WOWFRD – Ch 115

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Chapter 115

Xiao Yu brought 20,000 gold coins to find Lightning Bao to drink the same night. Bao politely declined the money but Xiao Yu urged him to get the money as part of the ceremony where a younger brother showed respect to the older.

Lightning Bao laughed as he felt more closer to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu hesitated a bit when he saw the people in the room: “Big Brother, these people …”

Bao glanced at everyone: “Brother rest assured as they are my confidants. We won’t have problems with them.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Brother, this matter must be kept secret. Otherwise, both of us would die without a grave…”

Bao nodded as he understood the seriousness of the matter. He sent reliable guards to patrol outside so that nobody eavesdropped at them.

“Brother, what do you think about the problem?” Bao asked after he arranged the patrols.

Xiao Yu pondered a bit: “In fact, I have two ideas. First is to combine all the dissatisfied leaders and force out from here together at a suitable time. We have to catch Subaru unprepared to do so. Moreover, Subaru will have to weigh in his options if our force is very large. He is likely would let us leave. He won’t be able to keep us here if our strength is big.”

Bao nodded: “What about the second idea?”

Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up: “The second idea is pretty simple. I recommend Big Brother Bao to replace Subaru. You will be the leader of this alliance and king of the northwest.”

Lightning Bao’s heart jumped up when he heard Xiao Yu’s words. He always felt that he could have more than ten thousand bandits under his control. Now, Xiao Yu’s proposal had thrown his heart into chaos.

“Brother what do you mean …” Bao pretended dumb about the matter.

Xiao Yu looked around then turned to focus on Bao: “Big brother, I think Subaru snatched this seat from someone else. So, why can’t we snatch it from him? As long as we do a careful planning and deliberate action then we can kill Subaru. The camp would fall into Brother Bao’s hands. Was your previous camp as big as this one? Why don’t you take it?”

Bao’s face expression was uncertain but he was tempted by Xiao Yu’s proposal. However, he thought that there was a chance to grab the place.

Many leaders didn’t directly obey Subaru. If he could bring them together then he would have the opportunity to kill Subaru. Afterwards, everything will be under his control.

Xiao Yu knew that Bao was tempted looking at Bao’s expression. The underlings and other close leaders were excited too. They would be the direct beneficiaries if Bao replaced Subaru.

Bao slowly said after a while: “Brother, its a big proposal…I have to think about it.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Big brother should think but I have to tell you my own thoughts. I have less than 500 troops and I’m not even qualified to be a third-rate power within the camp. I’m a small band leader. I know that I have to climb and attach to high brances to live in this age. I have grabbed from Big brother’s sleeves so your decision is my decision.”

Bao stood up as he walked within the room. He looked excited and worried. There was a complex look on his face.

If he succeeeded then he would have almost 100000 bandits under his control.. If he failed he would be killed! At first, it seemed that the first option was better. He could be the little emperor of his own place.

However, he knew that if he missed this chance he would no longer have a second chance like this.

Bao was a brave man. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have got such a big force from scratch.

There was firmness in Bao’s eyes as he looked at Xiao Yu: “Brother, do you think we will be able to control this camp after we kill Subaru?”

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment: “Brother, it’s not about me only. It depends on your ability. Your forces is one of the largest in here.. As long as we find a way to kill the disobedient leaders then brother will be the king of this place. We will carefully make a plan and you can make some promises to other leaders. After we kill Subaru then you can kill them too. Brother will be the real king if there is no one who wants to take your seat.”

Bao added: “We will make the plan. If we are successful then we can control this camp together.”

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “Brother, I’m not a greedy man. I just want to be a deputy as long as brother is the king!”

Bao turned more happy: “Haha.. I’m honored to be working with you.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “In fact, I came over with this idea after I met big brother and talked with you personally.”

Bao nodded: “I won’t treat my little brother badly in the future.”

Xiao Yu and Bao began to plan and discuss with others. After the midnight Xiao Yu took his leave as they agreed on a plan.

Bao tossed and turned in his bed as he couldn’t sleep because of the excitement.

