WOWFRD – Ch 112

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Chapter 112

“Stop the caravan!” A bearded man pulled out the sword from his waist and pointed towards the caravan.

“Boss, we are just a small merchant team. We can pay Boss a fee if you can let us go past. I’m relying on this trip to make a bit of money for my old days…” The leader of the convoy looked at hundreds of heavy cavalry neatly arranged in rows. He had lost the idea to resistance because of the sight in front of him. If the bandits attacked now then they would kill all his guards.

“You know that bandits live in here but you still dare to pass through this route. Are you courting death?” The bearded man raised his chin as he asked in a cold tone.

“Boss, we know but we are forced to choose this route. We have gathered few men to take this risk to bit a bit of money.” The leader nodded his head.

The leader’s heart sank down as he didn’t expect to meet such powerful bandit group in this remote route. He would dare to face a battle if there were two or three hundred bandits. Some of his guards would die but it would mean that his profits would increase. However, the ones in front of him were much better equipped.

Bearded man looked at the leader: “It seems that the business is doing well in the Western Cloud Empire. Maybe, I should reconsider my job as a bandit and begin to trade too.”

“Boss is wise.” The leader of the caravan immediately flattered.

“Fart! It’s soo good to rob these days. I don’t have to go for a long journey. I don’t have to go through wind and rain. I don’t care even who I have to rob. I just need to grab what I want. Stealing is much better than trading. It’s a promising industry.. Hum! You are lucky that you met me today. Pay the tax and you may leave. Your little life would be taken away if you had met someone else…” The bearded man looked at the leader of the caravan. The leader nodded as he moved on and bring some good merchandise for the boss of the bandits. Moreover, he bowed in respect towards the boss of the bandits. He knew that he was lucky as the boss of the bandits decided not to kill them. After all, he could just kill them all and take everything.

The bearded man looked after caravan as if disappeared in the horizon: “Fuck! I have been robbing so long that Subaru had to know about me by now.”

The bearded man was Xiao Yu who had disguised himself as a bandit. He had pondered about many ways to deal with Subaru. However, at the end he decided to disguise as a bandit and mix with those groups. He would have opportunity to get information from inside and maybe even get an opportunity to kill Subaru.

For this, Xiao Yu had to get an identity for himself. He had contacted Shu Chi to buy all the people who were under Mu Lee’s wings. Wei Hao looked in favor for such a deal. One of those people sent from Wei to Lion territory was a heavy cavalry captain called Zhang Shan. However, the man was able to ‘flee’ away, half the way with his troops. No information about him was given. Xiao Yu used this identity to form a bandit group made out of heavy cavalry units. He knew that at one point Subaru would know about their existence and would want to draw them in. It was Xiao Yu’s intention all along.

Zhang Shan had a beard so Xiao Yu put on a fake one too. Afterwards, he occupied a place within the mountains and began to get involved in the looting and robbing.

Zhang Shan was a low-key man and not many people knew about him even in Hui city. It was the best identity that Xiao Yu could come up with.

Xiao Yu used hunter’s to get intelligence for him for a whole month as he continued to rob the caravans that passed through this area. However, he tried not to kill anyone. He got only money and sometimes molested few beauties.

Actually, within a month he was able to get more than 10,000 gold coins. As a result, he was hooked on this business.

Actually, he was considering to form a special group under the disguise of bandits and continue this business to increase the income of his territory.

Xiao Yu got back to his camp after they finished the job. The place he had chosen was not far from Subaru’s place. He believed that Subary would have noticed his presence by now. To make the things more natural he was just waiting for Subaru to come to ask him to join them. That’s why Xiao Yu didn’t take the initiative to go to find Subaru. He believed that as an ambitious man Subaru would definitely not let go of such a chance to have an elite heavy cavalry troops by his side.

It didn’t take long as a middle-aged man wearing a gorgeous gown came to their camp. He introduced himself as Subaru’s advisor.

Xiao Yu didn’t agree at first but invited the man to a cup of tea while he pretended to ponder about the offer.

“I thank the advisor to make such a trip but I don’t want to be attached to anyone else. You know, I was loyal to Wei’s lord for so long but look at where I ended up. Right now, I’m happy as a free man.” Xiao Yu politely declined the offer.

