WOWFRD – Ch 11

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Chapter 11

Fox had good skills with finding treasures. He was able to get more than 20,000 gold coins from the heap of rubble which made Xiao Yu very happy.

According to Fox, the bandits should have more money. But it seems they have sent some part of their loot to Western Cloud Empire.

Xiao Yu didn’t care much as he got what he wanted. He could buy orc warriors with the money.

In addition to the gold coins, Xiao Yu ordered the orc warriors to take bake the weapons of the bandits. He had asked the system and learned that blacksmith shop would need steel and other raw materials to manufacture armor and weapons. If he couldn’t provide raw materials then he had to buy them with the equivalent amount of gold coins.

In short, the weapons were in a sense money too.

Xiao Yu brought back the corpses of the orc warriors who died in the battle. He decided that the corpses of the orc warriors had to be cremated in altar so that their souls can return to the place where they belong with the help of orc shamans.

Xiao Yu knew that the orc warriors were summoned characters. However, he cared for their lives.

“I have to construct an elven town hall.” Xiao Yu had decided. He walked around the orcs’ great hall and chose a location where he wanted the elven town hall to be built. “Build Tree of Life.”

Boom~ a huge old tree appeared in front of him. It was ten meters high and gave a different aura.

“Is … Is this the Tree of Life?” Xiao Yu was shocked as he looked at the giant tree. He didn’t expect it to be so magnificent.

Tree of Life was the essence of the elves. The elves could survive as long as their town hall the Tree Of Life existed. It was said that the Tree of Life was the creator of the Elves.

“Build Altar of Elders.” Xiao Yu ordered once more after he recovered from the initial shock.

He would be able to call Tyrande Whisperwind with the help of Altar of Elders.

Another boom echoed and a huge altar appeared by the Tree of Life. The Altar of Elders looked more beautiful in comparison to Altar of Storms. It was surrounded by green plants and had a strong breath of life around it.

“Do you want to summon a hero?” The system asked.

“Of course! Of course! Hahaha… Summon Tyrande Whisperwind.” Xiao Yu exclaimed in excitement.

“There is no Tyrande Whisperwind hero category.” System replied in a cold tone.

“AH …” Xiao Yu scratched his head. He remembered that the category was the Priestess of the Moon.

“Summon Priestess of the Moon.”

A green energy began to exude above the Altar of Elders. A blurred silhouette of a slim woman appeared on it.

There was an animal figure by the woman’s side. Xiao Yu was sure that it would be Tyrande’s white tiger.

Xiao Yu rubbed his hands back and forth as he walked around the Altar of Elders. He was anxiously waiting for Tyrande Whisperwind. What would the number one beauty of the elves look like?

Every otaku would be looking forward to seeing this in real life. Who wouldn’t get excited if they could get such a beautiful maid?

“Build barracks. Summon archers. Even if they would be general elves but I think they would be very beautiful. Oh! I’ll be playing around with them day and night!”

Xiao Yu almost fainted out of happiness. He was indulged in his fantasies.

The Ancient of War was immediately built. Xiao Yu ordered 300 archers to be built. He had more than 40,000 gold coins and he was going to spend 30,000 on archers.

He was a corporal now and can lead up to 500 soldiers. He was planning to use 200 orc warriors and 300 elven archers.

Xiao Yu felt that 1 hour lasted almost like a century. Finally, after an hour later the white tiger roared and a figure jumped down from the altar to stand in front of Xiao Yu.

“Tyrande greets master.” A clear and soft voice echoed. It was so soft that it could take away the breath of a human.

Xiao Yu almost fainted as he looked at Tyrande standing in front of him.

“Too beautiful, way too beautiful.” Xiao Yu uttered the same phrase one after another.

Tyrande was taller than Xiao Yu and had a slim body. The ratio of her body was perfect with exquisite curves on the right places.

She had a pair of long legs covered with hollow leather. The snow white skin made Xiao Yu’s heart beat fast. Her thighs were covered with a leather skirt. Xiao Yu believed that he would be able to take a glimpse of the ‘mysterious zone’ if she bent a bit.

