WOWFRD – Ch 118

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Chapter 118

 There was excitement expressed on faces of all the bandit leaders after the meeting was over. They geared up as they thought about the big money they could earn through the battle. There were so many bandit groups that had come together which meant that there would be tens of millions of gold coins to be collected into the fund.

    Tens of millions of gold coins was almost as big as a yearly revenue of a large principality. Of course, such a Grand Duchy would spend a lot of money to keep their cities stay afloat. According to the bandit leaders the previous groups had already beaten Xiao Zhan Tian back then so Xiao Yu would face the same fate.

    In fact, Lion territory’s status in the continent or within the Dynasty was the same. Even the Wang family was able to spend spare money to buy magic items but would Lion town be able to financially handle such purchases? Moreover, Lion town had to supply the soldiers with armor and weapons. At best, they thought that Lion town had a million or two million gold coins because of Xiao Yu had plundered the bandit groups but not more than that.

    A Principality such a Kahn country could afford to keep such a big army as their annual income was more than 10 million gold coins but not Lion town.

    Xiao Yu wouldn’t even be able to confront a giant such as Kahn country without Master Theodore’s help.

    Wei Principality’s revenue was few million gold coins per year but because of Wei Hao’s extravagant life and lack of intent for expansion their military strength was worse than the others. That’s why Xiao Yu wasn’t afraid of Wei Hao even if Wei Hao decided to fight against Xiao Yu because of Mu Lee.

    Xiao Yu went out to find Bao to explain Subaru’s scheme. Otherwise, Xiao Yu was afraid that Bao wouldn’t be able to see through Subaru’s purpose. Bao would even sell Xiao Yu out. Bao had called Xiao Yu a brother but it didn’t mean that he really meant it. Xiao Yu was clear that everything was based on mutual benefits.

    Actually, Bao, after Subaru’s speech, had changed his mind. He believed that Subaru may not be intending to swallow them.

    Xiao Yu believed that these bandits didn’t have any insights regarding the future they faced. All what they did was to loot and plunder.

    Xiao Yu began to explain the real purpose behind Subaru’s move. He said: “Why would he spend so much if Subaru didn’t have any ambition?”

    Bao realized that Xiao Yu was telling the truth more he began to listen to Xiao Yu’s explanation. Seemingly unselfish move by Subaru which seemed to be in favor of the alliance was certainly to Subaru’s advantage.

    “Subaru is too vicious.” Bao’s eyes lit up.

    Xiao Yu comforted Bao: “Big Bro, don’t get too angry now. Subaru is more cunning and vicious than we think of him. We must make a good plan to kill him. Otherwise, he we will be no more after the war finishes. We have to inform the other leaders so that they are aware of Subaru’s intentions and don’t put too much of effort to the war. We have to save strength as much as possible so that we can retort when Subaru exposes his nature. This time there would be more people who would join our cause and I hope we will be able to kill Subaru in one move.”

    Xiao Yu knew that Subaru was a good strategist but this was a golden opportunity for him. He could play the rest against Subaru as long as he deceived these bandit leaders.

    However, now Xiao Yu had another problem. He had to find an excuse to get back to Lion town to lead the battle to defend the town.

    At the end of the day the number of these troops was too much. They would be sending only half of their troops but there would be more than 100,000 bandits.

    According to the intelligence reports gathered by Captain Hui Subaru had all together close to 100,000 bandits. However, Subaru himself had about 100,000 bandits under his control. The numbers increased a lot after the other bandit leaders joined him.

    It was true that they were bandits but not elite soldiers. However, he couldn’t underestimate their strength in terms of quantitative nature. Xiao Yu felt that there were other forces supporting them. Otherwise, it was impossible for Subaru to get such large troops on his own strength,

    Xiao Yu made a wild guess that the force backing Subaru was the Western Cloud Empire. Subaru had nearly 40,000 light cavalry troops even though he lacked heavy cavalry units. Only the Western Cloud Empire focused on and emphasized using light cavalry units. It was the main reason behind their rapid battle style.

    How could Subaru gather 40000 horses if he wasn’t backed by Western Cloud Empire? How much money would he need to buy 40,000 horses? Would even merchants from Western Cloud Empire agree to sell him so many horses?

    Lion territory was in a buffer zone between the Sky Lion Dynasty and the Western Cloud Empire. Western Cloud Empire could easily pass through to the Central Plains and occupy the wealthy territories of the Sky Lion Dynasty in the future when the chaos occurred because of inner strife. Xiao Yu would also do the same if he was the king of the Western Cloud Empire.

    Xiao Yu was already aware that Western Cloud Empire support small bandit groups but it seems that they were backing large bandit groups too.

    Bao went to gather others to explain Subaru’s intentions while Xiao Yu went over to find Subaru. He had to find a temporary excuse to get back to Lion town to resist the attack of the bandits.

    Xiao yu entered the hall: “Leader Subaru, I want also to participate with my heavy cavalry forces against the Lord of the Lion town. I want get meritorious deeds too.”

    Subaru laughed: “It’s my blessing that Commander Zhang is loyal to me. But we lack heavy cavalry so I can’t get you guys injured now. I treat heavy cavalry men as my babies. Moreover, we will be going for siege so it is not an appropriate battleground for the heavy cavalry.”

    Xiao Yu was already expecting such an answer. Right now, he was the commander of the Third Heavy Cavalry team of the Eagle Camp. Subaru naturally wouldn’t want them get any damage.

    Subaru was planning to use 30,000 people in the upcoming battle. Moreover, he was going to send the most useless people from his own camp. Why would a smart man like Subaru would send his beloved heavy cavalry into such a battle? He mainly focused on light cavalry but he knew that the great role of heavy cavalry in some battles.

    Xiao Yu’s eyebrows wrinkled up: “I’m eager to kill the enemy! I can’t sit back and do nothing while our brothers are going to a battle. Allow me to take my troops and wait for an opportunity to strike to have a surprise affect. We will make a heavy blow!”

    Subaru laughed as he patted Xiao Yu’s shoulder: “Commander Zhang, I understand your feelings. But this time I don’t intend to use heavy cavalry units. There will be lots of times when we will ask for your assistance in the upcoming wars. There will be chances where you can show off your skills.”

    Xiao Yu had a disappointed expression on his face: “At least, let me take my people to watch the battle from afar. I want this heavy cavalry see what a real battlefield is. I won’t get involved in the battle without your order.”

    Subaru replied: “Alright, take your people and observe the battle. But don’t go out with the rest of the other forces. Make sure that they are not aware of your leave. Otherwise, they will tell that I’m favoring my own forces. Find a place to hide and observe the battle. I will send a proper signal in case I deem your help necessary. Don’t get into the battle without my order, do you understand me?”

    Xiao Yu bowed: “Yes, sire. A soldier who doesn’t listen to the command of his leader is not a good soldier.”

    Subaru felt good when he listened to Xiao Yu’s words: “I believe that asking for Commander Zhang to join me was one of the wisest decision I have made. This is the difference between a real soldier and a bandit.”

    Xiao Yu bowed his head while his eyes lit up.

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  1. Honestly i’m really not finding the number of more than 200k bandits realistic… The territory doesn’t even have half as much civilians ffs… These bandits would consume such enormous ammounts of food it just doesn’t feel achievable… It would need such a massive supply convoy to keep them going… 200k army would be a burden even to a country let alone bandits… It’s not like they can hunt their food or plunder to feed this many man… There is not enough animals nor villages to plunder to feed more than 200k bandits so i guess the food is just falling from the sky?

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