WOWFRD – Ch 109

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Chapter 109

Mu Lee was tied through his hands and was hanging in the cell. This man who was once a hero looked like a miserable criminal right now.

“Mu Lee, do you wanna know who has come to visit you?” Shu Chi laughed in an arrogant way as he entered the cell. Shu Chi’s father’s influence and status in the Wei Principality would raise a lot after Mu Lee’s death. There was no other noble or general who would be on their level.

Mu Lee looked at Shu Chi: “Chi, was it you? Did you frame me?”

Shu Chi laughed: “Frame? You could call it that… But it was matter of time before the lord of the territory got rid of you. Forget about that. The important thing is that your house has been plundered, your family has been sold as slaves and I have given your little daughter as a plaything to Ji Xing…”

Mu Lee’s eyes turned bloodshot when he heard the hateful words of Shu Chi. He wanted to move but he couldn’t.

“You bastard! How dare you do that to my family! I’ll kill you!” Mu Lee shouted.

“What I have done to your family? I haven’t done anything. It all depends on Duke Xiao and Ji Xing… But Duke Xiao is already famous within the party mongers and I can imagine the fate of your family… As for Ji Xing, you should be aware better than everyone how he will treat your little daughter. I believe he won’t let down your imagination!” Shu Chi made his best to ridicule Mu Lee.

In the past, both Shu Chi and his father hated Mu Lee. Now, their rival was defeated and was soon to be executed. He wasn’t going to pass this chance.

“Shu Chi! You and your father! I was loyal to the Wei’s for so long and this is how my end will be!” Mu Lee had served them for many years. However, since ancient times the loyal ones ended their lives miserably.

Xiao Yu stood by the side and smiled. He secretly said in his heart: “The more this idiot ridicules Mu Lee, the more favorable the situation will sway towards my side. I was here to learn the route to his cell but got more than I needed.”

“Wasn’t it you who sold me the sword?” Mu Lee recognized Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Yes, it was me. But General Lee shouldn’t blame me. I just got your family and I’m not after your life. You should be clear about it. Moreover, even if I stayed on the side you would still end up this way sooner or later. That’s why I moved in to get some benefits…”

Xiao Yu was paving the way for the future cooperation. However, Mu Lee was ignorant towards Xiao Yu. How could he think that Xiao Yu had come up with such a vicious plan to attract him over?

Shu Chi and Xiao Yu continued to insult and hit Mu Lee. By the time they left the only feeling Mu Lee had was despair without a single thread of hope.

It wouldn’t be much if he died. But he didn’t want to see his family end up in such a tragic way.

Xiao Yu arranged all the house members of the Mu family to be taken to the Lion town during the night. Leah was back in the room when Xiao Yu returned to the hotel. Little Mu Han was lying on the bed while tears flew down her eyes.

Xiao Yu sighed as he looked at the girl: “She is a real beauty. She would be much better in a few years. No wonder, Ji Xing was acting so.”

Xiao Yu looked at Leah: “What about Ji Xing?”

Leah raised her hand and slided through her neck.

Xiao Yu nodded. He wouldn’t be hurt if he knew that Ji Xing was kill 10,000 times over. That bastard was in partnership with Carrie too. Although he wasn’t the mastermind of the plan but it was an unforgivable action. Moreover, it was said that Ji Xing had asked Carrie to share Siwen with him too.

Xiao Yu stood by Mu Han’s side and smiled like a fox: “Don’t be afraid little girl. I’m saving you so you will be my follower in the future.”

Xiao Yu felt like he was the devil trying to clutch in a naive child. Mu Han’s mouth was blocked by a rope so she couldn’t speak but tears were flowing out through her eyes.

Xiao Yu asked Leah to take care of Mu Han while he planned for tonight’s prisonbreak.

Xiao Yu, Grom and Leah went towards the prison while Tyrande stayed back to watch Mu Han. All three of them could stay invisible so it was best for them to move. Tyrande could only stay invisible in the shadows so they didn’t take her.

Xiao Yu and the other two jumped from one place to another in a flexible manner as they reached the prison. Previously, Xiao Yu couldn’t act so nimble but now he had Heroic Leap and Teleportation skill. He could disappear on ground and appear on top of a few meter tall wall in a blink of an eye. Leah was astounded as she didn’t knew that Xiao Yu could use such a skill.

Xiao Yu had memorized the route during the day so they quickly reached the cell where Mu Lee was kept. Although Shu Chi had strengthened the guards in the prison but they couldn’t see through invisible team without usage of magical items.