Her slender waist was completely exposed. Her small novel was like a clear crystal. Xiao Yu dreamed to use her waist as a soft pillow. Xiao Yu had a nosebleed when he looked at her towering peaks. This was the best day in his life.

“36E… Oh my god! YES… It’s more than that. It is F.”

The armor worn by the elf priestess was aesthetic. The soft and shiny breastplate was wrapped around a pair of explosive balls. Her cleavage was like a deep trench.

The figure of Tyrande was much better than Suesha’s who Xiao Yu peeked a few nights ago.

He was mesmerized by Tyrande’s face. Xiao Yu believed that such a perfect beauty couldn’t be born in this world if not for the system to summon her.

The tattoos on Tyrande’s face had made him more tempted.

Gulp~ Xiao Yu swallowed his saliva. He rubbed his hands as he lecherously smiled: “Hm … Tyrande you are my subordinate. Will you resist if I gently touched your body?”

There was no one else close by and Tyrande was a hero produced by the system. Xiao Yu was too shameless as he licked his lips and asked the question.

Tyrande seemed to be aware of Xiao Yu’s intentions. She glanced at Xiao Yu and spoke in a cold tone: “I can resist and defend myself if the master wants something indecent. If the masters attempts to assault me then subordinate has the right to refuse and punish master.”

“Oh… So you can defend and punish. It was good that I asked in advance. So how the punishment works?” Xiao Yu asked.

Tyrande’s face was expressionless as she glanced at Xiao Yu’s lower body: “I will cut off the place where the master wants to touch me.”

Xiao Yu covered his lower body out of instinct. Tyrande was way too aggressive. He was feeling as if he was being tortured. He could look at the cake in front of him but couldn’t eat it! Ah~

“So… What kind of orders are you obliged to listen?” Xiao Yu asked in a bitter tone.

“I will only obey orders related to bottle. I have right to refuse any other command.” Tyrande wasn’t even looking at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu asked some more question. Tyrande answered few of them and ignored the others.

“This is not PRIDE! It is ARROGANCE!” Xiao Yu looked at Tyrande.

Elves were a proud race so it wasn’t that strange for Tyrande to be arrogant too.

“Ah. I thought she would become my maid but it looks like as if I am her servant…”

Nevertheless, saliva was flowing out of Xiao Yu’s mouth as he looked at Tyrande.

After half an hour the first archer was made. But Xiao Yu was extremely disappointed. The elven archers were male. They listened to his orders but their eyes betrayed their feelings that which they held against Xiao Yu. It made him burst out with anger. He was friends with orcs. Although orcs had a bad habit of eating human meat once in a while they were much stronger than these pretty boys.

“I would be too lazy to summon you if I didn’t need archers.” Xiao Yu shouted in anger.

He asked the system to clarify the time when he could summon female elves.

Xiao Yu couldn’t stand looking at the proud male elves. It would be much better looking at the female ones.

The system said that it couldn’t tell when he will have such permission. Xiao Yu was depressed by the answer. However, he remembered that there was a class of elves called Huntresses. They must be female elves.

Xiao Yu wanted to immediately stop the production of archers and produce huntresses. However, he saw through the game interface that the Huntresses had changed to Hunters. Xiao Yu cursed out loud as he knew that they should be male too.

Nevertheless, he knew that Hunters must have mounts and he didn’t have cavalry at this point. Their mounts wouldn’t be as strong as wolves that orc used. Nevertheless, he could use them as scouts.

As a result, he decided to produce 200 elven archers and 100 hunters.

Xiao Yu left from the elven base as soon as possible. He couldn’t stand the proud elves. Though he was thinking about ways to get Tyrande. After all, she would be the dream of any sane man.

Xiao Yu asked the system but it didn’t give an answer and stayed silent. So he decided to ask Grom.

He was friend with Grom and Grom was more loyal to him so Xiao Yu knew that he would be able to dig up some information.

Xiao Yu found out that orc warriors were training in the base. He learned that the orc warriors could upgrade a level if they trained. However, the speed would be very slow. The only way to quickly upgrade a level was through real battles.

