WOWFRD – Ch 107

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Chapter 107

Changing surname Muhua to Mu. 🙂


Xiao Yu was shocked to see that Qin Che’s mother’s tomb was just a pile of soil put together which was no different than a small mount.

“Did you bury your own mother?” Xiao Yu asked.

Qin Che nodded.

Xiao Yu sighed: “Are you willing to follow me back to my territory?”

Qin Che looked at Xiao Yu: “My mother said that I have to repay even if someone gives a drop of water. You have given me so much delicious food so I’m willing to be your loyal slave.”

Xiao Yu shook his head: “I don’t need neither slaves nor servants. You should come to my territory if you have no place to go. You can study, learn, grow up and contribute to my territory.”

Qin Che nodded: “I’m willing to join.”

Xiao Yu looked at the grave: “If that’s the case then we have to move your mother’s grave to the Lion town so that you can pray to her without moving back and forth for so long.”

Qin Che nodded in agreement.

Afterwards, they found people to move the grave. However, an unexpected thing happened when the mound was opened. Qin Che’s mother’s body was covered in a tattered mat but instead of his mother’s corpse they found a bright tulip. Xiao Yu had never seen such a big tulip. It was almost as big as a person.

“Is…this your mother?” Xiao Yu scratched his hair and asked an idiotic question. Qin Che also panicked as he rushed to check the tulip.

“How can it be? I buried my mother in here… There were my fingerprints on the soil… No one had moved her body.. How could it be?”

Leah whispered as he looked at the grave: “Was she a legendary goddess to turn into a tulip after the death?”

Obviously no one would be stupid enough to steal a corpse and put tulip in here. Moreover, the kid didn’t have any plan to deceive them too… So how could it happen?

“What the hell?” Xiao Yu murmured as he touched his nose. Xiao Yu had met another supernatural event that couldn’t be explained by logic.

Qin Che anxiously cried as he couldn’t find his mother’s body.

“Qin Che it seems your mother wasn’t a mortal but a goddess… You are the son of a god. You should feel very proud… We will move this tulips back to Lion town for burial.” Xiao Yu felt that he had to lie to ease Qin Che’s pain as he had no idea how to explain the situation.

Qin Che cried for a while but accepted the reality afterwards. He picked up the tulip and put into the coffin that was prepared in advance.

Xiao Yu let Leah to give Qin Che a new dress after they went back to hotel. At the same time, Ji Xing had come to visit him.

“Xiao Yu I saw the technique. Now, we have to kill Mu Lee. Do you have any good strategy?” Ji Xing looked at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu sipped from the wine: “Of course I have a plan. Why would I come here if I didn’t have a proper plan?”

Ji Xing sat down by his side: “How are we going to do it? Anyway, after we are done with him I will be the first to try his daughter.”

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “I know… Why are you so impatient over a girl?”

Ji Xing rubbed his hand to wipe the saliva flowing down his mouth: “You haven’t seen her… She is like a water spirit… That skin… I have dreamed about her for a long time.. If Mu Lee wasn’t her father then I would have sent someone to kidnap her long time ago…”

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes as he looked at Ji Xing: “Don’t worry… After this, Mu Han will be yours. I will kill her father and son but I will take everything from them. I will get their servants and family members as slaves… The treasures will be left to you…”

Ji Xing smiled: “You have good eyes… The females in his family are top beauties… You want them all as slaves… I will also come over to play with them from time to time.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Likewise.”

Both of them began to work on the plan to get rid of Mu Lee.

Soon, Xiao Yu met with the person Ji Xing had talked about the technique. They talked about splitting spoils at the end.

The plan began.

“I heard that a hero and a might general called Mu Lee is living in here! I’m here to bless him with a magical sword of wind and fire! I want to sell it to him! Would he be interested in buying it?” A bearded man came to stand in front of Mu Lee’s residence. He was holding a magical sword as he shouted out.

The eyes of the passerby people were attracted by the scene. After all, magical weapons were very valuable all over the world. Servants of the Mu family immediately informed Mu Lee.

A tall man wearing casual clothes came out from the mansion and checked the sword: “Do you want to sell the sword?”

The bearded man replied: “Yes. It is the sword of my ancestors but our family has declined. I wanted to sell it but I want a hero to buy it. That’s why I haven’t gone to auctions instead have come to mighty general Lee’s house to see if he is interested in it and is willing to offer a good price.”

Mu Lee reached out to grab the sword. He saw the fire and wind element burst out from the sword.

“How much do you want for this sword?” Mu Lee couldn’t conceal the desire within his heart.

“500,000 gold coins.” The bearded man replied.

“500,000 gold coins? It’s a bit expensive but its worth it.” Mu Lee pondered for a moment and at the end decided to buy the sword.

“Our family declined so I won’t mention the name of my ancestors. But they sweep through the world with this sword.” The bearded man sighed.

Mu Lee nodded: “I can see that your ancestors were heroes. Its a good sword and I will buy it. Come in, we will drink a cup for the occasion.”

“The general is knowledgable.” Both of them entered the mansion.

After a long time the bearded man came out with a big bag. His body flashed and he appeared in a remote alley. However, he made a strange move and the beard on his face was pulled down. Afterwards he wiped his face and the contours changed a lot. Impressively, it was Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu laughed as he went away.

The news about Mu Lee buying a magical sword spread wide and far within the Hui city. Some people even came to his mansion to see the sword. Mu Lee was proud as he showed the sword to the visitors. Release of fire from the sword would play a huge role in the battlefield.

A person came to inform them that Wei Principality’s lord Wei Hao wished to see the sword himself. Mu Lee knew that he had to show the sword to the lord. He grabbed the sword as he rode his horse towards the mansion of the lord.

Xiao Yu’s head sneaked out from the alley as Mu Lee departed from his mansion. Xiao Yu muttered: “The monk was plucking the poplar while the leopard sneaked into white tiger’s den.”
This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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