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Chapter 100

Mu Lee was feeling dizzy as he was blindfolded from beginning to the end. He didn’t see the faces of the masked trio that saved him. He heard whining sounds on the way which he felt that it was his daughter. However, it seems that his daughter was tied up and her mouth was blocked too. It made him more scared as he couldn’t understand the purpose of his saviors.

He didn’t sleep all night along as he was disturbed regarding the situation. All Mu Lee understood was that one person was a very powerful and burly man while the other that was in the carriage was a woman.

Who were they? What’s their purpose? Why would they save him from the prison?

At dawn, he heart chaotic sounds echoing from all over. He felt that he was on carriage as he could feel the carriage move. Soon they passed from the gates. It seemed that the soldier that greeted the owner of the carriage called him ‘Duke’ in a polite way.

Mu Lee felt more disturbed after they left the Hui city. He didn’t know what fate had prepared for him and his daughter. He was fearless if he was all alone but his little daughter was around him too.

“Is it Ji Xing? How could he manage that? Is it possible that there is some kind of relationship between Ji Xing and the carriage owner?”

Mu Lee constantly speculated. However, his mind was in a mess as he couldn’t come up to a decision.

Even as a smart general Mu Lee couldn’t guess that Xiao Yu would go to such an end to retrieve him from the prison. The carriage traveled for more than an hour and then came to a stop.

The door of the carriage opened and cloth that was covering Mu Lee’s face was taken off. Mu Lee looked at Xiao Yu, the man who had ridiculed him yesterday.

“Duke Xiao, isn’t he Xiao Zhan Tian’s son?” Mu Lee realized identity of Xiao Yu. In the vicinity of Hui city there was only one Duke with the surname Xiao.

He still couldn’t grasp Xiao Yu’s intention as he looked at his daughter in worry. Xiao Yu waved and Grom cut off the ropes that tied Mu Lee and Mu Han.

Mu Lee pulled out the cloth from his mouth and looked at Xiao Yu: “Duke Xiao, what are you planning to do?” Mu Lee wasn’t going to act mighty in front of Xiao Yu as he knew that Xiao Yu had knife while he was the fish on the chopping board. His and Mu Han’s life threads were in Xiao Yu’s hands.

Xiao Yu smiled: “I have admired general Mu for a long time. This time my purpose in coming to Hui city was to invite general to Lion town… Unexpectedly, we had to go through many complications.”

There were suspicions in Mu Lee’s mind but he didn’t think that everything was Xiao Yu’s workings. He believed that Shu family was behind the falsifications but Xiao Yu acted as a helper. He slowly walked down the carriage but was surprised when he saw the sight.

There were rows of carriage not far from them. His family, young and old, was sitting above them.

“Ah … ” Mu Lee couldn’t help but exclaim.

Mu Han had already rushed out to find her mother.

“This … this is …” Mu Lee looked at Xiao Yu but couldn’t find the words to speak.

Xiao Yu smiled: “My invitation is sincere. Naturally, I can’t neglect your family and house.”

Mu Lee felt as if he was in a dream. He was worried about his family which was in front of him.

“General Mu, let’s go back to Lion town. We will talk about details on the road.” Xiao Yu said.

Mu Lee nodded in approval. He was full of gratitude towards Xiao Yu when he saw that his family was unharmed. He knew how his family members would end up if they were in hands of Ji Xing or some other scoundrel.

The coachmen provided by Shu Chi had already been replaced yesterday when those carriages had left the Hui city. So now, no one knew about their destination.

Moreover, Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to conceal Mu Lee’s existence for long. He was just waiting for his strength to grow before he went to conquer the Wei Principality.

He was going to annex all the principalities close to his territory so it was just a matter of time when he become enemies with those lords.

Xiao Yu ‘frankly’ said everything to Mu Lee in the carriage. Mu Lee gently sighed without anger: “Duke Xiao is right. Wei Hao would find a way to remove me from power even if you weren’t involved in this scheme. Moreover, otherwise I wouldn’t choose Lion territory because of its size. But now, as the savior of my family I’ll be following Duke Xiao loyally.”