There were about 20 guards standing infront of Mu Lee’s cell. They held torches while stood on guard. Xiao Yu gestured and all three of them rushed in like panthers. Grom used Whirlwind skill and directly cut more than dozen people in half. Xiao Yu couldn’t use WhirlWind but could use Omnislash. He chopped people as if he was chopping vegetables. Leah was like a shadow who killed without even letting her preys make a sound. Few soldiers still had chance to shout out loud but they were killed too.

Xiao Yu and Grom waved their swords as they hacked the iron pillars of the cell. Mu Lee couldn’t respond to the situation when Xiao Yu used his sword to cut off the ropes tying his hands to the top of the cell.

Grom caught Mu Lee and put him on his shoulder. Few of the guards rushed in as they heard the shouts of the previous guards.

Xiao Yu used Wind Walk and Teleport as he slashed the tang sword in his hand. The guards that had come were killed within moments. Xiao Yu’s fighting had gone through a lot of progress because of continuous difficulties that he had faced. He could kill few soldiers as if he was slicing butter.

Xiao Yu split the iron pillars of the other cells: “Run for your lives!”

The prisoners kept in here weren’t good seeds. All of them shouted and rushed out when they saw the opportunity to survive. Xiao Yu began to set fire everywhere he could to make the situation more chaotic. Shu Chi indeed had increased the number of guards. But he never thought that the people who would want to snatch Mu Lee would enter in such a manner. That’s why the protection was focused on the outside of the prison.

The prison was in fire while prisoners tried to run. The guards couldn’t find Mu Lee because of chaos.

Grom hid Mu Lee under his cloak and used the Wind Walk skill. They turned invisible.

Xiao Yu and the other two went back to the hotel without an extra effort.

The guards were still searching for Mu Lee within the prison while they were back in hotel.

Xiao Yu ordered Grom to put Mu Lee in the carriage. He asked Leah to put Mu Han into carriage too. No one would dare to search his carriage. Moreover, no one would think that Xiao Yu who framed the general would try to save him!

As a result, Xiao Yu went back to room to have a good sleep. Early in the morning he woke up to find Shu Chi.

“Is it true? I heard that Mu Lee was saved as a result of prison break!” Xiao Yu spoke in a tone with full of fear.

Shu Chi was also puzzled. To be able to do such a feat the rescuers of Mu Lee had to be at least third-rank or above warriors and assassins. But, did Mu Lee had such friends?

“You have to be careful brother.” he said: “Ji Xing is dead and its possible that they will aim for your life too.”

“REally? Was Ji Xing killed? I may be next… I have to immediately go back to Lion town.” Xiao Yu talked in a tone full of panic: “Chi, you gotta be careful too. He hates you too.”

“There were soo many guards but no one had seen how they have taken Lee away. Moreover, they had acted so fast. The man was caught in the morning and escaped the prison by the night. They had to be prepared at least few days ahead…”

Xiao Yu turned his head as a treacherous smile appeared on his face. He sat back in his luxurious carriage as he traveled back to Lion town. The Hui city was in blockade as no one could go out. However, Xiao Yu had got a permit from Shu Chi to pass smoothly.

Who would have thought that the rescuer would be the man who framed Mu Lee?


This chapter was co-produced by Paulo Silva

I’m having quite a headache so I’ll publish double the amount of regular chapters in the next release…

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  1. Your health is important. So healthy, so you can release more chapters later 😀 But seriously slow down if you need to.

    1. if he slows down then he will have to pump more chapters which will make his health degrade! so dont slow down! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. This is probably the dumbest thing i ever read
    Just like that he will serve the guy who framed him? because he saved him
    Omfg this could be so beautifully done, shame on you author

    1. You assume he has a fukken choice. He was framed. Understand? He even got himself broke out of jail. He, to the eyes of the world, is a criminal. There were two ways to get him to the MC’s side: Either make him think MC helped his family and earn his gratitude, or let him know who planned this and make him understand that HE DOESNT HAVE A CHOICE BUT TO FOLLOW HIM.

      This could have been written better, yes. But the logic is there, it was planned out well. Just because people dont understand it, doesnt change the fact that either way it was a good plan.

      1. Let’s suppose that you are right
        he would/should held a grudge against MC and he wil be a general, this could easily lead to a rebellion within the army

        1. So let’s say that he’s a charismatic general? He doesn’t pay the soldiers, Xiao Yu does. He doesn’t house the soldiers’ families, Xiao Yu does. He doesn’t train the officers, they will be trained by Xiao Yu’s summons. Mu Lee might sway many soldiers to his side, but ultimately the army is Xiao Yu’s.

