WOWFRD – Ch 116

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Chapter 116

Xiao Yu got rid of the corpse and went back to his own barracks. A lot of new barracks were made to arrange the new comers to the Eagle Camp. Actually, because of its history the Eagle camp was big enough to accommodate all the bandits that joined the alliance.

In fact, the Eagle camp was bigger than Lion town. Xiao Yu was aware that the Eagle camp was a hidden danger to the Lion territory.

The wealth accumulated at Eagle camp was much more than Lion town. Originally, Eagle bandits were the largest bandit group close to the Lion territory. The ambitions of their previous leader was quite big too. Now, Subaru was planning to take it a step ahead and integrate all the northwest and rule it like a king. However, this plan had a lot of hidden dangers too which had given Xiao Yu an opportunity to solve the bandit problem for good.

The hidden dangers to Subaru was the fear and resistance of the other bandit leaders. No one would sit idle and observe their groups be integrated into another bandit group. The norhwest had been in chaos for many years and Subaru’s aim of becoming the ruler of the northwest wasn’t an easy feat.

Subaru was aware that he would encounter resistance. It was the sole reason he had decided not to attack Xiao Yu. He would take his time to assimilate the bandit groups.

Subaru was a man of talent and brains. Unfortunately for him he had met Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu and Lightning Bao began to argue and fight the next few days. Several times Bao threatened to kill Xiao Yu in front of many others.

There was a rumor that Xiao Yu had dirtied Bao’s clothes. However, Bao wasn’t satisfied with the compensation that Xiao Yu had come forward. One thing had led to another and Xiao Yu and Bao had become enemies.

Subaru personally came forward to intervene in this matter. Bao accused Xiao Yu of killing his underling. Xiao Yu denied such an activity. He even bluntly said that nobody would dare to kill anyone within the Eagle camp!

Many leaders saw Xiao Yu and Bao argue and fight. Xiao Yu pulled out his 450 heavy cavalry men from the third heavy cavalry team to duel with Bao. Originally, Subaru had assigned Xiao Yu’s men to different platoons while made Xiao Yu commander of the third cavalry team. But now, Xiao Yu had come with a reasonable argument that he had to pull back his men or the others wouldn’t listen to him if a fight occured. In addition, Xiao Yu told to Subaru that he had to take back his men under his control as Bao’s forces were too many and he would be killed easily if Bao wanted to attack in batches.

Subaru talked with Bao too. But Bao was a hot-blooded man. Subaru believed that if it wasn’t for him then Bao would have killed Xiao Yu long time ago.

It was a very common thing in perspective of every leader. There were so many leaders together so it was normal for an infighting to happen. After all, they were lone wolves before and know all of them were caged together. Moreover, some bandit groups weren’t looking at others in favor since long ago. That’s why it was normal for conflicts to arise. Subaru knew that he couldn’t avoid these problems if he wanted to swallow the bandit groups but he had to solve them. It was a test for him.

After all, he was the king of the alliance. It was necessary for Subaru to use stick and carrot method to control these bunch of rogues.

The relationship between Bao and Xiao Yu seemed to be stable on surface after Subaru’s mediations. However, they would look at each other with fury and anger whenever they passed by each other.

Naturally, this act was part of Xiao Yu’s plan. He knew that there were quite a few medium-sized bandit groups within the Eagle camp. Even if he used Lightning Bao he wouldn’t be able to fight against all of them. So he had planned to sow the seeds of dissatisfaction this way. If Xiao Yu and Bao got closer then the others would be suspicious of them. As a result, Xiao Yu came forward with this idea for them to act as fire and water. Lightning Bao would be getting closer to the leader who didn’t want to be part of the alliance while Xiao Yu pretended to join Subaru’s side. He wanted to get a more favorable position in Subaru’s mind.

Xiao Yu’s plan was successful. Not only their plan succeeded but Subaru began to put more trust in Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu wasn’t a rookie too. So he said a lot of bad words about Bao in front of Subaru. As a result, Xiao Yu’s plan had successfully finished the third stage.

The first stage of the plan was to pretend to be a bandit and join Subaru’s alliance. The second step was to act jointly with another leader and bring together all the leaders that had grievances with Subaru. The third stage was to get Subaru’s trust and make him think of Xiao Yu as his subordinate.

Xiao Yu would use stealth mode to sneak into Bao’s residence and talk to him about their plans. In addition to Subaru, Xiao Yu had earned Bao’s respect and trust too. They were slowly able to bring together leaders who were dissatisfied with Subaru and the plot was in action. Xiao Yu offered Bao to offer leader good benefits after Subaru’s death or ask them to control the Eagle camp together with him.

Subaru was kept in dark about all of these. Actually, Subaru thought that all the bandit leaders were rogues with rebellious characters. He didn’t believe that they would overcome their differences to join together to deal with him. All he was planning was to slowly swallow those bandit groups. He was planning to do it one by one. Moreover, Subaru believed that the bandits were afraid of Xiao Yu. He thought that they would be decimated one by one by Xiao Yu if they didn’t think with him. In addition, breaking up of the alliance meant that Xiao Yu would hunt them down one by one.

Xiao Yu wasn’t wrong but had underestimated his enemy. He was right about the characters of the bandit leaders. It would be very difficult to bring together all that bunch but it didn’t mean that he was the only one with such an ambition. Moreover, he didn’t think that Xiao Yu would play such a big role to unite the leaders that opposed him.

Additionally, Subaru believed that a leader of a small bandit group such as Xiao Yu wouldn’t dare to go against him. He believed that only the leaders of middle-size bandit groups such as Bao would be the ones to plot. So he fully trust Xiao Yu.

Lightning Bao didn’t think much about Xiao Yu too. He believed that Xiao Yu’s strength was too weak to oppose him or try to get power out of his hands after they got rid of Subaru. Bao assumed that Xiao Yu was in this plot only for benefits. Why would a small timer bandit like Xiao Yu would get involved in this? Bao assumed that Xiao Yu’s intention was to become the deputy of the future leader of the alliance.

In fact, if Xiao Yu wasn’t the lord of the Lion territory he would even think about going for such a scheme. At the end of the day he was just a bandit without any fame.

The plan was in progress. Bao was working on the side while Subaru was planning to quicken the integration of the bandit groups. He had developed a number of plans to attack the Lion town to weaken the strength of disobedient leaders.

The war was ahead!

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