WOWFRD – Ch 120

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Chapter 120

Xiao Yu tied his horse in the jungle and used the Wind Walk to get back to Lion town.

    Everyone was within the hall as they were waiting for the final deployment before the battle. Thrall, Grom, Tyrande and others were present.

    Everyone stood up when Xiao Yu joined the hall. Captain Hui and Mu Lee strongly opposed Xiao Yu plan about taking such a risk to personally join the Eagle camp to get the intelligence. It was too risky as he was the lord of the territory. But Xiao Yu had smiled back then and told them: “I know what I’m doing…”

    Xiao Yu was aware that the bandits were a big problem and it was a great opportunity that all of them were gathered in Eagle camp. It was such a good chance that he couldn’t let go of it to solve the bandit problem for good.

    Xiao Yu wouldn’t have participated in this dangerous situation if there were other suitable candidates. However he couldn’t find anyone as he searched vertically and horizontally.

    Xiao Yu had Wind Walk, Teleportation, Heroic Leap and many other powerful skills so he believed that he would be able to run without a problem if he faced danger in the Eagle camp.

    Nevertheless, Xiao Yu’s strategy was successful and he was able to sneak into Eagle Camp. He was able to gather a lot of news that brought them into a favorable position against the bandits.

    After they finished the alliance the other bandit camps would be too small to resist them.

    He would be able to attract more population if he finished the bandits. Afterwards he could establish even a Grand Duchy if he had enough people within his territory.

    “Sit down! No need to be so polite. I have brought a lot of good news. Eagle camp is way too rich! There are more than tens of millions of gold coins.. We won’t need to worry about financial problems after we get them.” Xiao Yu smiled.

    However, others weren’t happy. The heroes summoned from the game system didn’t care. They just thought about the war. They just follow Xiao Yu. If they won they would be happy if they were dead then they would just die.

    However, there was a great pressure on Mu Lee and Captain Hui.

    “Look at you guys. How many times do I have to tell you to take things lightly? Let’s drink wine first… Tell me about interesting things that happened in the Lion territory. But I don’t want to hear about military or governance…”

    Xiao Yu began to tell jokes. He even told jokes about orcs, elves and other ethnicities from the warcraft. He was embarrassed to see that no one was laughing.

    “What a boring crowd! Alright, I will go now and come back tomorrow before the battle.” Xiao Yu stood up to leave.

    Mu Lee stood up when he saw Xiao Yu leave: “Lord, we haven’t discussed any plans yet!”

    Xiao Yu smiled: “If you want to plan then do it yourself. I will see you guys tomorrow.”

    Mu Lee was stunned at Xiao Yu’s irresponsible action. He had never participated in a war with Xiao Yu so he wasn’t sure how Xiao Yu would react. This kind of a lord either would be extremely dumb or a genius who knew that victory was within his grasp.

    Mu Lee thought about the last events and believed that Xiao Yu wasn’t an imbecile but a person with great wisdom who calculated through every single detail.

    Did Xiao Yu had a magic item to win the war? It must be so as it seems he doesn’t care much..

    Mu Lee was full of doubts. He believed that Xiao Yu had used some special weapons to win the war against Carrie.

    Everyone else went away while Mu Lee and Captain Hui stayed over to think about the defense of the town. The armies from the bases were under Xiao Yu’s command and Mu Lee couldn’t control them.

    Nevertheless, Mu Lee and Captain Hui were relaxed after the meeting with Xiao Yu. They believed that Xiao Yu had tricks under his sleeves as he was too relaxed.

    Xiao Yu’s act was to boost the morale of his team.

    Xiao Yu would do a similar move before each battle. For example, he stayed on the wall and drank wine to ease the soldiers. He made grunts to play chess to take off the pressure from normal soldiers.

    Sometimes the morale of the troops was more important than the weapons they had. If the strength of the army was strong but morale was very low then they had a chance to fail.

    In north Africa during the WW2, Rommel’s strength was double the strength of British army. Rommel was on attacking side while the British constantly retreated. It was so until the arrival of Montgomery. The overall situation changed.

    In the morning the adjutant ran into Montgomery’s tent: “General, the enemy has started their tanks.”

    Montgomery asked: “What time is it?”

    Adjutant replied: “Four a.m.”

    Montgomery asked: “When did I tell you to wake me up?”

    Adjutant responded: “Five a.m.”

    Montgomery shouted: “What the hall are you doing then?”

    Adjutant froze for a moment: “But they …”

    Montgomery stared at him: “But what? Get out! And tell the kitchen to prepare two fried eggs for the breakfast.”

    In fact, Montgomery didn’t sleep during the night. The British intelligence had intercepted the accurate attack time of the Rommel. That morning Montgomery ate two fried eggs for the breakfast and won the battle.

    In fact, Xiao Yu was going the same. He already knew about the plans of the enemy. So he tried to say jokes and so on that his people would feel as if he didn’t care about the battle and he would easily win. However, he had to make strategies and tactics to win the war.

    If chaos occurred on his side then he would lose the battle without even beginning it.

    He returned back to hill where the heavy cavalry men were hidden. He saw the serious look on their faces: “Why are you so serious? We won’t be going to battle. Leave few patrols and others should sleep well.” Afterwards, he went to sleep too.

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  1. Honestly if i was a soldier i wouldn’t want to fight for a commander who looks like he doesn’t ”care about the battle”… It would scare me more than him taking it seriously… Why would i want to follow the orders of a guy who looks like he is playing a game and joking around while tens of thousands of people are gonna die?

    1. he is an idiot. what do you expect? His true power he posess only because he is the MC of a novel. Do you really believe ppl participated in the war can’t think straight? The author tries to copy a piece of mind from the art of war but it seems forced the way i see it.

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