WOWFRD – Ch 114

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Chapter 114

The atmosphere during the dinner was harmonious. Moreover, most of the leader looked down at Xiao Yu. At the end of the day Xiao Yu had just brought 450 heavy cavalry men. There were medium-sized bandit group leaders who had thousands even ten thousands troops. Xiao Yu’s status with the number of troops he had would qualify him as a leader of a small bandit group. However, he was a bit higher because of the heavy cavalry. Xiao Yu wasn’t concerned much about it as his intention wasn’t to be part of the bandits.

As a result, he continued to live in the Eagle camp. He had nothing to do so most of time time he would train his knights. He had a calm look on his face as he observed the situation in the camp. First of all, he tried to find the weaknesses of the bandit camp.

However, he found out that the height and thickness of the walls of this bandit camp was much stronger in comparison to Lion town. He would need more than 50,000 troops to charge from front if he couldn’t find a way for a surprise attack.

Naturally, the camp wasn’t made by Subaru. The previous leader who had built the camp died of old age. Subary got rid of his competitors to the ‘throne’ and took the seat of the leader.

Xiao Yu choose to go with his second plan. He began to get on goog terms with other leaders of the camp.

On surface it seemed unintentional but Xiao Yu deliberately hit a leader called Lightning Bao. This man had more than ten thousand bandits under his control. He had a rebellious character and seemed to be dissatisfied with Subaru’s actions. Xiao Yu had clearly seen his dissatisfaction with Subary at the dinner.

“I’m sorry… Sorry… It’s Leader Bao! It seems that this clothing of yours would cost about thousands of gold coins. I will send 20,000 gold coins so that Leader Bao could forgive me.” Xiao Yu said with a smile.

Bao had a dislike towards Xiao Yu since Xiao Yu joined them. He got angry when Xiao Yu hit him but Xiao Yu’s words extinguished the fire in his heart.

“Be careful when you walk around. I’m afraid you will lose your life if you get into sites of other groups.” Lightning Bao looked at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu quickly said: “True! This young brother would remember Leader Bao’s teachings. I’m new so I don’t understand most of the rules. Hopefully, Leader Bao would take care of me in the future.”

Lightning Bao looked at Xiao Yu: “Aren’t you already following Subary? Why should I take care of you?”

Xiao Yu smiled: “I hope Leader Bao isn’t serious. What do you think Subary thinks of a small man such as me? Would I be willing to come here if I wasn’t forced to do so?”

Xiao Yu seemed as if reading Lightning Bao’s heart. He would also not come here if the situation wasn’t so.

Lightning Bao saw the light in Xiao Yu’s eyes: “Subary said to us that our aim is to destroy the Lion territory. But he had used various excuses to shirk from his promise up to now. We have yet to attack Lion town but a lot of small groups has already been swallowed by him.”

Xiao Yu shouted out in his heart: “This is the best what I could wish for! Thank God!!! HaHaHA…”

Xiao Yu added: “Leader Bao, I’m a leader of small group so I have to seek refuge in these chaotic times. But how could a hero like you can’t go back? Moreover, isn’t Subaru’s forces a bit more than other groups? I think Subary has just given this excuse to bring all the groups together and integrate into one. Does he plan to be the king of the northwest?”

Xiao Yu remark was like swiping butter onto the bread.

Lightning Bao turned around to see no one, so he continued in a cold tone: “You are right.. But he will never ever be a proper leader. He had inherited this place from the previous group leader. However, all of us have worked from bottom to top. How can he be any better than us?”

Xiao Yu had a depressed look on his face. He sighed: “Unfortunately, there is no way out since I have come into this place. Originally, Subary had promised a lot but those words had become winds…”

Bao continued in a cold tone: “It is not necessarily so. I’m not the only one to share this views. I believe that if other leaders join me then we will be able to get what we want.”

Xiao Yu shook his head: “Big brother… I’ll call you brother Bao from now own. I believe that Brother Bao’s heart is way too clean as you can’t see through the plans of Subaru. I have been in here for few days and I have seen what’s happening with small groups like mine. On the surface, they call it the expansion of the army but they have distributed my knights to different teams. These soldiers don’t care about who they follow as we are bandits. They will follow the one who will treat them well. Subaru isn’t shy of anything too. I am afraid my soldiers won’t follow my orders after a while.”

