WOWFRD – Ch 113

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Chapter 113

Xiao Yu took his 450 heavy cavalry troop to Subaru’s camp.

Heavy cavalry units summoned from the base were totally different from the heavy cavalry units of this era. Normally, the heavy cavalry units of this era would use a powerful spear as the main weapon and have dagger and a small shield as an auxiliary weapons.

The heavy cavalry summoned from the human base used heavy swords which were no less in weight in comparison to the spears used by normal cavalry. Moreover, with a slash they would kill an ordinary infantry even in case if the blade of the heavy sword was blunt.

Moreover, the horses of these summoned cavalry were much more stronger than the horses used by the cavalry of this era. The cavalry from the game were meant to go to combat instantly after their summoning so both their riding skills and horses were of a better quality.

In addition, a cavalry unit learning to use a heavy sword wasn’t something that the people of this era could learn or adapt to. The heavy sword looked more than 100 pounds but these cavalry knights were using them as if they were knives. Although the moves that they could were limited as they could cut, hack or stab but if a group of such cavalry men got into a formation and had the flexbility such as them then their attack would become terrifying.

Additionally, it seemed as if the knights and horses were one. They ride the horses better than walking on their own legs. They could advanca and retreat as if they were dancing samba. The footwork of the horses was much better than the footwork shown by elite infantry.

However, these knights would be useless the point they unmounted from their horses. Their footwork would become messy and they wouldn’t know how to advance or retreat.

These were the pros and cons of the game system.

In order to cover their shortcomings, Xiao Yu trained them without their mounts. He came up with three routines. The first move was to move forward, slash, move forward and slash. The second move was to move back, slash, move back and slash. The third move was stab, rotate, slash and slash.

Their footwork wasn’t that good without their horses. But they were knights armed to the teeth so they didn’t need fancy footwork. They were good as long as they wont on rampage using their heavy swords.

Solid armor, for them to resist each other’s razor, a strong epee, will crush each other all the attacks and defense.

Xiao Yu once again tried to imitate the sword without a blade characteristics of the master. (condor heroes reference)

The summoned warriors were extremely powerful in certain aspects but completely dumb in other areas.

The grunts who had followed Xiao Yu for long time had learned a lot. Now they could even imitate his thinking style.

However, these knights were summoned not so long ago so their IQ wasn’t that high. As a result, they had to put a bit of effort to learn the strikes taught by Xiao Yu. Nevertheless, they learned everything Xiao Yu taught well. Even a 3 year old child could grasp these moves so the elite knights that practiced them for day and night learned without that much of hardship.

Moreover, the knights would have their strength, agility and other properties enhanced as they leveled up. They would learn a skill called Sprint when they reached level 3. The horses would be able to sprint rapidly from a short-range. It was excellent to cause gream harm to the enemy. At level 6 they would learn another skill that would give a dizziness effect as they slashed their heavy swords. At level 10 they would get their third skill called Oneness. The horse and knight would act as if they were one and same entity. As a result, horses would be able to help the knight with their legs to attack.

All of these skills were powerful. Needless to say heavy cavalry couldn’t spring in short-range. They needed a distance to increase their speed because of the heavy armor of the knights and the horses. For a heavy cavalry to sprint within a short distance the requirement for the fitness of the horse and the riding skills of the knight were very high. With the addition of this skill the heavy cavalry wouldn’t be good at fighting in group and formation but as a individual warriors too. They would sprint, slash, make the enemy dizzy, then slash again and continue on. Even the human warriors of this world would be helpless against such moves.

Xiao Yu believed that even a third-rank warrior would be killed if four or five heavy cavalry units attacked together after they had such skills.

However, their IQ wasn’t that high so it would be impossible for them to reach the level Xiao Yu was thinking about. Nevertheless, he believed that by the time they reached level 10 they would be a trump card in Xiao Yu’s hands.

Perhaps because of the strength of the warriors the game system limited the number of the warriors that could be summoned. Otherwise, Xiao Yu could summon lots of warriors and sweep through the continent.

The number of battles the heavy cavalry had gone through weren’t much. Moreover, none of those were large-scale battles so only a small part of the troops had reached level 3. Anyhow, they were very powerful. Xiao Yu seemingly had not that much troops but he could play them well if he can up with reasonable tactics.

OF course, Xiao Yu didn’t face the enemies with all the 450 cavalry men. He played tricks and used cavalry as auxiliary weapon.

