WOWFRD – Ch 12

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Chapter 12

Ancient of War took half an hour to produce an archer. So it was able to produce more than 40 archers in two days.

Tyrande’s level was still 1 so Xiao Yu was intending to increase her level so she can be more powerful.

The skills that Tyrande could learn were: Searing arrows (up to 3), Eagle Eye (up to 2), Multiple Arrows (up to 3) and Beast Soul (up to 3).

Searing arrows was a skill which Tyrande would use her spell power to ignite the feathers of the arrows.

Eagle Eye was a skill that would help her observe long distance and increase the accuracy of her shooting.

Multiple arrows referred to the skill which helped Tyrande to send multiple-arrows in one shot.

Beast Soul was a skill that helped Tyrande to communicate with some beasts and tame them. She could instruct the beasts to go to battle. Moreover, she could enhance the combat abilities of the beasts.

In addition to these skills, Tyrande had a skill which was called Shadow Escape. She was able to use shadows to hide from the eyes of the enemies.

It was a common skill used by all the night elves. However, shadow escape didn’t mean that it would bring complete invisibility. There were certain conditions that have to be met to hide the user to a certain extent.

They couldn’t hide their presence if there were no shadows.

Xiao Yu ordered Tyrande to learn Eagle Eye skill first. It was a very practical skill. Moreover, it would increase both her range of sight and accuracy of shooting which meant increased damage to the enemy.

Xiao Yu was planning to take Tyrande to sweep through a bandit group. Unlike his first moves now he had an army of orc warriors so he wasn’t afraid to take on small bandit camps. In short, he was full of vitality.

He would follow Fox’s intelligence reports and use two hundred orc warriors to surround small bandits groups with less than 100 people and let Tyrande kill them using her archery skills.

The bandits would get scared and turned to run in panic. Tyrande would stand on shoulders of an orc warrior and rapidly shoot arrows. She would take lives of dozens of bandits in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Yu was standing by the orc who was carrying Tyrande. Once in a while, his eyes would turn to look upwards. However, each time Tyrande would point an arrow towards his eyes which would make him fear for his life.

Most of the bandits surrendered after seeing that there was no way to escape from Xiao Yu’s clutches.

Xiao Yu wasn’t ruthless to kill them all. But he tied them to use them as slaves.

After the interrogation, Xiao Yu found out that bandit leader had done lots of misdeeds including rape of women and many other wicked things. The bandit leader was shot to death by Tyrande.

Tyrande had reached level 3 by the end of the attack. Xiao Yu allocated skill points for Tyrande to learn Searing Arrows and Multiple Arrows skills.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu was depressed to see that he was only able to plunder about 2000 gold coins. Fox explained that not all bandit groups were rich. The previous groups had got their loot from wealthy businessmen. In addition, their luck was better to be able to amass a wealth of 20,000 gold coins. However, general bandit groups would have about four to five thousand gold coins.

In the short time frame, ten days Xiao Yu was able to clear every bandit group in the vicinity of the town. He would use the bandits that surrendered as slaves to cut wood back in the orc base.

Elves would never allow ‘dirty’ humans to live in their base so Xiao Yu didn’t have a choice but to use slaves in the orc base.

Because of constant raids the orc warriors had reached level 2. Their sizes were a bit bigger and they were more powerful. Grom had reached level 6 while Tyrande was at level 5.

Grom’s skills were: Wind Walk (level 1), Omnislash (2), Critical Strike (3).

Tyrande’s current skills were: Searing Arrow (Level 2), Eagle Eye (Level 1), and Multiple Arrows (Level 2).

Xiao Yu calculated that it was time for Carrie’s troops to arrive. He had five hundred troops and was ready to deal with thousands of soldiers that Carrie would bring.

Xiao Yu was looking for the battle because it would be the biggest test that he would face in the near future.

Xiao Yu was able to build a blacksmith shop and produce equipment for the orc warriors.

However, the prices for armor and weapons had shocked Xiao Yu. He didn’t have steel or other materials so an armor for an orc warriors cost 200 gold coins, upgrading ax cost 50 gold coins. Xiao Yu cussed at the system as buying and upgrading equipment was much expensive than buying warriors.