In fact, Xiao Yu hadn’t left too. He had used the stealth mode of the Wind Walk and stood outside Bao’s barracks. He waited for few hours. It was almost dawn when a person came out from Bao’s barracs and rushed away.

It was very dark but Xiao Yu’s vision was better. He followed the man.

The patrols were very strict about the outside of the camp but internally there were no frequent check ups. The place was deserted as everyone was sleeping.

Xiao Yu followed the man. He saw that the person was going towards Subaru’s residence.

Xiao Yu snorted and teleported. He appeared behind the person and used his dagger to cut off his neck.

Xiao Yu was also a second-rank warrior with powerful skills. It would be even very difficult for another second-rank warrior to get away from him let alone such a bandit. Moreover, Xiao Yu had done a sneak attack so he was able to kill without a problem.

Xiao Yu picked up man’s body and head and rushed back to Bao’s barracks. He knocked Bao’s door a few times.

“Who is there?” Bao asked.

Xiao Yu whispered: “Big Brother, it is me.”

Bao opened the door: “Brother, what are you doing so late?”

Xiao Yu picked up that man’s head: “Brother, I killed one of your people.”

Bao saw the man’s head and asked: “Why did you kill him?” He had seen a lot of things so he knew there was no meaning in shouting out lout.

Xiao Yu asked: “Big Brother, do you know where I killed him?”

Bao frowned: “where?”

Xiao Yu said: “Close to Subaru’s residence. About few hundred meters away.”

Bao’s facial expression turned surprised then serious. He kept silent

Xiao Yu said: “Big Brother, I know that Subaru is good at buying people. Few of my men have become very close to him. I know that brother trusts everyone but there would be someone who would be sold to Subaru. So after our discussion I didn’t leave but lurked around your barracks. As I expected this person came out and rushed towards Subaru’s residence. Big Brother, have you seen him act differently in recent times?”

Bao slowly said: “I thought that he was acting strange but he had worked for me for so many years… I didn’t think he would betray me.”

Xiao Yu said in a serious tone: “Big Brother, if you are successful then you will become king and I’ll be reach. But if we wail then both of us will die. So we have to be careful. It’s better for us if less people know about our plans.”

Bao nodded: “Brother, you are worthy of being from a knight origin. You consider more things than I do.”

Xiao Yu sighed: “I have experienced a lot of backstabbings. I would have died if I wasn’t careful.”

Bao patted his shoulder: “Brother, I’m honored to be working with you. After we succeed you will be second in command while I’ll be the king.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “I hope big brother will not forget about me.”
This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu
I won’t be able to release today’s regular chapter as its very late in here but hopefully I will publish 2 regular chapters during the next release.

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  1. If the MC can go stealth and blink blink…why not directly kill Sabaru on his sleep and be done with it…if someone rises and become the leader, he can kill him again. As a cycle goes on no one will have the interest to become one and they will become chaotic and then disperse or he can kill all the ranking officers with his OP skills and disguise…then he can start his petty hunting games.

    1. he doesnt want to just get rid of it .. if he does that all of their treasuers will be split up and he wont be able to get those stuff… that’s what he wants he doesnt want to just eradicate them as that will be too easy .. he can just use poison after all he can get in and out of camp no problem.. or he can bring Leah and grom and slaughter everyone

      1. its simple actualy mr.upstairs yours is to complicated lets be direct its for the plot ok the juicy plot and mr upstairs of the guy upstairs the author could do as you say but do you think it will be more fun and exciting than this

  2. its simple actualy mr.upstairs yours is to complicated lets be direct its for the plot ok the juicy plot and mr upstairs of the guy upstairs the author could do as you say but do you think it will be more fun and exciting than this

  3. In the meantime the other bandits are trying to strike a conversation with mc’s heavy cavalry soldiers.

    Random bandit: So umm how is the bandit life treatin ya after so many years in the army hahaha
    Soldier: Umm, me don’t know, me follow orders!
    Random bandit: Ahh okkk…… so how about you pal!?
    Soldier 2: Me help commander! Me crush enemies!!!
    Random bandit: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Random bandit: [Fk me, why are there so many retards? Do they feed something to these poor sobs that lower their iq or somethin in the army?] O_O

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