WOWFRD – Ch 108

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Chapter 108

Xiao Yu had red many novels and had seen way too many TV series. It was a piece of cake for him to frame others as those novels and series didn’t lack plots regarding betrayal. However, he wanted to use the most tragic way.

He went back to hotel to wait for the news while he drank from the red wine and teased the baby dragon.

“Is it going to work?” Leah grabbed Xiao Yu’s shoulder from back as she asked. Leah never acted like a servant in the absence of the outsiders. However, she would give Xiao Yu face when others were in their presence. Xiao Yu didn’t mind it for now. In fact, the main thing that he could control Leah was the slave pendant but he didn’t know how to use it.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he took a sip from the wine: “Wei Hao had wanted to get rid of Mu Lee for a long time but he didn’t have a chance. Now, I have presented him with a way. Do you think he would miss out?”

“Isn’t it too wicked?” Leah looked at him.

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes: “What are you talking about? I have framed him and I will save him. I may not be able to save him or his family in the future if someone else frames him but for now the job is done.”

Leah spoke after pondering for a moment: “Your beliefs are wrong.”

Xiao Yu raised his chin as he spoke in a proud manner: “My deception is flawless.”

It didn’t take long as everything happened as Xiao Yu expected. Mu Lee was charged on treason and people were sent to check Mu mansion. It was Shu Chi who lead the convoy to solve the problem.

Xiao Yu took action as he took his 100 cavalrymen and rushed to Mu mansion to take men and women. He was going to let them take all the valuables but he had to get the people. It would be hard to attract Mu Lee if he had 1 less person.

Shu Chi smiled when he saw Xiao Yu. He was proud as after Mu Lee fell down his father would be the first general of the Wei principality.

“Xiao Yu, thanks for the plan. If it weren’t for you it would be hard to move Mu Lee from his position.” Shu Chi whispered to Xiao Yu’s ear.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes: “You are being polite. Last time his son played around and made a fool out of me. This time I’m going to own his whole family!” Xiao Yu smiled and Shu Chi laughed too.

“You contributed the most. We don’t have a use for his family… Sooner or later we were going to sell them as slaves. I will tell to my dad that all the slaves were bought by you. We will get the money from their property.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “I don’t lack territory but I lack people… Did you arrest the staff?”

“The army has surrounded the area.” said: “No one can run away.”

Xiao Yu quickly added: “I have brought some guards to help with arresting the family members. Injury the resisting ones but don’t kill them! If someone dies then you will give me compensation.”

“If it is so then send your people to get them.”

Xiao Yu nodded and waved at Grom, Tyrande, Leah and hundred men to go in.

Xiao Yu had told them not to kill anyone in advance. He had ordered Tyrande to use arrows to pierce their thighs in case they resisted.

Tyrande observed everywhere with her Eagle Eye skill so that they didn’t miss anyone. At the same time, cavalrymen and Shu Chi’s soldiers began to arrest the people in the mansion.

“Hey hey … Xiao Yu, you told me that Mu Han will be mine.” Ji Xing panted as he dragged his fat body.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Don’t worry. I won’t go back on my word. Is your carriage ready? I will send the girl after we tie them all.”

Ji Xing grinned from ear to ear: “Thanks.”

Xiao Yu’s forces were responsible for driving out the people while Shu Chi’s men were responsible for tying them up.

There was not much of a resistance. The Mu family never imagined that one day they would be accused of betrayal. Moreover, everything changes in a matter of few hours. Mu Lee left in the morning while in the afternoon he was charged for treason. There were some guards who wanted to resist but there was no one to command them.

Moreover, most of them thought that it was just a misunderstanding. They thought that Mu Lee would clarify everything. They didn’t realize that the man who wanted to kill Mu Lee was the lord of the Wei principality Wei Hao.

Xiao Yu saw that Mu Han that was mentioned by Ji Xing was just a 13-14 year old girl. She was stubbornly looking at others by her mother as she didn’t believe that her father would rebel.

“I told you that she is like a water spirit. Look at her. The woman next to her is her mother. She is also a great beauty.” Ji Xing showed Xiao Yu their location.

“I will show you what a beauty is after some time.” Xiao Yu was disgusted by Ji Xing but didn’t show it on surface: “Your and my tastes are different. You like young girls while I like mature women.”