          Moreover, Mu Lee should understand that even if Xiao Yu didn’t hatch the plan to frame him, it was only a matter of time before he was framed and his family sold as slaves. He had outlived his usefulness and now Wei was willing to let the Shu family take his place. He should be smart enough to understand that much.

          So even though Xiao Yu did frame him to take him away from Wei, he really did save Mu Lee and his family from an even worse fate.

          1. yea he will have soldier’s hearts but they dont belong to him, as long as he doesnt get land and his personal army he wont be able to lead rebellion only thing hecan do is form a bandit’s group with his soldiers but he cant do that cause his family will be in lion city, ensuring their safety as well as having them as guarantee, so that Mu Lee wouldn’t do something reckless and even if he tries to xiao yu got his personal army consisting of dwarves,humans,elves and orcs so yea, rebellion is out of question as for why will Mu Lee serve him ? because cause of sword he got framed without even remembering merits he has commited to a country so he will realise that even without xiao yu he would have been imprisoned and hanged not long later which means not only did xiao yu save him but he saved his family as well, so basically he didnt really lose anything, but he gained his and his family’s lives, as well as his daughters virginity which lets hope will go to xiao yu cause we got p***y MC who got 7 beauties back home but cant even do one or his device will be cut off ..

        2. the next chapter explained it rightly, as did the other guy. Simply put he is just a commander. He will lead the armies but so long as Xiao Yu has power over the land and the famers and the families of the soldiers he cant do shit cuz any rebellion would be stopped quick, fast and in a hurry. MC has the support of his people since he is leading it to glory, things are so much better than they were and they know that.

    2. Well think about this. He can’t go back because they charged him with treason. His daughter and family are in Xiao Yu’s hands. What else can he do but submit. Yes, he could leave but he would most likely be hunted down and killed by Xiao Yu or caught by Shu Chi for treason. Also if he left he wouldn’t know what would happen to his daughter and family that Xiao Yu has. Also as seen in the chapter he is probably at the deepest depths of despair after being ridiculed by Shu Chi and Xiao Yu so he might not be thinking correctly.

      So he has three big things going against him.
      1. a wanted man

      And they haven’t said anything about Mu Lee agreeing to serve him yet

      1. yes they just bailed him out but he will serve him, he has nothing else left.. if you realise what MC really did then you will find out that he didnt even commit 1 bad act the just sped things up a little

    3. He doesn’t know that the MC is the one who framed him and came up with the idea. Pay attention when you read instead of insulting the author.

      As far as Mu Lee knows, The MC is just some guy who heard of the plot and pretended to join the plot in order to actually save him. He got his whole family out safely and then saved him as well. Of course the MC isn’t gonna tell that the whole plan came from him, and the only guy who knew that the MC was the one who came up with the idea is dead (And the MC’s friends, but they won’t tell).

      WE, as readers, know that the MC plotted it all. But to the Mu Lee guy, the MC is just his savior, who infiltrated the plot and double-crossed them to save him.

  3. To explain the situation to some, who do not really get it. Xiao Yu SAVED his Family. He got everyone out in pretense that they are now his slaves. He SAVED his little Daughter before she could be humiliated.
    Everything Shu Chi said had put the full blame from Xiao Yu to himself. Xiao Yu said even in front of Shu Chi that if he didn’t help with the framing he would be framed someday other with other methods and Shu Chi had not even voiced anything against this notion.
    If you were in Mu Lees situation you would naturally understand that Xiao Yu was just a Tool to frame him to be executed for treason and see him as maybe hired goon at most. But the situation changed, because Xiao Yu seemed to double cross the Wei Principality by having Mu Lees whole family get evacuated and didn’t even leave one person behind.
    If Xiao Yu didn’t frame him, someone else would have, but this someone else would not have saved his Family behind the scenes. So Mu Lee would not have a grudge against Xiao Yu but be most thankful for this. Mu Lee lost his Property and is now penniless, but his most precious treasure, his Family is safe and sound, which leads him to one option, to work for Xiao Yu his benefactor, because of his financial problem and the gigantic favor he owed him.

    Just think about it in these lines. 😉

  4. Wow… I didn’t expect the MC’s disguise was actually so useless and that he would admit it straight up…

    Why did he even bother disguising himself in that case o.0

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