Xiao Yu called Grom to the side and smiled like a fox: “Grom recently your life seems good.”

There was a simple and honest look on Grom’s face. He nodded: “Thanks, master. We are living well in here.”

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes: “There is something that I want to ask you. You know, I just summoned some archers from the elves but it seems as if they have any prejudice towards me and their attitude isn’t good. Is there any way that I can improve their attitude?”

Grom pulled his sword from his back and roared: “I will go and teach them a lesson if they dare to disrespect master.”

“Hey, do not … do not … …” Xiao Yu pulled Grom back.

Grom’s loyalty was perfect and Xiao Yu was delighted by it. The problem was that Orcs and Elves didn’t have a good racial relationship, to begin with, so he didn’t want to have problems in the base.

“They are listening to my orders. But it’s just that they don’t respect me. I want to know ways to make them respect me.” Xiao Yu smiled as he tried to calm Grom.

Grom’s chest was going up and down sharply. It seemed that his anger hadn’t disappeared: “Those self-righteous and proud elves. They think that they are the race of goods. Sooner or later I will teach them a good lesson! Master, it’s very difficult to get them respect you but you can have their loyalty. If you can get the highest level of loyalty then they will respect you. But it’s very difficult to earn their loyalty.”

“Loyalty?” Xiao Yu suddenly remembered that he saw such a value on Grom’s statistics. However, he didn’t care much for it.

He opened the game interface and found Grom’s loyalty. It was showing 20 points on a green background.

On the side, there was a red background indicator. It showed negative values only.

It turned out that Tyrande’s loyalty was -10.

“It is negative 10?” Xiao Yu muttered.

“Is it … possible for loyalty to increase or decrease?” Xiao Yu asked.

Grom replied: “It is accumulated very slowly. We fight side by side and go through life and death battle. This way you can earn our loyalty. Moreover, you have to move our emotions which would earn you that loyalty. For example, we would be very grateful and loyal as long as you bring back the corpses of dead warriors back to Altar of Storms. Likewise, our loyalty will fall if the owner tries to abuse us.”

“So it is like that.” Xiao Yu realized why Grom’s loyalty was high while Tyrande’s loyalty was negative.

He intended to molest her the moment Tyrande had summoned. As a result, Tyrande had a bad impression of him.

If he knew that it was so he would have put gentleman’s appearance when she was summoned.

“What would happen if the loyalty is too high or low?” Xiao Yu asked.

“If loyalty gets to negative 50 then the warriors will leave you. If the loyalty reaches negative 100 then they will see you as an enemy. If the loyalty is high then the morale would increase. If the loyalty reaches 100 we will do anything for the master.” Grom explained in details.

“Anything?” Xiao Yu was shocked to hear the word.

“Yes, master. We will be obedient and do anything that you ask with our whole heart.” Grom replied in an honest manner.

“It turned out to be that way…” A sinister smile appeared on Xiao Yu’s face as he narrowed his eyes. He found a way to conquer Tyrande.


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  1. Ha ha ha ha! So. They have rudimentary intelligence and even loyalty? Interesting. Wonder if these attributes once upgraded get to affect their behavior in real life

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      1. If the author was such a sleaze at, then he’d allow r rated stuff in this fic, but he isn’t so it’s still rated PG

  3. Snow white skin? Shouldn’t it be light purple? She is a night elf after all not a high elf o_O
    Is it because that in chinese culture a girl can only be an unparallelled beauty if she has jade like white skin so author just modified her to his(chinese peoples) liking? It’s still strange that a night elf has snow white skin no matter what tho………

  4. Anything!!!! to bad he need to reach 100!!! it will need years to dozen years ahahaha 😀 except if he schemed a great plan Xixixixix XD

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  5. I gotta say a perverted MC has never really bothered me before. At least they were usually funny. But this? I can only say that i’m kinda feeling disgusted. Just because a character is the product of a system shouldn’t mean it doesn’t have individuality nor choice. He’s acting like a creep. A rapist. Not the lovable perverted guy no one can hate.

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