In short, he needed about 250 gold coins to get proper armor and upgrade the axes of the Orc warriors. He had 200 orc warriors and about 50000 gold coins.

In the end, Xiao Yu decided to buy only 100 sets of armor and ax upgrade. In addition, he had to build burrows for orcs and moon wells for elves. Otherwise, they would starve to death.

But Xiao Yu was pleased to see that blacksmith shop was able to upgrade the Blademaster’s sword. The broken and rusty sword had changed a lot.

The attack range of the sword increased to 14-23 range after the upgrade which was much stronger than the original.

“Scrap steel…” Xiao Yu knew that it would be too expensive to rely on gold coins to buy equipment. He now understood why wars needed a lot of money. He used the blacksmith shop from the game system to buy the equipment in a direct way. However, in reality, he knew that it would be much costly and time-consuming to buy armor and other equipment.

Xiao Yu was satisfied when he saw the first set of armor. Although it didn’t bring any additional effect at least the armor was able to cover key parts of orc body. The orc warriors would rely on their body to sweep through the battle. Although their skin was thick it didn’t mean that their skin couldn’t be hacked.

Xiao Yu was aware that buying steel in the bitter cold northwest was an issue. The materials were inherently short in this area.

Xiao Yu tried to peep a few days ago while his 4th sister in law was taking a bath. Although Suesha wasn’t able to catch him she was certain that it was Xiao Yu who was peeping.

“All you are talking about is buying iron and steel! Carrie will bring troops for the fight after a few days and you are doing these boring things! Why aren’t you running away? Why have you come back? “Suesha was wearing a military uniform and had a sword on her waist. She looked like a valiant hero as she scolded Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu felt that he was being wronged: “Sister-in-law but I’m trying to get steel to build weapons. This way I’ll be able to protect you. Why are you scolding me?”

“You still have the face to talk! It was you who lost fifth sister-in-law in a bet and made Carrie bring troops to end this fiefdom! Do you think that you can beat Carrie’s army with just steel? Do you want to die in here? Escape! Are you going to be worthy of your father if you die in here?” Suesha was scolding Xiao Yu non-stop. Although she was angry on the surface she was trying to persuade Xiao Yu to escape. It was a proof that the 4th sister in law was a good person in heart.

“Don’t worry about me! I have a way to beat Carrie. I will bring mercenaries after a few days and they will help us to defeat him!” Xiao Yu said in a confident manner.

However, no one believed Xiao Yu’s statement about bring a bunch of mercenaries to beat Carrie. Xiao Yu was known as a liar who could lie without blinking his eye.

They would need at least 2000 to 3000 mercenaries to beat Carrie which meant they had to spend around few hundred thousand gold coins.

The financial situation of the territory was rock bottom.

“Master, you should still leave the territory. If you have the determination then you can get the revenge when you get the chance in the future.” Housekeeper Hong said after he sighed.

He always thought that Xiao Yu would escape anytime. But he didn’t expect that Xiao Yu would stay in the town for the last half a month.

Xiao Yu sighed as he looked the despair in Uncle Hong’s eyes. He knew that no-one believed that he would be able to beat Carrie: “Uncle Hong, rest assured. I said I’ll be able to protect my territory and I will!”

At the same time, a soldier entered the room.

“Carrie has sent a message.” Xiao Yu looked at the scroll in the soldier’s hand.

“Tell him that if he wants a war he will get one. I’m here and I’ll be waiting for him.” Xiao Yu calmly said.

“Master, it’s time for you to escape.” Housekeeper Hong and Captain Hui tried to advise Xiao Yu.

Actually, these last days both Housekeeper Hong and Captain Hui had tried to change minds of Xiao Yu and ladies to leave. However, no one was planning to escape.

Xiao Yu had told that he would never leave. Housekeeper Hong was anxious. If Xiao Yu had such an awakening long before they wouldn’t have reached this situation that they faced. However, if Xiao Yu died then they wouldn’t be able to face Xiao Zhan Tian in the afterlife.

The date of the battle was set to three days later.