“Great! Quickly tie her up and get her into my carriage.” Ji Xing was excited. He was fantasizing about the way he was going to enjoy the girl’s body.

Xiao Yu replied: “Don’t worry. We have to make that everything is foolproof. I’ll get her to your carriage after everyone is tied up.”

They began to load the tied people into the carriages. Shu Chi had arranged dozens of carriages in advance to help out Xiao Yu with moving people. Few guards grabbed Mu Han and took her to Ji Xing’s carriage. Her mother shouted but no one reacted.

Ji Xing laughed as he saw Mu Han loaded into his carriage. However, he wasn’t aware that Leah had sneaked in too.

Xiao Yu began to move the convoy to Lion town after everyone was put into the carriages. Shu Chi was going to plunder the Mu family property.

Xiao Yu looked at him: “Brother Chi, when Mu Lee will be executed? Where is he now?”

Shu Chi laughed: “We can’t drag it way too much. We have evidence and Lord commanded for us to make sure that everything is going according to plan. He is now in the eastern part of the dungeons. He won’t be able to run.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Brother, I’m afraid that someone will get him out of the prison. He has been living in the Hui city for long time and he has too many friends. Moreover, his son is still in Knight’s college…”

Shu Chi nodded: “True… He has way too many friends. I’ll strengthen the guards in case someone wants him get out of the prison.”

Xiao Yu asked: “Can you take me to see him before the execution? I must let him know who was the mastermind… His son didn’t have to hit me back then!”

“You will get a chance… I also want to see the horror on his face because of the humiliation… We may not get chance afterwards…”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Yes.”
This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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    1. MC framed Mu Lee and took all his staff and family. He’s then going to rescue Mu Lee from the dungeon presumably before he learns that it was MC himself that framed him, then offer him a general position in his area… I think I got this right.

        1. Because he has no choice? It’s either serve XY or be executed. Also ML might not know it was XY who framed him yet.

        2. He wouldn’t know that it was MC who framed him as long as the MC kills Shu Chi and save Mu Lee and hi family, Mu Lee would actually see the MC as a benefactor.

          1. All his family saw mc’s guards + maybe even mc himself dafuq? How is he not gonna know… Truth will come out sooner or later…

        3. He doesn’t to let the guy find out. He will get rid of anyone who knows that he was the mastermind (except for his peoplel, of course) and frame the dead guys. They won’t be able to defend themselves, since they will be dead.

          This way he will be the hero in the eyes of Mu Lee. It is like a firefighter secretly starting a fire, putting it out and being hailed as a hero.

    2. MC sell a sword to the General , the boss of General use the sword for framed of treason . Then Mc buy the family of General , and now going to see the general in prision (of course for take him but say other thing ) , the “friend” of our MC help him for the daughter of the general is cute/hot for that “friend”(I dont think end with that friend)
      I hope I was easy for you understand my bad english XD

  1. Damn, he just got a general and his family/servants to come to his territory lol disgustingly nice plan

  2. Does mc think the truth won’t come out? He used his own guards and people saw him together with that fat brat… Also wasn’t he on site when they were collecting the family? Everyone in the family saw mc’s guards and Tyrande… Some may have even saw mc himself… Something like this can’t be hidden easily… It will come out sooner or later… NO IT SHOULD COME OUT! If it doesn’t then i must question authors writing ability… Atleast they should be somewhat suspicious… The whole thing is way to convenient… Unless that Mo guy and everyone in his family is a retard ofc… But why would mc want a retard as his general right?

    1. So what if MC was there when his family was arrested? He was simply ‘helping out’ with arresting the family members of a traitor (which the city lord announced, not him). He only legally bought the family and ‘saved’ them from execution / being sent to slavers. Even if he asks about it, the MC can simply say that he felt it was a pity to let the family of a hero be sold away and dishonoured.

      The actual framing job that got the guy jailed by the city lord was done by an ‘old man’ so where would he find out about the plot exactly? Even if rumours started spreading, would he believe it? And even if he did believe it, the MC will have already given him a home and a place to be useful instead of being a disgraced general with no power who can only wait for the city lord to find an excuse to remove him.

  3. You got me there. “had red” should be “have read” or “had read” as read could be pronounce as “red” for past tense, but it’s still spelled the same.

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