Mu Lee was a wise man. He knew that there would be no use if he had a grudge against Xiao Yu. Moreover, Xiao Yu had cut him off from any other option in addition to joining Lion territory. He could go to somewhere else but he didn’t have guards so Wei Hao would find a way to get him on road.

In addition, would other territories or principalities let him join? He was a minor celebrity but it didn’t mean that he was so valuable that others would want to be enemies with Wei principality over him.

Xiao Yu had used such a method to snatch him which showed how much value and attention Xiao Yu paid to him. Although Lion territory was small but a Duke was a Duke! Xiao Yu could establish Principality after development. It meant that Lion territory’s future wouldn’t be any worse than Wei Principality in the future!

Additionally, Mu Lee had heard about Xiao Yu defeating Carrie. He as a general understood more than anyone that it was literally impossible for thousands of people to defeat an army of 20,000. Maybe everyone was rumors. But even the rumors exaggerated everything it still reflected the strength and power of Lion town.

In comparison to Wei Hao, Xiao Yu didn’t seem like a jealous person from Mu Lee’s perspective. Xiao Yu had gone through such a way to attract Mu Lee into his own territory. It meant that Xiao Yu wasn’t an incompetent man either.

Mu Lee decided after thinking for a while.

Leah, Tyrande and baby dragon were in another carriage with Mu Lee’s wife and Mu Han. Mu Han was in love with the baby dragon from first sight. As a mage she knew about the value of dragons more than anyone.

Tyrande wasn’t covering her face with a mask too. Mu Han and her mother were shocked when they saw her beauty.

Who was Duke Xiao? He had elf and orcs guards!

They had heard rumors about Lion town hosting orcs and elves who had gone almost extinct. However, no one had believed to the claim back then.

Xiao Yu presented several valuable jewelry to Mu Lee’s wife and gave Mu Han a magic necklace. It wasn’t as expensive as the necklace used by Antonidas but it was still a magical item.

Xiao Yu was planning to develop his territory and he knew he needed magicians. So, he planned to nurture Mu Han from the time when he heard about her. He knew that Antonidas alone wouldn’t be enough.

After six hours of travel they reached the Lion territory.

The convoy stopped moving about 20 miles away from the Lion town. Xiao Yu, Mu Lee and people of the Mu house went down from the carriages. Mu Lee was stunned when he saw an army of more than 10,000 soldiers waiting for them. They were all quiet. The most surprising part of it was that there were orcs, elves, dwarves mixed with the human soldiers!

Now he believed that the rumors were true. Xiao Yu had an army of orcs and elves.

Mu Lee couldn’t help but think: “Is it really true that he defeated an army of 20,000? It may be possible with such a force.”

A group of soldiers at the front raised a huge banner which had these words: “We warmly welcome general Mu Lee to Lion town!”

Mu Lee turned towards Xiao Yu and knelt down: “This general will be loyal to lord for an eternity.”

There was a smile on Xiao Yu’s face full of satisfaction.


I normally skim through raws too until I translate them, so I miss a lot of important points. It seems that I’m not alone in such a way of reading. I read the comments on the last chapter and found out that only Soren Maelstorm had throughly read the chapter. Please, go back to chapter 109 and read Xiao Yu’s words when he begins to speak in the cell…

Btw, there will be moar chapters

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  1. Wow, I… I was mentioned in the afterword. o.O THANK YOU!!! XD

    By the way, you have accidentally wrote the Number on this Chapter wrong. It is 110, not 100. 🙂

  2. btw is he going to restore arathor kingdom ?! cause Lion Town’s banner will be Lion .. DUH and Alliance’s Banner is Lion! Humans Residing in south of eastern kingdoms are from Arathor kingdom,Kingdom of Wrynn family !! i hope that’s the case 🙂

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