WOWFRD – Ch 119

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Chapter 119

These days the bandits in the Eagle camp were working to together to get all the materials in preparation of the ware. The bandits didn’t feed on grass so the logistic supply for such a large-scale operation was a big.

    United States didn’t just play a crucial role in WW2 because of excellent training of the soldiers or their equipment. They were successful because of their successful management. Eisenhower became the chief in command of the allied forces as their had the resources to plan Normandy landing.

    Xiao Yu had already sent information regarding this pre-war situation to the Lion town. He couldn’t just let the spies from the Lion town gather information as they would be unreliable.

    He asked Tyrande to come every night close to the Eagle camp. She could stay invisible in the shadows even with her white tiger. In short, she was the most appropriate messenger. Xiao Yu had Wind Walk, Teleportation and Heroic Leap skills which were handy in sneaking out from the Eagle camp every night.

    Lion town was long aware of the situation. So they were preparing their troops, weapons and supplies to the war too.

    Although the bandits had more than 100,000 people but Lion town wasn’t the Lion town from the past. Xiao Yu had more number of heroes. He had increased the level of equipment used by the summoned warriors. Vast majority of the grunts had reached level 8. All the warriors that he had summoned were at least level 2 with a skill or two. Xiao Yu had bought level 2 equipment for all of them to increase the combat effectiveness. In addition, he had 500 orcs that he had saved himself.

    In addition to these, the regular army of the Lion town was made of 10000 soldiers. Although they were not elite soldiers but because of the policies made by Xiao Yu their morale had reached peak. They were like tigers that were anxious to get a few heads back to be able to get rewards.

    They weren’t worried as their families would be taken care of even if they were killed in the war. Xiao Yu knew that he had at least 70% chance to win the battle with these troops if he commanded the battle the right way. Of course, it was Captain Hui and Mu Lee’s idea to stay on defense until the end. Xiao Yu was planning to kill all 100,000 bandits. He believed that his meritorious service points would increase and he would reach a higher level as a commander in the game system. That way he could upgrade his base and get more advanced troops.

    In fact, he had a bit of gap to reach the next level so he believed he would be able to upgrade as long as they were able to finish past the first phase of the war.

    After a month of preparations the bandits began to move towards the Lion town.

    The bandit leaders were in high spirit as they geared up towards the war because of Subaru’s encouragement in terms of gold coins. Subaru recently came up with specific numbers regarding the rewards. He told how many gold coins would be rewarded for each head of enemy and the number of gold coins that would be rewarded for the soldiers lost.

    The bandits were excited after the numbers were known. Some of them even thought about killing their friends as the compensation money for a head was far beyond their friendship.

    Only the bandit leaders who had knowledge from Bao knew that Subaru would be the final profiteer from this whole mess. Subaru would get the money if they didn’t fight.

    However, these people were greedy in nature. Although they were told details by Bao but still thought that they could get money and guard themselves. It was how a bird was killed for food.

    They knew that the gold was their demise but they still looked forward to get it.

    It was another proof that the bandit leaders were short-sighted and weren’t up to part with Subaru.

    Xiao Yu left the Eagle camp after the might army went towards the Lion town. He took 1000 heavy cavalry units and departed. 450 of these 1000 heavy cavalry were his own knights while 550 belonged to Subaru.

    First, Subaru wanted to disperse and assign Xiao Yu’s knights to other teams. However, because of the fight between Xiao Yu and Bao he pulled them back. Subaru spoke many times with Xiao Yu but Xiao Yu didn’t go to compromise.

    Subaru later decided to let go of the issue. He believed that others would be suspicious of him if he urged Xiao Yu to assign his troops to different teams. Moreover, Subaru believed that Xiao Yu wouldn’t be a threat to him because he had just 450 heavy cavalry units. Subaru wouldn’t allow such thing if Xiao Yu had thousands of bandits.

    Cavalry was much faster than infantry so Xiao Yu was able to bypass the main troops of the bandits in short time. The bandits were planning to go to siege so they were taking equipment with them too. They were very slow in comparison to heavy cavalry units. Xiao Yu had Subaru’s permission so there was no problem for him either.

    Xiao Yu’s troops were about thirty miles away from the Lion town.

    Xiao Yu looked at a terrain and said: “That hillside is about ten miles from the Lion town. It’s above the jungle so the best place for us to hide and observe the battle!”

    Xiao Yu mainly was talking to 550 cavalry members. He was making them believe that they had come to observe the battle.

    Subaru wasn’t worried about Xiao Yu using any tricks as 550 more knights were with Xiao Yu too.

    They stood on the hill as they watched the surroundings. Only the Lion town was like a large open space. The terrains were complex. This place was specifically chosen to build the town because of strategic considerations.

    Xiao Yu ordered the knights to rest while he went out to explore the surroundings and the situation.

    This time they weren’t going to go for battle so they were wearing light armor.

    Xiao Yu told them that as a Commander he had to personally see the terrain in person to decide and come up with strategies.

    In fact, it was Rommel’s military theory that a commander had to observe the terrain to launch an attack. He would personally use a helicopter to do so each time.

    Now, Xiao Yu was using his theory.

    Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to use the summoned heavy cavalry in the defense battle so he didn’t care much about them. He had to personally return to the Lion town to lead the defense. All he needed was an excuse to leave everyone and get back.

    And he had come up with excuses long time ago.

    The war was about to begin.

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