Xiao Yu was feeling confident as he looked at 200 orc warriors, 200 elven archers, and 100 elven hunters train.

Because of constant battles in the last half-a-month, 200 orc warriors had reached level 2. The elf archers were almost level 2. The 100 hunters were weak at defense and Xiao Yu was afraid that he would lose them very easily. That’s why he didn’t plan to use them much in the initial battle. He felt that hunters would be useful only in pursuit.

Half of orc warriors were equipped with armor and upgraded weapons. They were able to deal twice the damage the normal orc warriors would be able to do. The elf archer would support them and Xiao Yu believed that they would be able to parry against four to five thousand soldiers as long as they tried to protect the town.

“Is it going to cost me to buy arrows?” Xiao Yu roared up as he heard system’s answer. Original, he bought armors to half of the orc warriors because of lack of money. Now, the system was telling him that he would have to pay for the arrows too.

Fortunately, it wasn’t expensive. He could buy a bag of arrows for 5 gold coins. Each bag had twenty arrows. In addition to arrows, he had to pay for equipment, wear and repairs fees and everything.

Xiao Yu was planning to build Ancient of Wonders to upgrade armor, bow, and arrows of elves. But he was taken aback when he saw the requirements: 20,000 gold coins and 1000 meritorious service points.

It was only to build the Ancient of Wonders. He would need thousands of gold coins for upgrades.

It was relatively cheap to buy blacksmith shop and other buildings with your first base. However, everything began to expensive with the expansion of the second base.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. Captain Hui had mobilized four hundred soldiers of the territory for the battle.

However, none of the soldiers had morale or spirit for battle as they knew that the outcome will be nothing but defeat. The shadow of failure had shrouded the minds of the soldiers.

Although Xiao Yu had said that he would hire mercenaries they saw his words as nonsense. Few truthful words had come out from Xiao Yu’s mouth.

Housekeeper Hong was wearing a new dress as he looked at the sky: “Lord. This old slave will be loyal till the end and die in here. But, this slave is ashamed that he couldn’t send young master and ladies away.” At the same time, tears began to flow down from his face.

Xiao Yu’s first three sisters-in-law were sitting in the room looking at a pot of fresh fruit juice. It was honey juice which was their favorite drink. They hadn’t drunk it in a long time because of the financial problems of the territory.

It is going to be their last drink as there was poison mixed in it.

Suesha was wearing her military uniform and standing on the walls of the town ready to fight until death.

However, in the morning an army came towards the town.

At first, Captain Hui thought that it was Carrie’s army. But he was surprised to see Xiao Yu standing in front of the troops.

“What’s going on? Did he really hire mercenaries? On what conditions this prodigal son has hired so many mercenaries?”

The mercenaries were strange. Their bodies were covered with huge cloaks. The ones in the front were burly and two meters tall. They looked like very strong soldiers. The ones in the back had slender and symmetrical bodies. Those ones were carrying fine carved bows and arrows.

In front of that team, a woman was riding a white tiger. Her body was covered with a cloak and only her pair of eyes were exposed. Those eyes belonged to a very conceited and arrogant person.

“Young … young master. Did you hire them?” Captain Hui was perplexed and shocked.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Yes, this army will be able to resist Carrie!”

Captain Hui looked at the orc warriors walking in front. He knew that they were elite warriors: “It is a small army but seems to be made of elites. We have around 400 people in here and including our force of 400 we can protect our city. But we may not necessarily be able to defeat Carrie’s army.”


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  1. for a self proclaimed good warcraft player not chosing grom’s ult is pretty noobish.

    thank you for the chapter!

    1. Did you read it properly? The only skills that the blademaster could learn were Wind Walk, Omnislash, Critical Strike ‘-‘

  2. The fact that none of the surviving bandits have revealed what happened to other clans, is just preposterous. Pure idiocy.

    1. There is a saying that characters are the reflection of their creator. What did you expect from the creator of such a retard of an mc? There are more plot holes in this novel than the number of chapters i have managed to read so far lol ^_^

  3. He should just keep quite and say nothing of his sisters and servant pleading but he shows his childhood confident attitude. Such a bratty mc!

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