Lightning Bao got angry: “Fuck Subaru! I am aware that he has secretly contacted few leaders under my command…”

Xiao Yu patted Bao’s shoulder: “Brother Bao, my only regret is joining this alliance. If brother finds a way to leave this place then please don’t forget this little brother of yours. I don’t want to stay here but my strength is not enough to get out… I believe that you will hear the news about my death if I take my forces and leave this place.”

Lightning Bao spat out: “Fuck him! A while ago leader Cobbs left but we heard that troops from the Lion town killed him! Would the soldiers of the Lion town come to a distance place such as this? Obviously, it was Subaru who had sent people to kill him. It seems that if I show the dissatisfaction on surface then I’ll be fated to have the same end.”

Xiao Yu was excited in his heart but calm on surface: “Brother Bao, don’t get angry… If Subary sees your state then both of us will be finished. We are someone else’s turf… Moreover, we don’t know how much of our army we control. We can’t act so easily or we will provoke trouble.”

Bao knew that Xiao Yu was telling the truth. He suppressed the anger in his heart. He was the Lord of his own camp and was a small emperor! But now he had become a useless man.

“Subaru won’t be able to swallow my troops… I won’t let him do eat easily even if I die at the end.” Bao spoke out in bitter tone.

Xiao Yu patted Lightning Bao’s shoulder: “Brother Bao, don’t get angry. If brother Bao wants to get out then this young brother has a few words to tell. Would you mind listening to me?”

Bao’s hate towards Xiao Yu had diminished. He was feeling sympathetic to him now: “Speak brother.”

Xiao Yu looked around and whispered: “I have this small plan. We have to find an opportunity to withdraw people to avoid fighting Subaru’s people. After all, we will lose a lot if we go for a battle. We will be back to our initial times as no ones.”

Bao pondered for a while: “It’s true that we will lose even if we will be victorious against Subaru.. We want a proper exit.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “I don’t have a good idea now but if I came out to drink with your tonight then we can discuss a proper plan. If we can combine others to our plan then we will have strength to act as we wish. In that case, Subaru wouldn’t be able to block us.”

Bao nodded: “Brother is wise man.. Not as rush as me..”

Xiao Yu smiled: “I will be relying on big brother’s help. If not for you I can’t do anything.”

Xiao Yu and Lightning Bao decided to come over to drink at night and discuss few things together.
This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

I have changed the name Lei Bao to Lightning Bao both to reflect his personality and take out the surname. The reason why I won’t use surnames of the proper bandits as they are not noble background so there is no sense for them to have surnames. I think all of us should unanimously agree that ‘surnames’ was only for noble lineages in the middle ages.. and this novel is reflecting such era.

Btw, I’m not sure whether the story is in azeroth or kalimdor… we just know that he is in that world.. so at the beginning Xiao Yu had even asked himself if he was in Azeroth continent.. most probably he is in azeroth continent but we can’t be sure yet…

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  1. Azeroth is the name of the world and not continent xD It’s either Eastern Kingdoms , Kalimdor , Northrend or Pandaria. Just for future reference xD

      1. nop , kalimdor y reinos del este son los dos grandes continentes con desierto azeroth es el planeta titan durmiente

  2. Well if he’s in the Alliance zones Stormwind should still exist and kinda famous so its more apt to say their in the Eastern Kingdoms cause if its Kalimdor the climate might be much worse…

    1. well judging from his territory , prolly near former Dwarfen/Gnome zones in Eastern Kingdoms or Horde zones in Kalimdor near Oggrimar or Thunderbluff.

      1. Still I believe its in the parts in Alliance Zones where its near the Horde Zones and places where the non-human alliance members is and also a huge chance for a location where mobs should had existed and near important roads… Well I can’t validate that also cause there’s only one city he visited where ‘vintage/historical’ building exist and these buildings might had been built in the time period where the key figures of Azeroth vanished(heck Cenarious and Medieve might had also vanished)

        1. if author didnt shift up land masses then Lion Town might be in the Alterac Valley, who knows… he hasnt given up much of a hint so yea..

          1. Thats why I kinda feel that author is not from heavily inclined gamer of WOW franchise sometimes and yeah it may be in those areas but I believe that the non-human races should had been slowly retreating to maps with higher levels and maybe near naga/undead territory or areas where once afflicted by fel… Still the story has some sense of rush but meh.. I just wish that these human race guys who truelly in a sense broke the alliance did not destroy key structures we kinda love lol

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