“I understand that. Wei Hao is an incompetent man. But the chaotic times are coming and a hero like yourself should find a place to settle. Commander Zhang is a leader of heavy cavalry troops but not an ordinary bandit. So it’s humiliating to see you in such a position.” The advisor smiled as he took a sip from the tea.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Do you mean to say that I won’t be a bandit if I pledge allegiance to Subaru?”

The advisor waved his hand: “Commander Zhang seems to be a reasonable man with knowledge of the world. You know that in this chaotic era the one with the strong fist is the king. Who has given the right to those born as aristocrats to rule over us? What if they are nobles? The problem isn’t Wei at this point but Lion territory. The lord of that territory Xiao Yu has been hunting down and killing all of us. However, The Sky Lion Dynasty doesn’t have neither strength nor will to look after this northwest. So if we can be the kings of the northwest then you will naturally have a limitless future.”

Xiao Yu cussed in his heart: “Your mother! Are you trying to imitate my ideals? These pricks even want to kill me! You want to be the king of the northwest? My surname ain’t Xiao if I don’t kill you all!”

On the surface Xiao Yu had an undecided expression on his face.

“You know my life in here isn’t that bad. If I join Subaru then I’ll be just a small commander…” Xiao Yu was throwing the bait.

Advisor was aware that Xiao Yu was talking about conditions of the joining their side.

“Commander Zhang can be the captain of the third heavy cavalry unit as long as you join us with your 400 troops. You will have more than 1000 people in the third heavy cavalry troops.” The advisor replied.

“Captain of the third heavy cavalry unit?” Xiao Yu frowned.

The advisor nodded: “Yes, Boss Subaru has gathered two complete teams of heavy cavalry troops each consisting of 1000 members. Commander Zhang should be aware of Lord Xiao’s strength. That Xiao Yu had got a group of orcs and elves who fight for him. Commander Zhang would be swallowed by some other group in the vicinity at some point or either killed by Xiao Yu. I know that your team is made of elite members but you aren’t definitely their opponent.”

Xiao Yu was surprised as he didn’t expect Subaru to already have 2000 heavy cavalry units. Xiao Yu believed that Subaru’s current strength should be much stronger than Carrie’s pre-war state. It seemed that Subaru was a huge threat and he had to be eliminated as soon as possible.

Advisor added as he saw Xiao Yu stay silent: “Commander Zhang should rest assured that our boss always treats his subordinates well. Your conditions will be much better than they were in Wei principality.”

“I’m afraid that my cavalry team members would be taken away after I join you… I won’t be able to command them..” Xiao Yu asked the key question that was in his mind.

The advisor knew that this was a concern of every bandit leader that had joined them.

The advisor laughed: “You shouldn’t be worried about such a thing. These people will be under your command in the battles.”

Xiao Yu pondered for a while: “It means they belong to me?”

Advisor replied: “Not just them but we will supply you with more heavy cavalry members. Your future will be limitless if you show some meritorious service in the battles. Commander Zhang is a knight so you will be much more valuable to our leader.”

Xiao Yu and advisor talked back and forth for a long time. At the end, Xiao Yu reluctantly agreed to follow Subaru.

The advisor was happy as he left too. He knew that Zhang Shan’s military strength was good so he was in hurry to report back to Subaru. Xiao Yu looked at advisor’s back as he left away.

“It’s as if the Monkey King got into Princess Iron Fan’s stomach…” Xiao Yu smiled with a treacherous look on his face.
The next 40 or so chapters are awesome!

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  1. Speakin’ of which I have a really huge mix feeling reaching the current chap today….

    Aside from that any WOW players out there got any ideas where the heck in Azeroth our lil’ MC is located now lol. Well if its in my opinion should be still in a mom filled area in the alliance territory at the time line of the game franchise….aside from that Ill be pissed if someone f*in demolished Stormwind lol

    Thanks for the chap…

  2. ”My surname ain’t Xiao if I don’t kill you all!”
    This is the guy who ‘feels sorry for even his enemies death’ right? lol ^_^

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