgrade my bases to second level soon and come up with new weapons to finish you for good.” Xiao Yu put on his T1 armor as he stood on the walls.

    Mu Lee and Captain Hui were second-rank warriors too. Xiao Yu had gifted them T1 set armors too for their safety.

    These armors were the dream equipment of knights since ancient times so both of them weren’t stranger to the armors. They didn’t think that there would be a time they would be able to wear them. The armors multiplied their strength too. As a result, both of them felt that Xiao Yu had trump cards which were still hidden.

    During the defense against Carrie there were many gaps on the walls as Lion town lacked soldiers. But this time the walls were almost full as there were more than 10,000 soldiers.

    Nevertheless, the soldiers had yet to be baptized by the real war and couldn’t be described as real warriors.

    The morale of the bandits was high because of Subaru’s reward system.

    Subaru had told them in advance that the orcs were powerful but their numbers was small. He told them that they could easily break into Lion town as long as they kept charging forward using sea waves tactic.

    Xiao Yu believed that only Subaru was aware that the bandits wouldn’t be able to get into Lion town this time. In fact, it seemed that Subaru was using this chance to kill extra competition and see the real strength of Lion town.

    The bandits charged on as if they were tsunami. They carried ladders as they rushed towards the Lion town.

    “Get catapults ready!” Qin Che shouted.

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  1. You know, I became curious after reading this chapter, so I checked the raw.
    I found out that each chapter has title, so why have you never included them?

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    thx for the chapter ^^

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