Subaru came over personally to great Xiao Yu at the entrance. Heavy cavalry troops were indeed great help to him. Bandits were bandits. They would never compare to a regular army. There would always be a certain gap. It was possible that the bandits had better equipment but in terms of battle preparedness they were lacking.

“Haha. I have heard about Commander Zhang’s name for a long time. It’s exciting to meet you personally today.” Subaru laughed as he hugged Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu observed the man. He found out he had a dignified look and a burly body. Moreover, there was strong self-confidence expressed in his words and dees. The man was full of charisma. People would praise him as a hero just for his looks. No wonder, Subaru was able to gather so many people together.

Xiao Yu smiled: “I have heard about leader’s name too. You deserve your reputation. I hope that I would be of use to leader in the establishment of future plans.”

Subaru walked by Xiao Yu as they entered the camp: “I believe that I would be able to sweep through the northwest in the future as I got commander Zhang on my side. There would be no match to us!”

Xiao Yu had grown taller but he was still looking thin in comparison to Subaru.

Both of them sweet talked each other as they went into the camp. Subaru held a dinner to welcome Xiao Yu. It was a chance for Xiao Yu to seize the other leaders who had come to work together with Subaru.

Subaru had used ‘War against Lion territory’ to use carrot and stick method to bring down all the small bandit camps under his rule. All of them had part of his Eagle Bandits group. However, medium-sized bandit groups weren’t willing to be ruled by Subaru. Who would be willing to work under someone if they could rule alone?

But Xiao Yu’s attacks were so harsh that normal medium-sized bandit camps couldn’t resist him. Moreover, Xiao Yu was using Glavie Throwers and Demolishers in attacks. As a result, those medium-sized bandit camps decided to unit or they would be decimated.

Xiao Yu had wiped out more than 20 middle-sized bandit groups and countless small groups. He had plundered many treasures.

The medium-sized bandit groups existed for many years. They plundered and accumulated wealth over the team. However, this worked only for Xiao Yu’s advantage. Now, Lion town had lots of antiques, cosmetics, jewerly and so on in their warehouses.

Large bandit groups such as Subaru’s had existed much before Xiao Zhan Tian established Lion town. The wealth accumulated by them was much more than normal groups.

The northwest was a complicated place. It was a buffer zone with the Western Cloud Empire so the checks and balances both from political and economical perspective were a lot. In short, it was an area that couldn’t be unified easily.

At the beginning, Xiao Zhan Tian was ambitious as he wanted to unify the northwest and establish a strong Principality. But he faced a lot of problems. Lion territory was barren and he didn’t have soldiers. He couldn’t recruit more soldiers and the resources to feed them was limited.

At the time, few large bandit groups such as Subaru made a joint attack on Xiao Zhan Tian and made a fatal blow to him. Xiao Zhan Tian got depressed because of defeat.

They were bandits but their numbers were few times more than Xiao Zhan Tian’s troops. So they could just forget about military tactics and use a wave attack. Moreover, Xiao Zhan Tian’s army was made of temporary recruits and didn’t have proper training. He wasn’t leading elite troops of Sky Lion Dynasty.

The bandits had even wanted to kill Xiao Zhan Tian and rule over the area. However, they were worried that killing Grand Duke of an empire would make the Sky Lion Dynasty to prepare a crusade over them. Moreover, Lion town was at the edge of the northwest so it wasn’t much of a threat to them. Eventually, they let go of their idea.

But who would have known that Xiao Yu would rise up after his father’s death?

Xiao Yu observed other leaders to find who was dissatisfied with Subaru.

On surface it looked like a strong alliance but it was very unstable inside. Xiao Yu knew that he could use few hands from inside to collapse the alliance of bandits.

“I don’t understand their aims. Am I still a goalless university student?”
This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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  1. In the meantime the other bandits are trying to strike a conversation with mc’s heavy cavalry soldiers.

    Random bandit: So umm how is the bandit life treatin ya after so many years in the army hahaha
    Soldier: Umm, me don’t know, me follow orders!
    Random bandit: Ahh okkk…… so how about you pal!?
    Soldier 2: Me help commander! Me crush enemies!!!
    Random bandit: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Random bandit: [Fk me, why are there so many retards? Do they feed something to these poor sobs that lower their iq or somethin in the army?] O_O

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